Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kpop Girl Group 'Tiny G' Idolizes SS501

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In an interview conducted by Newsway, Tiny G mentioned SS501 as one of their idols.
When asked who are the singers they looked up to when growing up, Do Hee one of their main vocals mentioned SS501 and BoA.

Do Hee "We really like SS501 sunbaenims a lot. Our young hearts as a singer's dream, we are looking forward on meeting them."

Other singers Tiny G also mentioned are Lee Hyori, BoA and Junsu.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Heo Young Saeng's 3rd Album In Progress

Prince Heo Young Saeng is now preparing for his 3rd mini album and it's almost done!
Thanks to YES Staff for the info and eonni RiceLyN@twitter for the heads up!

Heo Young Saeng Album Info.
▶ 80% complete
Remaining additional songs, mastering and mixing.
▶ Album jacket photoshoot Complete.
▶ Photo selection and design still remains.
▶ Title track is yet to be decided but almost done.
▶ Dancers and choreographers are currently practicing.
▶ Music video shooting is scheduled at the last week of January.
▶ Album sale schedule: Feb-March.
▶ YES will let us know the exact date in the future.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong Starts Off On His Japan Tour

Kim Hyun Joong took a successful first step in nationwide Japan Tour, his Japan Tour 2013 Unlimited. 

Key East stated on January 10 that "Kim Hyun Joong successfully wrapped up his concerts in Kobe and Saitama with 20,000 fans."

The singer appeared onstage for the concerts in a time capsule following a video intro, making fans scream upon at his arrival. He then performed his new singles, including the promotional single "Your Story" from his first audio studio album in Japan. The album had been released in December, and at the time took over Oricon Daily Chart.

Kim Hyun Joong then jumped into the audience, and even visited the fans sitting in the back rows. He also talked in Japanese whenever he could to communicate with his local fans.

The concert showcased a variety of performances with creative stage effects, as well as music from a live band.

Kim Hyun Joong will next tour 10 cities in Japan, including Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka.

Photo Credit: Key East
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Park Jung Min Confession 'I Want Freedom'

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Park Jung Min Confession 'I Want Freedom'

Source: Sports Chosun
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Singer Park Jung Min declared his comeback after 2 years. With legal disputes from his former agency, and suffering from scandals emerged that molded him to be more mature internally and externally. 

Park Jung Min a solo member of SS501 started his solo activities last January 2011 with the single 'Not Alone'. At that time, he signed an exclusive contract with CNR Media. Announced plans to expand his career with agressive promotion in Korea, Japan and China. After finishing his promotion in Korea he should start as soon as possible a drama in Taiwan. But It Was A Trap. 

First, he was stuck in a hotel without a script at all. They didn't even gave him the key for his room, if not only for the fans waiting for him outside, it's impossible to get out. Living alone in the hotel that only room and food service was served. Jung Min became mentally exhausted.

By the time the script was out, the director and actress have been replaced with only a month and a half left. Was forced to shoot all over again from the beginning. Situations, script, and even flow charts were not translated properly causing the staffs to suffer. 

But Park Jung Min said "The system is not right and we've struggled and had a hard time. But the staffs gave me wonderful memories. I still keep in touch with my fellow actors and directors. It was a good experience and it seems it left me a lot of good memories".

With the agency's settlement problems still remained. The singer and performer still continues to do his activities. In the end, he won the case against his former agency.

▶Park Jung Min Tossed It

It was a series of hardship, but he didn't put an end on his activities. First, he debuted in Japan as 'Romeo'. SS501's popularity in Japan is great. But why did he abandoned the name 'Park Jung Min'?.

He said "Park Jung Min' is the image of healthy and strong idol. Music has its limits. Ever since SS501 debuted in Japan, it became one of their interests. Park Jung Min suddenly had this sense of incompatibility. And so I chose to challenge myself once I got free". 
The response was good. Having his concert in Tokyo, Japan last September, made it to Oricon's Top 10 and his popularity got recognized. PJM said "In terms of satisfaction, Park Jung Min's music and Romeo's music was completed. I started to raise a new album and it feels so good". 

▶ I want my 'Heart' to be recognized..

Park Jung Min produced his 2nd album 'Beautiful' last Nov 14th. Based on the title track, 'Beautiful' is a combination of ash pop and band style. Collaborating with Viva Soul's Zuwan and came up with songs like 'You See, It's Like...' and 'Beautiful' acoustic version. He said "Looks like that this album was a turning point for me. 'Not Alone' and SS501 is like my extension cords but, in this album I wanted to show my mature side that fits the mid 20's. I want you to hear my voice so the musical instruments were kinda minimized." 

