Saturday, September 3, 2011

[More Photos] Kim Hyun Joong visited Kim Kyu Jong on his Goong practice room

Leader visited Kyu last night on their practice room for the Goong Musical and said that Leader bought them drinks. 

Of course! he's the Leader, so he must check on his members out every single time. That's a mark of a true Leader, isn't it? ^___________^

Here's a photo of our Leader and our Center shared by Group 8! =)
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All photos credit to Group 8's Facebook Fanpage

And here are some of the photos of the Goong casts with the drinks Leader brought. ^^
Thanks @hyunited6686 for the heads up!

Wow! that's a lot Leader! kekekeke XD~~ I think the Goong casts loves you so much now! kekeke look how happy they were! ^____________^

Thank You Leader!!!! <3

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