Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maknae Kim Hyung Jun's 1st Mini Album Jacket

Holy COW!!!! I super duper want this!!! The moment I saw this on his Japan site, my 1st instinct it 'Oh, screencap it! screencap it!' hahahaha ^^
I got this from his Japan site, so most probably this is his Japan album for GIRL. Dang!!! I want this on my hand now!

Now we see his track list! ^___________________^

photo credit: http://www.kimhyungjun.jp/event/1stminialbum/

And here are some pix I dragged from his Japan site, hope this isn't illegal.... kekeke warn me right away if I broke some rules... okieeeee??

Baby Jjun on his promotional posters.

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