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English Lyrics of Kim Hyun Joong's '제발' (Please)

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Namjachingukhj : Okay, so here is the translation of Hyun Joong's 'Please'. Let me make it clear first that this is not the real translations, but we just wanted to show you guys basically what the song is. Cheezeemelt and I made some editing on some parts where Hyun Joong changed the lyrics. Someone also provided us the Hangul and Romanization. Hope she don't mind if I post it here.

Cheezeemelt: Leader changed some lyrics from the original one~ probably to make it more easier to pronounce kekeke... ^,^ I italized the part where Leader changed the lyrics. =) Again, this is not the official english lyrics.

[Edit:6.2.11 - Sorry, we forgot to put that the English lyrics was from Drew Ryan Scott's song 'It takes one to know one'. It is similar to Leader's 'Please' tone and melody wise. Drew Ryan Scott and Steven Lee wrote it for Leader and made it one of his songs in his Solo Album titled 'Please'. This is not really the english translation of Leader's 'Please' that's why we wrote 'This is not the real translation' if you will read it above.. We just want to give you guys what the song basically is all about. Sorry for not writing about it. We totally forgot. My apologies. -Cheezeemelt]

credits: melon.com + i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com

Hey Yeah

술에 취해서 I cried
너의 집 앞에서 너를 기다려
불이 꺼진 집으로 들어가는
그와 너를 보고 숨이 막혔어
눈을 맞추고 입을 맞추고
그를 안고 잠이 들
네가 너무 미워서
입술 깨물고 눈물 삼키고
정신 나간 사람처럼 서 있어

난 오직 너라고
영원히 너라고
터져버린 눈물에 주저앉아 불러
널 불러
I just don't get it, get it,
Why don't you get it, get it,
제발 너 그 사람 보며 웃지 마
제발 너 그 사람 입 맞추지 마
Cuz you're the cheater, a liar,
and a killer

눈을 감으면 Baby
아직도 네가 곁에 있는 것 같아
네 숨결이 네 사랑이 내 안에서
도망가지 못하게 붙잡고 있을래
비가 내려서 모두 씻겨서 이별한
그 기억들을 사라지게 하고 싶어
어둠 속으로 더 먼 곳으로
내 아픈 눈물들을 데려가 줘

난 오직 너라고
영원히 너라고
터져버린 눈물에
주저앉아 불러
널 불러
I just don't get it, get it,
Why don't you get it, get it,
제발 너 그 사람 보며 웃지 마
제발 너 그 사람 입 맞추지 마
Cuz you're the cheater, a liar,
and a killer

퍼지는 담배 연기 사이로
너를 흩어지게 해도
하얗게 네가 더욱 깊게 새겨져
너를 못 잊어
Oh Girl

다시 내게로 와
미칠 듯 소리쳐 너만을 사랑해
너를 보낸 잘못에
후회하며 빌어
난 빌어
I just don't get it, get it,
Why can't you get it, get it,
제발 너 그 사람 품에 안지 마
제발 너 그 사람 사랑하지 마
Cuz you're the cheater, a liar,
and a killer

Oh Baby, I need you
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
and killed it girl
Why my heart cries
Oh Girl, (It's) like you killed me
You took my love
and killed it girl
Baby you killed it
제발 날 떠나가지 마


Credit: Stephanie

Hey yeah
Sulle chwihaeseo I cried
Neoui jib apeseo neoreul gidaryeo
Buli kkeojin jibeuro duleokaneun
Geuwa neoreul bogo sumi makhyeoseo
Nuneul makchugo ibeul makchugo
Geureul ango jamideul
Niga neomu miwoseo
Ibsul kkaemulgo nunmeul samkigo
Jeongsin nagan saramcheoreom seo ittseo

Nan ojik neorago
Yeongwonhi neorago
tteojeobeorin nunmeulle jujeoanha bulleo
Neol bulleo
I just don't get it, get it
Why don't you get it, get it
Jebal neo geu saram bomyeo utji ma
Jebal neo geu saram ip makchuji ma
Cuz you're the cheater, a liar
and a killer

Nuneul gameumyeon Baby
Ajikdo niga gyeotte itneun geot gatta
Ne sumkyeoli ne sarangi nae aneso
Domangkaji mothage buljabgo itseullae
Biga naeryeoseo modu ssitgyeoseo ibyeolhan
Geu kieokdeuleul sarajige hago sipeo
Eodum sokeuro deo myeon gotseuro
Nae apeun nunmeuldeuleul deryeogajwo

