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New Release SS501 DVDs from Yes Asia

As I was shopping in YesAsia I saw 2 not-familiar albums on sale. Not familiar because it's the first time I saw its album jacket. I've been scanning YesAsia since I became a fan, but actually I never bought any SS501 album yet from that site. And so when I saw that certain album, I immediately took a look on it. It is actually a collection of press editions of their Japanese singles. These two DVDs were released only last March 16, 2011.

SS501 Single Box 1 - Kokoro ( First Press Limited Edition) Japan Version
2011 marks the fifth anniversary of Korean pop group SS501's debut in Japan, and fans now get another chance to collect all the First Press Editions of their three Japanese singles. The first single Kokoro comes with all five versions of the single's First Press Edition - one for each member. In addition to the single Kokoro/i> and the B-side track Be a Star, each version comes with its own bonus track. Included in the box is a set of six trading cards.

SS501 Single Box 2 - Distance - Kimi to no Kyori / Lucky Days (First Press Limited Edition) Japan Version
2011 marks the fifth anniversary of Korean pop group SS501's debut in Japan, and fans now get another chance to collect all the First Press Editions of their three Japanese singles. The second single box features the group's second and third Japanese singles: Distance - Kimi to no Kyori - and Lucky Days. The box features both First Press Editions of the respective singles and two sets of trading cards (one set from each single).

These is a must-buy but too bad it has no english subs. Well if you noticed, Japan versions really don't release DVDs with english subs,  so.... We'll just have to endure the hardship of understanding what they were saying! haha *nosebleed! But it's definitely worth it, right? 

New Boy Band 'Boyfriend' to debut with a Kim Hyun Joong Look-a-Like

New Boy Band BOYFRIEND's twins resembles Kim Hyun Joong 

Summarization and translation:
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Kwill's twin back up dancers and Kim Hyun Joong look-a-like releases their photo as they will debut as a boyband named 'Boyfriend'. 
Starship Entertainment will release their new boyband teaser 'Boyfriend' on March 24th. The boys in the photo was said to have a resemblance with Kim Hyun Joong. Young Min and Min Woo had already appeared to several shows and MVs.

Meanwhile, Netizens already gave positive feedbacks to this twins.
On the other hand, Kwill's dancer and IU's boyfriend on her MV will be debuting as a boyband with an average age of 18 years old and consists of 6 members.

New Idol Group 'Boy Friend' to Have Kim Hyun Joong Look-a-Like Twins

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi;
translated by hotshotlover30@soompi
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Starship Entertainment, home to stars like K. Will and SISTAR, will debut a new boy idol group called Boy Friend. On March 24rth, Starship Entertainment released a teaser of the new  group.

 According to the agency, Min Woo and twins Young Min and Kwang Min will be part of the boy band. Min Woo has been attracting a lot of attention as K. Will’s backup dancer and IU’s younger boyfriend in her music video. Twins Young Min and Kwang Min are also gaining interest for their pretty boy image and resemblance to Kim Hyun Joong.  

 Representatives at Starship Entertainment stated, “The average age for the new 6 member group will be 18 years old. They’ve already gained a lot of fans online as the future of Starship. Boy Friend plans to debut this coming April.”


What do you think guys? Do they really looked like Leader? Hmmmmm... Well, good luck with their new career as a boyband. For me, they don't looked like Leader kekeke... the latter picture more looked like Park Shin Hye. Just my opinion though! =)

Kim Hyun Joong's Solo Album On Full Swing

Well, well, well... Our Leader's album is on the making~ and he's doing it very well and with passion. He's almost living in the recording studio? Aigoo~ Anyways, We are sooooo excited for SS501's Leader album release, right? Pls., I hope this time, we will support him 501%! 

We don't want to disappoint our Leader eh? He might scold us if he didn't win any award hahaha joke.. nah! He's not that kind of leader~ 

I bet this would be another great album to look forward to~ He's not the leader of SS501 for nothing! 

Oh and I heard, his MV will be something awesome and will take us to the next level!
Wooooohh~~~ Hwaiting!

