Saturday, May 21, 2011

Young Saeng's Score on Music Bank

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Okay, as we all know Young Saeng yesterday went off against F(x) in Music Bank. They battled for 1st place for this week. Unfortunately Young Saeng didn't win. 

 WHY ?

                                               F(X)                                                        Heo Young Saeng
                                            7280                  DIGITAL SCORE                1232
                                            1073                  VIEWER's RATING                 0
                                             778                BROADCAST SCORE            396
                                            1209                     ALBUM SCORE               7923
                                          10340                       TOTAL                            9551

First, let's talk about the DIGITAL SCORE. What is DIGITAL SCORE? I will say this for nth time, Digital Score was from Digital Sites like Mnet, Daum, Naver, Soribada and other online streaming sites. How much was F(x)'s lead to Young Saeng in this category ? It was a whopping 6,048 points!! 

2nd, the Viewer's Rating. I don't know what the hell and how the hell they computed this but.. Being Zero is very alarming.....  I need to find this out.. 

3rd, Broadcast score I think is the frequency of his MV shown to Public (TV), I'm really not sure about this one too...

4th and the last one is Album Sales. We did great about the album sales, no doubt about that. We were ahead of 6,714 points! So now Young Saeng got back the 6,048 ahead points from F(x). 

Now let's analyze this. The only category where we were ahead of was the ALBUM SALES category. We are flying high in that category but it's not enough. Album Sales in Music Bank's score calculation is only 15%. 

Okay, I want you to think about this. What if we were also flying high in DIGITAL SALES? Forget about the other category (Broadcast scores and Viewer's rating) because we overseas fans really can't do anything about it. Leave ALBUM SALES alone coz I know we already did our part in that category. 

---->>> Think about the DIGITAL SALES. 
----->>>What if, our score is just half way of F(x)'s in Digital Sales? 
                                                     >>>WHAT IF?<<<

                               F(x)                                                         Heo Young Saeng
                         7280               DIGITAL SCORE ------>3640 (original score is 1232)
                         1073                  VIEWER's RATING                 0
                         778                BROADCAST SCORE            396
                        1209                     ALBUM SCORE               7923
                       10340                       TOTAL     --------->      11959!! O_O

Can you see the BIG difference ? We could've won! This is what's keeping me pissed off. We could have won, if only Young Saeng's score in Digital Sales is high enough to compensate to his short falls in Viewer's and Broadcast ratings. 

Others say, 'It's okay Saengie, there's still next week'..... Next week? Do you know who will be our competitor next week ? Beast just had their Comeback in Music Bank so we already have 2 competitors. And as of this moment Beast's 'FICTION' is at no. 6 in Soribada, F(x)'s 'DANGER' is on no. 14... AND WHERE's SAENGIE ???????? He's at no.33 spot. =( 
How the hell will Saengie win if this is always the case? Yes he reached the top 3 spot, but he's not consistent! We need to be consistent Triple S. We need to! 

Now, if we really WANT Young Saeng to win next week in Music Bank.. move your butts and get to work! Don't just watch there.... Cheering will not do him any good. We fans should do our part. Young Saeng got injured and shed his blood and tears for this, but us fans? We can't even give him our support 501%. C'mon TS, where's our power ? All the things we need is just there, all you have to do is just COOPERATE. Ode is right, if every one of TS in the world will purchase JUST 1 Soribada card... Saengie will WIN.  Soribada and Buying his album are the only way we overseas fans can help Saengie. C'mon TS, WAKE UP! The battle is not over yet. We have to give this to SAENGIE. We failed to give it to Jung Min and Hyung Jun, now this time we have to give this to our Prince. 


Anonymous said...

Don't just watch there.... Cheering will NOT do him any good ~ AGREE!

Anonymous said...

arasseo!will stream harder!
triple s fighting!;))

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that insulting people is NOT going to make them help. I want YoungSaeng to win just as much as the next person, but all this post did was anger me. Because I didn't stream or buy it online, I'm a terrible person?

This post was horribly condescending and while informative since I didn't know a lot of this, it just pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

which part is insulting ?

kystarrr said...

Okay... The only thing wrong about this, is that I hurt my eyes when reading, because the BLACK&WHITE contrast kills me............ >__< sorry. LOL. ^^

But other than that, this is alright.

To the ANONYMOUS person who got insulted, I really don't think there's anything insulting about this. This is merely a nudge, a push, a shove for Triple S to do something while we still can.

To do that or not is entirely up to you.

Apart from the fact that you're anonymous, we really don't know who you are to JUDGE that you're not doing anything. It was you yourself who said that you don't stream and buy online.


And the blogger never even said that TripleS who don't do anything are horrible people, you categorized yourself that.

I don't usually speak up in times like this. I KEEP MY PEACEFUL-NATURED STREAK as A TRIPLE S, because we're all supposed to be peaceful... but pointing guns and cocking them aren't really helpful (not to mention not a real green-blooded TripleS would do).

Instead of writing and expressing that you were insulted, just shut up. Coz either way, this blog wasn't able to help you, right?

You still won't stream, still won't buy digital albums, or maybe you wouldn't be buying ANYTHING AT ALL... so just shut up.

Be a fan within yourself, cheer on them when you save pictures and watch videos on Youtube... if you think that'll help. By all means, do what you want to do. We sure will not be stopping you.

This post, like you have said was meant to inform, not to insult. If you got insulted, then look at the mirror and ask yourself why.

That's all I have to say---

That, and yes, cheezemelt... I think we lack in effort buying albums digitally. TT____TT


And I'm thinking, the ZERO can be compensated if YoungSaeng would still kill it at MuBank next week. He just debuted last week, that's why it was ZERO. The views would count from the 2nd performance onwards. I think..... Because it's the same thing that happened with SS501's LOVE YA in the past. ^^

My 501cents... :3 KTNXBAI!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I got this from

"K-Chart is based on 3 criteria: 50% on mobile and online ranking, 30% on panel interview of viewers’ choice (90,000 people or more) and 20% on album sales."

Source: Yonhap

So, ys didn't get any votes from the chosen viewers? How can that be? That's quite frustrating if true. We still got inkigayo and mcountdown though. But how are we doing in those two charts this week?

what are we waiting for?Triple S unite!

namjachingukhj♫ said...

In my own opinion, what Cheezeemelt is doing will definitely be an eye-opener for the fans and supporters of Heo Young Saeng. To be honest, it is not an easy task to analyze why he did not win the last time. And it was alarming to see he got a score of 0 in one of the categories. She actually post this to remind us that Young Saeng needs more support from us. Let's bear in mind that we are not here to argue, but to help our Prince make it to the top spot. Triple S need to unite, for this is the only way to show our gratitude to the boys who changed our lives.

marilou said...

I really want to help but i don't have a credit card...what can i do?

marilou said...

I even ask help from Cheeseemelt coz it don't understand korean unfortunately while in the process of registering my id, they are asking my credit card no. and i don have one, what can i do?

cheezeemelt said...

hi marilou~ are you from the Philippines ? =)

marilou said...

yes, what about you?