Nan ojik neorago
Yeongwonhi neorago
tteojeobeorin nunmeulle jujeoanha bulleo
Neol bulleo
I just don't get it, get it
Why don't you get it, get it
Jebal neo geu saram bomyeo utji ma
Jebal neo geu saram ip makchuji ma
Cuz you're the cheater, a liar
and a killer

Pyeojineun dambae yeongi sairo
Neoreul heutteojige haedo
Hayahge niga deouk gipge saeryeojyeo
Neoreul mot itjwo
Oh girl

Dashi naegero wa
Michil deut soricheo neomaneul saranghae
Neoreul bonaen jalmothae
Huhwihamyeon bileo
Nan bileo
I just don't get it, get it,
Why can't you get, get it
Jebal neo geu saram pume anji ma
Jebal neo geu saram saranghaji ma
Cuz you're the cheater, a liar, and a killer

Oh Baby, I need you
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
and killed it girl
You took my love
and killed it girl
Why my heart cries
Oh Girl,

(It's) like you killed me
You took my love
and killed it girl
Baby you killed it
Jebal nal tteonakaji ma

English Translation (Rough Translation)

Oh, oh
Every time we fight,
I cry.
And I'm sitting here asking myself why we try
to get along, to hold on.
Girl, I just don't know why we don't move on.
Baby, lets move on.
You don't know, whether we will get better.
Girl, there ain't no turning back
You know I hate to tell you that
You want to be
Youre the accuser.
Girl, you think you got me up ahead
But -

It takes one to know one,
Don't tell me there's no one.
Girl, I know you better than that.
Cause you're a cheater, a liar.
I just don't get it, get it.
Why dont you get it, get it
When I know it's really you,
Just admit you were wrong.
And I know its so clear just what's been going on.
Cause you're a cheater, a liar and a killer.

Lets just keep this real, baby.
You keep doing me wrong but you're the one who cheats
To point the blame, call me his name.
Baby we both know that this is your mistake,
And now Im suffering.
You don't know whether we will get better.
Maybe we took this too far,
Your books are in a broken heart.
You want to be,
But youre the accuser.
And now you know I got the upper head,

It takes one to know one,
Don't tell me there's no one.
Girl, I know you better than that.
Cause you're a cheater, a liar.
I just don't get it, get it.
Why don't you get it, get it
When I know it's really you,
Just admit you were wrong.
And I know its so clear just what's been going on.
Cause you're a cheater, a liar and a killer.

Girl I regret this bomb shall breaking
We're stuck in a place where love is faking
And baby this love's for life
But time for someone else is taking over you
Oh girl (Yeah, hey, oh)
It takes one to know one -

It takes one to know one,
Don't tell me there's no one.
Girl, I know you better than that.
Cause you're a cheater, a liar.
I just don't get it, get it.
Why don't you get it, get it
When I know it's really you,
Just admit you were wrong.
And I know its so clear just what's been going on.
Cause you're the cheater, a liar and a killer.

You took my love and killed it, girl. x8

Please don't go~

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Kim Hyung Jun's 'WORLD SCHOOL'

Everyone's been crazy about DJ Jjun's MusicHigh segment 'WORLD SCHOOL' where he is to speak a word in several languages. He often speak Filipino and German kekeke I wonder why. =) I'm just not sure what's the schedule of this segment.. I think it's every Sunday at 2am KST. kekeke Just a guess. lolz~

So here are audios from Jjunie's WORLD SCHOOL cut.
All videos credit to Kyujunnie@youtube&twitter

'I'm Hungry' in Diverse Languages

'Parents' in Diverse Languages

'I love You' in Diverse Languages

'Cheers' in Divers Languages

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Heo Young Saeng on MTV The Show 'Out the Club'

I hope Cheezeemelt would not mind if I share this post here. ^^ Heo Young Saeng Fighting!!!

credits: namjachingukhj06

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[Audio] Young Saeng and Brian Joo at ShimShimTapa 5.22.11