Kim Hyun Joong is busily recording for his solo album
by VITALSIGN @ AllKpop

SS501’s leader, Kim Hyun Joong, is finally working towards releasing his debut solo album!

On March 24th, a representative from KeyEast Entertainment spoke through OSEN and revealed, “Kim Hyun Joong has been living in the recording room and is busily recording his newest tracks. Since it is his first solo album apart from his group, he’s filled with both determination and effort.”

Aside from attending photoshoot schedules, the singer/actor has cleared everything in his path so that he could focus entirely on his music. Whether it’s night or day, representatives revealed that he would be seen in and out of the recording room for hours on end, surprising everyone with his passion.

The representative continued, “He’s been expressing his ideas and opinions on his album’s concept and the tracks to be included. He’s working very hard to exude a different charm as a soloist, which will distinguish him from his usual image as a SS501 member."

His solo album will be released by May at the earliest, or by June at the latest.

Source: OSEN via Nate


김현중, 첫 솔로 앨범 녹음 박차.."한층 성숙해져"

Monday, March 21, 2011

SS501 Maknae Kim Hyung Jun shows off cute childhood photos

Since he was still a kid, he already showed the cuteness side of him. ^^ No wonder up until now, everyone loves him, right Cheezeemelt? ^^

credits: VITALSIGN@allkpop

Recently, various community boards began circulating childhood photos of SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun and marveling over his ’super genes.’

In a total of four photos, Kim Hyung Jun can be seen with playful facial expressions, cute round eyes, a button nose, and even the much-coveted ‘V-line’ face in his later years. Netizens were in awe over his unchanging looks and commented, “Kim Hyung Jun was such an innocent looking child,” “He looks exactly the same as he does now,” and “How can he be so round and cute?!”

Currently promoting his first solo album, “oH! aH!,” Kim Hyung Jun will begin preparations for his Asian tour in the coming months.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Music Bank's NEW Score Calculation

I thought I should share you this. Triple S is still in the competition, aren't we? 

Music Bank just changed their score calculations but still DIGITAL SALES will be the highest contributor.

Digital Sales: 60%
Album Sales: 10%
Broadcast Frequency: 20%
Viewer's rating: 10%

Digital Sales: 60%
Album Sales: 15%
Broadcast Frequency: 15%
Viewer's rating: 10%

I think Music Bank just changed their calculations just last February. Music Bank just added up the percentage to the Album Sales which I think will give Maknae a greater chance now~ Now I wanna know how Music Core and Inkigayo's way of calculating the scores. I really want to know how it works. If we know how it works, the TRICK will follow. Agree? =)

[Full Article] Korean Stars donate to Japan Relief Efforts

To those who haven't got a chance to read the full article like me, here's the full one written by Mr. Jonathan Hicap. 

I love how he introduced Kim Hyun Joong ^^,

Korean stars donate to Japan relief efforts


MANILA, Philippines - Days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that wiped out towns in many areas in Japan, millions of people were left homeless and are now crowding evacuation centers.
There is shortage of food, water, clothing and electricity. Evacuees are also struggling to cope with freezing temperature.
In the face of severe crisis, Korean stars have started donating to help in the relief efforts for the earthquake victims in Japan.
Actor Bae Yong Joon, who is very popular in Japan, has donated 1 billion won (P38.71 million) to Japan. The 38-year-old actor rose to stardom through the drama series “Winter Sonata."
Bae has a huge following in Japan and is known by his Japanese nickname Yonsama. The actor has been involved in various charity projects.
Last year, he participated in the “Miso Project” by Japan’s Digital Adventure TV that raised funds for poor children in the Philippines and Cambodia.
Another popular star, Kim Hyun Joong, leader of boy band SS501, has donated 100 million won (P3.87 million) to help the earthquake victims. Bae and Kim are both under Keyeast management agency.
Kim said his heart ached after hearing the news of the earthquake and tsunami. He asks people to join together to help the victims.
Actor Song Seung Hun has also taken part in the emergency relief efforts for Japan. The actor has donated 200 million won (P7.74 million) to Japan through the Salvation Army and urged the public to donate.
Korean TV stations will also help raise funds through telethons. KBS and MBC will air live fundraising programs so people can donate to Japan. Internet portal Daum has also raised P1.5 million.
Kudos to these Artists who never hesitates to help those people in need especially to the Japanese victims of the killer earthquake and tsunami. It's just so nice to know that despite how famous these stars are, they never forget how to lend a hand. It takes so much for a person to share that amount of money that's why I salute these guys. Thank You very much for being such a great role model. And to our Leader Kim Hyun Joong, just ignore those people who criticized you. You started this and the rest followed, have you noticed it ? =) So just continue to be a Leader yourself and we Triple S will follow. 