It's been a long time since his comeback, there are plans to expand his activities domestically and internationally. Considers to penetrate Music, Acting, MC and Radio DJ. In December he will start to his solo show in Japan. He is also expected to shoot movies and dramas in Japan on April 2013. 

Park Jung Min also said "SS501 is still one in character and will continue as a group even though other members appears to want some more time (as a solo). We still have a long way to go, So I will work hard too. Park Jung Min wants to be recognized by other people, I will work hard on anything and I will sing from my heart. I want to be recognized as someone who communicates by his heart".


I really feel for Jung Min. He experienced a lot of hardship and I salute him for standing up for his name. He is still the Park Jung Min we know. The strong and full-of-heart Jung Min. He was so quiet about his hardships and we all thought it was all going okay and it really breaks my heart knowing that behind those sweet smiles, he is suffering more than we know. Thank God all of these are over. I hope he is happy now and I hope other SS501 members gave all the help he needed when we was down. PARK JUNG MIN FIGHTING! Triple S are here for you, 걱정마세요! 화이팅!!!! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Park Jung Min Comeback After 2 Years

Source: Joynews24
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Singer Park Jung Min will have his solo comeback after 2 years.

Jung Min's new album jacket was released through his official facebook account.

In the photo released, Jung Min is wearing a suit filled with his smile with a phrase 'Beautiful'.

His new album 'Beautiful' is scheduled to be released on November 14th after his 1st album entitled 'Not Alone' last January 2011. After a long time, he will now meet his korean fans with a new song. 

Park Jung Min's representative stated "Park Jung Min had directly participated in producing this album for the first time", he added "He also had led the entire album's planning and creation".

He stayed in Japan for his recent Japan album project 'Romeo''s 2nd single 'Tonight's The  Night' promotion.

Are you all ready for this TS? We need to gear up for JM now that we know how hard he worked for this new album. Let's support him 501%!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong's December Album Jacket Released

Source: Herald News
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Singer Kim Hyun Joong released his first full eye-catching album main jacket photos. Key East side released some parts of Kim Hyun Joong's first full album 'Unlimited'.

In the photos released, Kim Hyun Joong is holding a guitar with his chic eyes, striking radiating charisma and more mature and swag visuals. The album raises even more curiosity because of its overwhelming attractive atmosphere and with a free-spirited yet colorful tattoo.

Just last summer he hit the Japan Music Industry with his rock band concept album 'Heat' and now he is scheduled to release his new album entitled 'Unlimited' on 12/12/12 in Japan. In this new album includes a total of 14 new songs like 'Your Story', 'Save Today' and 'I'm Yours'.

Arrangements from title track 'Your Story' were contributed by modern rock band 'Daybreak' bassists to boost its sound combining with Kim Hyun Joong's sweet melow voice tone that will once again lead to a hot response.

In addition, the new song 'Save Today' was co-participated by 3 teams including Korea's popular rock band Pia, Downhell and Daybreak.

Kim Hyun Joong released his second single 'Heat' last July that ranked #1 on Oricon's daily and weekly chart and sold over 200 thousand copies within 2 months.

Local music representative said "Kim Hyun Joong dominated the Oricon charts with his two single albums released this year and scored remarkable achievements making him the leader of Kpop".
He continued "Kpop singers are now actively penetrating Japan and now even Kim Hyun Joong is a threat to the popular Japanese singers"

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is currently shooting his new drama 'City Conquest' scheduled to air first half of 2013 in KBS 2TV and at the same time working hard for his upcoming album.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Park Jung Min Wowed by 1500 Fans

Source: JP News
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Popular group SS501 member Park Jung Min has opened a commemorative showcase for his Japan debut single release project ROMEO in Tokyo Ebisu Liquid Room last Sept. 29.

In this event, 1,554 (777x2) Japanese fans who purchased the album were picked through lottery and got invited to watch the event.

In this showcase, he revealed himself as ROMEO a completely different concept from his usual identity.

On October 31st, he is scheduled to release his second single 'Tonight's The Night'with a total of 7 songs. 

On November 3, Park Jung Min will have his ROMEO 3rd CONTACT event and is expected to be attended by 222 invited Japanese fans.


Kim Hyung Jun in Haeundae Moontan Road Fansign

Source: CNB News
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Several actors attended the event at the Haeundae Moontan Road last October 5th afternoon after attending the 17th Busan International Film Festival. 

More than 100 people attended the autograph signing session and commemorative photo session with the fans and tourists with Lee Ki Woo, Kim Hyung Jun and Lee Dong jun. 

Organized by the Busan International Film Festival, actors and actresses walked and enjoyed the view and the beauty of the ocean of Haeundae. This event was also attended and sponsored by the city mayor Bae Deok Kwang.