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I was able to listen to Shim Shim Tapa last night where Young Saeng and Brian was the special guests. It was so lively and funny and I know Saengie had fun. To start the show they sang Jewelry's 'One More Time' (they changed the lyrics). Young Saeng was kinda shy and laughed when it was his turn to sing. So cute!
They talked about his album 'Let It Go' and when Saengie said that his album is all about 'cool guy' all of them including Shindong and Gyuri reacted with 'Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!' hehehe.. 
There was also a part where Shindong made Young Saeng and Brian choose what's their ideal drama OST. Brian chose the OST of Fashion 70s, while Saengie I believe he chose 'Bec. I'm Stupid' from BOF which was sang by them (SS501 sub-unit). Brian sometimes sounded like our Saengie here kekekeke =) The encore song was 'Out The Club' they also played 'Let It Go'  at the middle of the show. =)

Here are the pics, I dragged from Liezle eonni.. Young Saeng really looks hot with that shades! ^_^

cr: reena29shadow@twitter

And here's the audio from rmdkdl and was shared by Sudal. Thanks!

video credit: haanhgreenpea@yt

Kim Hyun Joong releases BTS rehearsal photos of his “Break Down” comeback

Finally, news about our Leader. I'm so happy yet worried because I can see on Leader's photos is fatigue~ I hope he's taking good care of himself. I know Leader, that once he's into something, he will really give his focus 100%. Oh can you see SS501's dancers ? Dang, I forgot their group name kekeke I'll get back to you when I remember it okay? hahaha~ They are nice actually, I've got to meet one of their dancers when Leader went here in Manila, I talked to him and shook hands with him kekeke Okay, just sharing~! here's the article!

credits : http://star.mt.co.kr/ + vitalsign + hyunchel kim@facebook 

While preparing for his highly-anticipated comeback, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong gave his patient fans a treat by unveiling some BTS photos from his practice room.

The photos are from his rehearsal for his “Break Down” stage, and fans on various community boards left enthusiastic messages of support for the star.

Key East commented, “Kim Hyun Joong is literally counting down the days until he’s be able to meet with his fans on stage, and is focused entirely on his singing and choreography practice.  He’s determined to do his best until the very end so that the album can be considered a present to all those who have waited for him.”

Kim Hyun Joong will be holding a debut showcase at a venue which seats a 4,000 member audience on June 7th. His mini-album will be released on the following day.

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Young Saeng's Score on Music Bank

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Okay, as we all know Young Saeng yesterday went off against F(x) in Music Bank. They battled for 1st place for this week. Unfortunately Young Saeng didn't win. 

 WHY ?

                                               F(X)                                                        Heo Young Saeng
                                            7280                  DIGITAL SCORE                1232
                                            1073                  VIEWER's RATING                 0
                                             778                BROADCAST SCORE            396
                                            1209                     ALBUM SCORE               7923
                                          10340                       TOTAL                            9551

First, let's talk about the DIGITAL SCORE. What is DIGITAL SCORE? I will say this for nth time, Digital Score was from Digital Sites like Mnet, Daum, Naver, Soribada and other online streaming sites. How much was F(x)'s lead to Young Saeng in this category ? It was a whopping 6,048 points!! 

2nd, the Viewer's Rating. I don't know what the hell and how the hell they computed this but.. Being Zero is very alarming.....  I need to find this out.. 

3rd, Broadcast score I think is the frequency of his MV shown to Public (TV), I'm really not sure about this one too...

4th and the last one is Album Sales. We did great about the album sales, no doubt about that. We were ahead of 6,714 points! So now Young Saeng got back the 6,048 ahead points from F(x). 

Now let's analyze this. The only category where we were ahead of was the ALBUM SALES category. We are flying high in that category but it's not enough. Album Sales in Music Bank's score calculation is only 15%. 

Okay, I want you to think about this. What if we were also flying high in DIGITAL SALES? Forget about the other category (Broadcast scores and Viewer's rating) because we overseas fans really can't do anything about it. Leave ALBUM SALES alone coz I know we already did our part in that category. 

---->>> Think about the DIGITAL SALES. 
----->>>What if, our score is just half way of F(x)'s in Digital Sales? 
                                                     >>>WHAT IF?<<<

                               F(x)                                                         Heo Young Saeng
                         7280               DIGITAL SCORE ------>3640 (original score is 1232)
                         1073                  VIEWER's RATING                 0
                         778                BROADCAST SCORE            396
                        1209                     ALBUM SCORE               7923
                       10340                       TOTAL     --------->      11959!! O_O

Can you see the BIG difference ? We could've won! This is what's keeping me pissed off. We could have won, if only Young Saeng's score in Digital Sales is high enough to compensate to his short falls in Viewer's and Broadcast ratings. 