Kim Hyung Jun on KBS Sponge (cut)

Even though this video doesn't have any english subs, but I find it funny especially when Maknae shows the expression "어떻가죠?" ^^ And when he was able to lift the 3 straws, it was so smart of him. ^^ Isn't he adorable? So guys, if you want to see more of him, don't forget to keep streaming and buying his digital album so that he'll win, araso?

credits: SS601 + kimhyungjunthailand / hjfan2 @ YT

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Hyung Joon didn't win in Mnet Countdown

Hi Peas! it's been a long time not posting here eh? sorry, I was a little busy for the past few weeks. And I like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my dear co-blogger namjachingu_khj ^^ for updating my blog and ofcourse for spamming Maknae posts kekeke  =) You really want me to go back to Maknae, don't ya? haha well, I think I'm going back ahahahahahaha... 

Anyways, as we all  know Maknae just had his solo debut a couple of weeks ago with his 1st solo mini album 'My Girl' with it's title track 'Oh-Ah'. His first performance is on Mnet Countdown then Mubank, Mucore and Inkigayo.  Last week, a lot of us have voted for him in Mnet Countdown's site right? And he got the 1st place beating Bigbang. Well, that voting thingy we had just voted for is just an 'ONLINE POLL' for Mnet Countdown. 

Here's the criteria for Mnet Countdown:

TOTAL = 100%

Did you see how big the percentage of DIGITAL SALES? That's what I've been telling you. Believe it or not, Digital Sales is bigger than Album Sales. When we say Digital Sales, we are talking about buying their album in sites like this (Mnet, Soribada, Nave, Baidu, Daum). Not only buying, we should also stream as this will add counts on the percentage for Digital Sales.

What you see in this page is just for the online voting which is I believe will only count for the 'Asia Fan Voting' which is only 15%.

If you will go this page which is the OVERALL RANKING you will see then the chart which is shown in Mnet Countdown in TV. Now, can you see where Maknae is?? =) and can you see who is on the 1st place? This is the real ranking in Mnet Countdown~ not just partial but overall. So if you're wondering why Maknae didn't win in Mnet Countdown last March 18, despite him being the 1st place HERE is because that is for the Online Poll only. He won in the Online Poll category which is only 15%.  Online Poll is not enough to make Maknae win in Mnet's overall ranking. 

I'm not saying not to vote on this online poll, I'm just saying that, this is not enough for Maknae to win. We have to work harder. We have to increase his Digital Sales, why? Because it's the only way we overseas fans can help him. Yes, we can always buy his album anytime we want, but buying his album will take time to count since we don't live in Korea unless you will buy it straight from Korean record bars or you have a friend in Korea who will buy it for you. But may I remind you, Album Sales is just 10%. 

We have to take considerations in this criteria, if we really want Maknae or our boys to win let's be aware how the competition is going.

How to stream in Mnet? Don't ask 'coz I don't even know how to buy songs there~ that's why we recommend to stream in Soribada instead because it's a lot more easier there than Mnet. 

Now, if you want Maknae to win on next week's Mnet countdown or in Mubank, Mucore and Inkigayo~ STREAM HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rawr! 


Mnet Countdown you can start streaming today Saturday to Wed.
Music Bank starting today Saturday to Thurs.
Music Core starting today Saturday to  Fri.
Inkigayo starting today Saturday to Sat.

Disclaimer: This is just my theory, correct me if I'm wrong. And please give proper credits when reposting, THANKS!

