Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Help Kim Kyu Jong for his Upcoming Solo Album Debut 'Turn Me On'

Okay, I know we foreign fans are not allowed anymore to purchase and stream in a particular korean music site whereas we already are comfortable to use it. I'm talking about Soribada. I don't know to the other sites, but as fas as I know we aren't allowed to use this anymore. I think we can still use Mnet but, I don't think you guys will use it since it has a really complicated steps to follow.. So what I suggest:

  1. Buy Kyu Jong's album, the one counted in Korean Charts. If you have contacts where to buy one, don't hesitate to share it with others.
I'm not really sure if this will work, but there's no harm on trying right? I got this idea to our fellow brother/sisters from Kamilias whereas they also focused on using Korean Portal Sites (as mentioned above). 

The result? KARA won several times right? So I think and I believe this would be a great idea since I know some of you can't do anything and still hoping if Soribada is still working. So here's what we can do.. and it's really EASY ^^ Easier than streaming in Soribada kekeke =))

Please put proper credits when reposting and please spread! Thanks!


  1. Go to this link:
  2. Then type 'Kim Kyu Jong' hangul. 
Copy paste this if you don't have korean keyboard: 김규종
     3. Then click the green box.

       4. Once you get in, Kyu's page will appear.

      5. Just scroll it down and you will see several articles about Kyu.

       6. What you have to do is just choose one article from the list then click it. You will    then be transferred to another link.
        7. In that link (the one you chose), STAY THERE FOR ABOUT 2-5 mins. You don't have to do anything, just stay there.


  1. Go to this link: 
  2. Type 김규종 in the search box then clink the red button/box.

         3. Kyu's page will appear

       4. Same step as to Naver's, just scroll down and you will see several articles about Kyu. 
       5. Just choose one, and then stay in that page for about 2-5 minutes.

Commercial (^_______^), as I was doing this tutorial, I saw Kyu Jong is trending in 'Country Singer' category as of this moment. He's at no. 14. ^^

This is what I'm talking about, if we are successful with this method, we will always see Kyu Jong in trending charts ^^ Isn't that great? Do you believe in 'Domino Effect'? If everything starts right, then everything will follow. =)) 

Same goes to DAUM, just go here: and just follow the steps same to Naver and Nate. =))

From what I see, aside from purchasing the album we can also help him by doing this 'coz korean portal sites has a big influence in korean music charts. They might not be in the criteria section but I think this is also important. If koreans see his name always at the trending session, they might get interested and they will see how talented Kyu Jong is and the next thing will happen, they will buy the album and will support him till the end.. Domino Effect right? =)

Again, we need all the help we can get. We don't want Kyu's hardwork and effort goes to nothing right? So let's help each other and help Kyu. =))

We foreign fans has a lot of ways to help our idols, we just have to dig it. ^^


uNNa said...

yeah! done doing it!

ping said...

I found a Soribada tutorial for international fans.
Let's help push Kyu's digital sales!!! T_T

cheezeemelt said...

@Ping: Thanks for this dear! Will check it later.. =))

namjachingukhj♫ said...

great job cheezeemelt in posting this!!!!! really hoping Kyu Jong will win even at least once since he deserve it. ^^

ping said...

No problem :)
I'm streaming now.. Hope it counts. Really hope Kyu will win at least once despite strong competition T_T

Anonymous said...

How often is the search counted? Do we do it once a day or keep searching?