Others say, 'It's okay Saengie, there's still next week'..... Next week? Do you know who will be our competitor next week ? Beast just had their Comeback in Music Bank so we already have 2 competitors. And as of this moment Beast's 'FICTION' is at no. 6 in Soribada, F(x)'s 'DANGER' is on no. 14... AND WHERE's SAENGIE ???????? He's at no.33 spot. =( 
How the hell will Saengie win if this is always the case? Yes he reached the top 3 spot, but he's not consistent! We need to be consistent Triple S. We need to! 

Now, if we really WANT Young Saeng to win next week in Music Bank.. move your butts and get to work! Don't just watch there.... Cheering will not do him any good. We fans should do our part. Young Saeng got injured and shed his blood and tears for this, but us fans? We can't even give him our support 501%. C'mon TS, where's our power ? All the things we need is just there, all you have to do is just COOPERATE. Ode is right, if every one of TS in the world will purchase JUST 1 Soribada card... Saengie will WIN.  Soribada and Buying his album are the only way we overseas fans can help Saengie. C'mon TS, WAKE UP! The battle is not over yet. We have to give this to SAENGIE. We failed to give it to Jung Min and Hyung Jun, now this time we have to give this to our Prince. 

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SBS Inkigayo Score Calculation

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Finally, I got to see Inkigayo's score calculation. It's kinda similar to Music Bank's but Inkigayo really focuses on Digital Sales. 
What made me sad is, Yes Young Saeng is no.1 in album charts but we don't see him anymore on TOP 10 in Digital Sales Sites. T_T 
I hope after I share you this, you will realize that Music Shows really focuses on Digital Sales. I've been telling you this a hundred times, unfortunately some TS seems to ignore it.


 Music Chart (Cyworld, Dosirak, Soribada) : 60%
Album Chart (Hanteo & Synnara) : 5%
SBS Inkigayo Homepage voting : 5%
Research (World Research) : 20%
Broadcast time ( Air monitor) : 10%

 If you want see Music Bank's calculation, go HERE
 If you want to see M!Countdown's calculation, go HERE

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[5.18.11] Heo Young Saeng Featured in Mnet Wide

Dragged this from eonni Liezl's blog and I just want to share to you what I understand about this interview with our Bad Boy Heo Young Saeng. I'm not sure to what I've understood so I will just give you an idea what the interview was all about and let's just wait for the official english subs.. kekeke this will serve you as an appetizer then! =)

Young Saeng was featured in Mnet Wide and of course they talked about his solo album 'Let It Go'. Mnet Wide said that for the past times, Young Saeng is showing his frankness and honest man side and since he's always together with his members before, he needs to act now alone but how does he coping with it? Young Saeng said he's not feeling empty at all and whenever he is performing, all attention goes to him and he thinks that, it is a good thing. (I ommited the SS501 part, coz I barely understand it kekeke mian ^^, But I'm sure he doesn't feel lonely at all because his members are showing him full support. =)

Mnet Wide also mentioned Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong's visit on his MuBank backstage and Young Saeng said how they congratulated him. 

They also asked the reason why they picked HyunA from 4minute to be featured in his song 'Let It Go' and he said he like HyunA's charm and he like the way she raps (not sure of this though kekekek).

Mnet said that many have waited for his solo album but in the middle of his preparation he injured his hand. T_T

@2:33 Young Saeng: You want to see my hand?
             Staff: How did it happened? (not sure of this)
             Young Saeng: I scratched/bumped a glass

Young Saeng said to not worry about him (I think about his hand).

Mnet also asked Young Saeng what is his goal as a solo singer.

That's all I understood kekeke and here's the video, thanks to YsEmine@youtube for uploading. 