Vote For SS501 in Studio 23's Barkada Awards for the Category 'Choice Asian Pop Band of the Year'

Triple S, are you ready for a new voting to help our boys win the award? It's time to show them what we got and what we can do! To repay all the hardwork they have done, let's vote for SS501 so that they can win in the category 'Choice Asian Pop Band of the Year'. Stated below on how you can vote. We need to this guys, let's all join this voting contest.

Studio 23 Launches Barkada Choice Awards

Studio 23, ABS-CBN’s sister network, recently launched the Barkada Choice Awards to recognize local talents and international celebrities who made their mark on the channel’s viewers for the past year. There are fourteen categories including Breakthrough Artist of the Year, OPM Artist of the Year, and Choice Tweet Idol. Categories for international nominees include Choice Hollywood Star of the Year, Choice Asian Pop Band of the Year, and Choice Icon which includes Pinay international pop music sensation Charice as one of the nominees. Also, Studio 23’s very own Kabarkadas— Eow Phowz’s Ryan Bang; primetime VJ Robi Domingo; Pa Bida Ka’s RR Enriquez and Aaron Atayde; and US Girls hosts Chesca Garcia, Angel Aquino and Iya Villania—are all competing for Choice Kabarkada of the Year.

The winners of the Studio 23 Barkada Choice Awards will be chosen via text votes. To vote, simply text WRAP space CATEGORY KEYWORD space LETTER OF CHOICE and send to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular or to 231 for Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers. (ex: WRAP BREAK A)

BAND = Choice Asian Pop Band of the Year

D SS501

P2.50/vote for Globe, TM, Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers
P2.00/vote for Sun Cellular subscribers
Available only to Philippine residents

To vote for our boys:
Type WRAP (space)BAND(space)D


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Korean Stars donate to Japan relief efforts

This was shared by one of my Triple S sisters and was generous enough to share it with you guys. Thanks Ate Yols for showing this to us. ^^ I'm so proud to be Triple S since my idol is Kim Hyun Joong, the person who never hesitates to help other people. Click the image to enlarge.

credits: Ate Yollie + manila bulletin

Kim Hyung Jun at Music High

Lifted from Music High Official Website. Want to have those signed albums!!!!!!!

Credit: Music High Official Site
Reposted on SS501 Baidu

Kim Hyung Jun at SBS Kim Heechul Young Street

This was Kim Hyung Jun's radio guesting at Young Street. I really wanted to know the translations on these captions. Hopefully someone will translate this in English. He was funny kneeling at the floor. ^^

Reposted on SS501 Baidu

Kim Hyung Jun at MNET Countdown 03.17.11

Just posting these pictures now. Hyung Jun is really cool especially when dancing, right? But but but... can you see the last picture? ^^ Cheezeemelt... can you handle it? ^^

*cough**cough* ^^

credits as tagged

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SS501 on Power Music

I was watching television while eating dinner with my sister when she stopped on this certain channel, and I heard a familiar tune. Seems like the intro for SS501's 'Warning'. When I looked, it says 'SS501 History' and I immediately grabbed my phone to record the show. My phone can only capture 1-minute video, so everytime it reaches 1 min, I'l have to start recording again that's why the video seems not to be in sync.

Part 1

Try lowering the volume on Part 2 since I was having a hard time changing the volume. Mianhe.

Part 2

Thursday, March 10, 2011

KyuSaeng on Trendy Magazine No.20

Much much thanks to ivannah501@twitter for sharing this! Dang, this magazine is a must-have! The photos are.. WOW! ^^, ehehehehe she's so lucky to have this, I heard when she got this, there's only one copy left. Whew! One lucky gal! hehehe.. ^^, 

Please repost with proper credits, Thanks!

KyuSaeng in Fans Magazine74 February 2011 Issue

Thanks to ivannah501@twitter for sharing the scanned pictures of her magazines she bought straight from Hongkong. She's very lucky to have this! Brings back the memories when these two guys were here in our country. ^^

Please give proper credits when reposting, Thanks!