Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[5.18.11] Heo Young Saeng Featured in Mnet Wide

Dragged this from eonni Liezl's blog and I just want to share to you what I understand about this interview with our Bad Boy Heo Young Saeng. I'm not sure to what I've understood so I will just give you an idea what the interview was all about and let's just wait for the official english subs.. kekeke this will serve you as an appetizer then! =)

Young Saeng was featured in Mnet Wide and of course they talked about his solo album 'Let It Go'. Mnet Wide said that for the past times, Young Saeng is showing his frankness and honest man side and since he's always together with his members before, he needs to act now alone but how does he coping with it? Young Saeng said he's not feeling empty at all and whenever he is performing, all attention goes to him and he thinks that, it is a good thing. (I ommited the SS501 part, coz I barely understand it kekeke mian ^^, But I'm sure he doesn't feel lonely at all because his members are showing him full support. =)

Mnet Wide also mentioned Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong's visit on his MuBank backstage and Young Saeng said how they congratulated him. 

They also asked the reason why they picked HyunA from 4minute to be featured in his song 'Let It Go' and he said he like HyunA's charm and he like the way she raps (not sure of this though kekekek).

Mnet said that many have waited for his solo album but in the middle of his preparation he injured his hand. T_T

@2:33 Young Saeng: You want to see my hand?
             Staff: How did it happened? (not sure of this)
             Young Saeng: I scratched/bumped a glass

Young Saeng said to not worry about him (I think about his hand).

Mnet also asked Young Saeng what is his goal as a solo singer.

That's all I understood kekeke and here's the video, thanks to YsEmine@youtube for uploading. 

I really like this interview because we got to see Young Saeng's face upclose ekekeke which it seldom happens when he's with his members. I like his thin face but I miss his chubby cheeks already TT_TT but I'm really loving the style and color of his hair. =) 

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