I really like this interview because we got to see Young Saeng's face upclose ekekeke which it seldom happens when he's with his members. I like his thin face but I miss his chubby cheeks already TT_TT but I'm really loving the style and color of his hair. =) 

[ENG SUBS] Heo Young Saeng Comeback Featured on 'The Wrap'

Thanks again to my good friend and co-blogger namjachingu_khj for uploading and providing us the english subs! Here's Young Saeng's comeback broadcasted in Philippine TV. ^_^

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[Complete with Eng Trans] Young Saeng's Thanks To Message

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Thank you very much to rmdkdl for the complete english translation!

from rmdkdl :

I heard some overseas fans were looking for an English translation of Young Saeng's Thanks to from his album so here it is! ^^ It's not the best and it doesn't really capture the cute tone of his message, sorry about that! FYI, hyungnim and nunim are the more polite ways of saying hyung (older brother) and nuna (older sister). Hope streaming Soribada is going well! ^^  


I want to first thank my parents who gave birth to me and raised me!!^^ Thank you to the CEO of B2M!!!  Gil JongHwa for releasing a solo album under my name Heo Young Saeng. ^^ Although I wasn’t able to meet you much…KangJiHoon CEO!! The always lonely YoonwooTaek Director!! Thank you!! ^^ Those who worked really hard for this album…HyungKook hyung, who’s always only serious with me~~ Hyungjin hyung~~~ who always yells out “Ok”!!! Guensup hyung!!!, who I don’t get to see often.. Thank you~~~ Jungwoo hyung, who’s always around me and talking with me~ Sangi, who’s my age but I feel like you’re older..lol  Soyoung nuna Miran nuna, you said that you only gave me a gift on White day…it was delicious right? lol The star of our company!!! Leehyori nunim!!! Help me..^^ lol The new group that will come out of our company!! I hope you’re a success!!!^^ Najungyoon vocal teacher who worked really hard during the recording sessions..!! Get married soon~~ ^^ Steven Lee hyung, who came from the U.S. and adjusted very well to Korea!! lol, Seunghyun hyung, who worked hard to train my bad singing voice! Jaeho hyung!! You gave me a song…but we talked more about other things than music… Seungsoo hyung!! I feel bad because we only played one game of Winning and I won… Songwriter SongSooyoon!! I feel bad because I asked you for many revisions to the lyrics because of my difficult personality… To Drew, Sean, Jimmy, John who’s helping me from far away, the U.S. thank you!! And I miss you~~^^ Taewon hyung, who helped me despite his busy schedule, I love you!! Hongjanghyun hyungnim, who took the cool photographs!!!  Thanks for your hard work in the cold~ Stylist Kimhaneul , who dresses me in the cool clothes!!  To redcarpet, who did my hair and makeup!! Thank you~~^^ Thanks to you, I think the photos came out well! ^^ Even though I don’t go often...OnetoOne Family thank you for teaching me to workout ^^ My trainer LeeByunghee trainer!!! Fighting~~~~ Jinchul hyung! who lost sleep to make my dance moves because your friend Heo Young Saeng is putting out his first solo album…Thank you~~  I always forget your name and so I always call you mandu hyung…lol Hyung~ Thank you~!! I don’t know the names of the other dancers…^^ Let’s become closer~~ lol  Parkjibin who always monitored my new songs…I’m not that thankful to you!! Sangil hyung, who cheers me on from Japan!!  I miss you~~^^ Maehee hyung!! who acted in a movie!! I hope the movie is a hit~~!!! Sena nuna..Yuri nuna..Youmi nuna…who were with me since my debut, I’m always thankful to you!! ^^ And Hyunsaeng hyung.. Minsung hyung..Jaeyong hyung!!!  who plays a lot of games these days…Gunyong hyung who always makes me laugh when we drink! And  Minhyun hyung!! Yoonyong hyung, who is usually quiet but then once in a while makes me laugh!!  Thanks so much guys~~ Giwon hyung, who’s always my mentor!! Sejoon hyungnim who always gives me good advice!! Thanks so much for your great advice!! M4 Fighting!! lol Um actor Gijoon hyung who is a hyung when we’re together..but then changes to a charismatic actor on stage!! Our number one!! Suh star, Jisuk hyung!! Woojae hyung who always makes me laugh!! Our very own MC Taein hyung!! Sehwan hyung who makes me happy just looking at you!! Sangyeop hyung!! who becomes more charming the more I meet you!! All of you make me laugh when I’m down..thank you!! ^^ Also Yonghan hyungnim..Jaewook hyungnim..Hyunjin hyungnim..Sukkyu hyung..Sunhee nuna..Younghee hyung…Heemoon hyung…Suhwan hyung..Chanmin hyung..Junghwan hyung!! Thank you~~~ ^^ GREAT baseball team~ Thanks for your support!! ^^ To those I may have left out…I’m sorry..but please know that I’m always grateful to you l!!~~~^^ SS501 members..Hyungjoong...Kyujong..Jungmin..Hyungjun… I can’t leave you out from my Thanks to. Let’s all become superstars and until the day that we can show that the five of us are one…Let’s work hard!!! ^^ I want to thank Triple S fans for loving SS501 and me, Heo Young Saeng!! Lastly, I express my deep gratitude to LeeHoYeon CEO... for turning a person named Heo Young Saeng into a singer…This has been SS501 Young Saeng…You’re amazing for reading this long writing!!!hahaha~ THANK YOU…!!! 

