Saturday, May 14, 2011

KyuSaeng in Sparkling Magazine April Issue

Hola! I'm back! Sorry for not updating much my blog, I was little busy sometimes I got lazy updating it kekeke mian! ^___^ Will you still forgive me ??? herherherher.. 

Anyways, I'll make it up to you! One way to make it up is by sharing KyuSaeng in Manila from Sparkling Magazine where they were interviewed and asked about their love life, their careers, etc., etc.

Thanks to ivannah501@twitter for sharing and scanning the magazine! The pictures are lovely!

To those who haven't got their copy yet, (I heard that it was already sold out in some stores) and to those who aren't able to have one, here's the full interview from the magazine!

And here's my fancam, where KyuSaeng finished their interview from this Magazine (Sparkling) ^^,


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