Young Saeng's Schedule for this Week

Thanks to Lois eonni for sharing it on twitter. Finally we will see him on M!Countdown and MuCore which he didn't show up last week. Another good thing is, we can vote for him in M!Countdown Internet poll once he's done performing. So let's make him no.1 arasso? =)

May 19 M!Countdown (Mnet TV)
May 20 Music Bank (KBS2 TV)
May 21 Music Core (MBS TV)
May 22 Inkigayo (SBS TV)

And don't forget, later YS will be at SBS Fun Quiz Club at 8:50pm KST. Don't miss it! =)

Heo Young Saeng is Flooded By Invites From Turkey and other Easter Europe Countries

Credits : http://news.donga.com/3//20110516/37250430/1 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


‘Kpop, No Blind Spot!’
Heo YoungSaeng, Flooded by invites to Turkey, Eastern Europe.

Singer Heo YoungSaeng from SS501, received invitations from Turkey as well as Eastern Europe, South America, etc.

Heo YoungSaeng’s agency B2M Entertainment representative said on 15-May “We have enquiries for fanmeeting in Turkey since last year. Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil fans came to the office personally and requested for us to visit their own county.”


Yeah baby!!! ^^, Our boys are in demand! kekeke =) Our TS from Europe would  be really happy if Young Saeng visits them! kekeke.. Mansae!

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Breakthrough From Being Heo Young Saeng,The Ballad Singer Concept

Reposted from cll_slam10@twitter's blog. This is a must-read article as Young Saeng talked about the reunion of SS501! A digital album might do! I don't care what kind of album will that be! Just as long as you reunite as 5 again! Oh boy! Just thinking of it gives me goosebumps!

Source: News SportsSeoul
Chinese Trans: 雪迪@ 氧气HSC
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Heo Young Saeng (25 years old) in SS501 group as an "INDIVIDUAL".

On 12 May 1st solo mini album title song "LET IT GO" was released.  When SS501 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng was in SS501, his exceptional treble vocals capability has already prepared him for a route of being a solo singer.  Now that he has start his solo activities, he still have other plans ahead.

Q: Year 2005 debut as part of SS501 group, released a solo album for the 1st time.  Seems to feel the burden?
YS: Firstly looking forward. But feel the burden.  During the group activities, when I am lacking, the other members can be a good fill for me.  At the same time during the recording of variety shows and also the shooting of MV too.  Now that I am doing all this alone is making me feeling empty.  But now that hundred percent of the focus is on me which is a good thing.

Q: During when you are having SS501 activities, ever have the thoughts of having solo activities?
YS: In actual fact, yes.  But our schedules were totally packed during that time.  Initially there were plans to release solo album, but it's a pity that it wasnt achieved.

Q: Comparing to group and solo debut are there are kind of look you wanna potray?
YS: If mentioned about Heo Young Saeng, people will tend to think about ballads.  SS501 songs are usually dance songs, but because I am the main vocalist, thus the image of me as a ballad solo singer is more deep in people.  So I asked my friends: "What should I sing?" I got "sing ballads" as the answer.  "How about dancing?" "You will be remain better singing."  Thus I find that those people really dont understand my thinking.  I myself also like dance songs. Ballads which only sing will feel bored.  Dance song can enjoy with the audience together.

Q: "LET IT GO" is not the usually dance song feel.
YS: The producer of Kara's hit song produced this song.  4Minute HyunA did a featuring for me. It is about a girl who have the faith in shouting her love and also can leave the guy kinda dance song.

Q: You are the 3rd SS501 member that start solo activities.  Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun also started their solo activities. What are your thoughts?
YS: Although having solo songs is good, but solo activities is a bit lonely.  Even though feeling lonely but still anticipate to see my own new image.

Q: Will SS501 still be together?
YS: In actual fact we did have plans to have a digital release. But due to that we are now in different companies and also are still in the midst of having our solo activities thus it is tough, everyone have discussed it.  Members said: "If this is the case, let's build up our foundation by having all our solo activities, we will re-group again the next round." Even though we do not have any specific plan, but for sure that: "All the members still wants to be together."

Q: Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun now are now in different companies states that: "The difference between us is that Young Saeng and Kyu Jong are both in the same companies, thus compared to other members, they do not really feel lonely."
YS: In any case better than other members who are feeling lonely.  But with Kyu Jong we still have friends and colleagues which we knew from previous company which is good.  And in DSP Media who have worked together before, the current CEO and also Lee Hyori noona, thus the feeling is rather good.

Q: Other than singing, are u interested in acting or other areas?
YS: Many. For a long time I have been quite concerned about acting.  Due to that I started out as a singer, thus singing is still remain top priority.  If there is a chance, I wanna challenge acting in dramas.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

[5.15.11] Series of Fancams from Today's Inkigayo Performance

All credits to Madeleine for the wonderful fancams! Gosh, Young Saeng, why are you so gorgeous?

Okay, I should say this but I like Saengie more with shades. kekeke I know some of you loved it when he took it off, but for me I love it when he's wearing it. I don't know maybe because, the shades really fits him well ? His nose really fits the shades. The shades emphasized Saengie's beautiful nose more. =) kekekeke Take a closer look if you're in doubt hehehehe.. ^^,

Let It Go (Rehearsal)

Outside SBS

Let it Go (Rehearsal 2)
check out the tongue!!!

And these are lifted form Baidu taken by WEOLCHEOK

[5.15.11] Heo Young Saeng outside Inkigayo by WEOLCHEOK

Thanks to cll_slam10 for sharing it on twitter and Weolcheok for the photos. Young Saeng looking good with his hair color! Don't ya just love it ? And yeah, he already lost those chubby squeeshy cheeks he got back from SS501 days but he still looks good.

In case you missed his performance today at Inkigayo here's the YT version, thanks to crazycarrot370@YT for uploading.

Prepare yourself!

Kim Hyun Joong's Website Hacked Featured on The Wrap [Philippines]

This is not new, but I would like to take this opportunity to warn you guys that hackers will do anything  just to get attention and money. I heard that when they hacked Leader's site, they asked the fans to pay them a certain amount for the so-called 'fanmeeting'. So to us fans let's be smart and be more attentive next time. 

Thanks to my co-blogger namjachingu_khj for uploading and for the English sub.

video uploader: namjachingu_khj

Saturday, May 14, 2011

KyuSaeng in Sparkling Magazine April Issue

Hola! I'm back! Sorry for not updating much my blog, I was little busy sometimes I got lazy updating it kekeke mian! ^___^ Will you still forgive me ??? herherherher.. 

Anyways, I'll make it up to you! One way to make it up is by sharing KyuSaeng in Manila from Sparkling Magazine where they were interviewed and asked about their love life, their careers, etc., etc.

Thanks to ivannah501@twitter for sharing and scanning the magazine! The pictures are lovely!

To those who haven't got their copy yet, (I heard that it was already sold out in some stores) and to those who aren't able to have one, here's the full interview from the magazine!

And here's my fancam, where KyuSaeng finished their interview from this Magazine (Sparkling) ^^,


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[May 12, 2011] Mass Purchasing of YS Album 'LET IT GO'

Peas! Peas! This is urgent! Thanks to ricelyn@twitter for the tip. I'm actually under observation and figuring out why we didn't make Maknae and JM no.1 in Soribada while we streamed like hell that time! So here how it really works!! 

So the only difference from my instructions (where you can see at the left side of my blog) are:
1. You should erase your downloaded YS songs from your computer. 
2. You should register your computer first before streaming.
3. Save your downloaded song at your Desktop or to another folder then erase it when you start streaming.  
4. You can stream all day and log out at 11:50pm KST

Now, I think it's much better to start downloading and streaming on May 12 to make a bigger impact! REMEMBER, DIGITAL SALES HAS A HIGHER PERCENTAGE THAN ALBUM SALES!

PLEASE SPREAD! thanks!! 
instructions credit to rmdkdl@twitter
Please re-post it with full credits!
You can ask questions at the comment box!