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'City Conquest' Why is Kim Hyun Joong Driving A Shabby Truck? A Frail Flower Boy

'City Conquest' Why is Kim Hyun Joong Driving A Shabby Truck? A Frail Flower Boy
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As Seen On: 'City Conquest' Soompi Page
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Main character Kim Hyun Joong 'Driving A Mini-Truck' has now drawing attention.

In the drama 'City Conquest', Kim Hyun Joong acting a scene where he was driving a truck.

As Kim Hyun Joong always playing a role of a pretty boy,it's quite difficult to watch him in this drama running a scene like this.

In the photo released last Aug 21, Kim Hyun Joong was driving a truck containing small bottles and appeared with shabby clothes and kinda lost in his thoughts.

Last time, He was just expertly riding a swagger motorcycle with some vehicles blasting up which the production team themselves was surprised and amazed with the spectacular scene.

Netizens reacted on the photo saying "I've never seen Hyun Joong oppa like this","I'm totally surprised with these scene, him driving a truck", "Oppa truck style~I'm a absolutely gonna wait for this ", "Will you give me a ride too?", "What happened to you Kim Hyun Joong?" and "Oppa let's ride the truck together"

Meanwhile, Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong presented his mature appearance expecting a warm welcome and support especially to the female fans. 'City Conquest' is also produced by the Iris production team showcasing brilliant actors expecting to showcase their talents like Jung Yu Mi, Nam Goong Min, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Young Ho, Kim Hee Won, Park Hyo Jun and Choi Cheol Ho.

Park Jung Min's 'GIVE ME YOUR HEART' Limited Edition Album Jacket

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01 Give Me Your Heart
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A Love That Can Not Be Erased

Recently a misunderstanding between Kim Hyun Joong's fan and Ssangchu Fans had heated up . Ssangchu fans are the fans from We Got Married Show, where Kim Hyun Joong joined 4years ago as a make-believe husband to Hwang Bo and up to this date (even though they already left the show) these fans still believe that this couple are still dating. They still believe because of those culprits the couple has been showing to the public. Even though not intended to do so, these eagle-eye fans still noticed and has captured photos of those culprits such as couple shirts, rings, jacket, jerseys etc.
However Kim Hyun Joong's fans seems to not favoring the Ssangchu fans with their doings and somewhat took it seriously and even said painful words towards them. Hyun Joong's fans even blocked some twitter users who are known to be a Ssangchu shipper saying they are mental and crazy people.
On the other hand, Ssangchu fans kept their manners as they believe they are not doing anything bad.
Here's one of the accusation made by a Kim Hyun Joong fan.

From @khj_khj_khj 
Reposted from:

"We got married (WGM )" is a fictitious show that is plotted and planned in the situation with a script that probably has less details that's written out on the paper.

KHJ did his best to suit to the concept of that show as a professional, and in return, he received fascinating responses.

Both KHJ and HB denied several times the possible engagement of personal relationship between KHJ and HB including even for a very casual contact.

However, so-called "Ssangchu fans (SS)" put their basis of imaginary relationship on the fictitious hope that HB hides KHJ's and her relationship for KHJ's successful career.

SS uses some of the facts taken from KHJ's private life to intentionally manipulate as a proof of KHJ and HB's relationship.

Moreover, when KHJ does not act or behave in the way that's against their imagination, they do not hesitate to write and spread negative comments at portals, saying that they are disappointed by KHJ because he does not react in their way.

That's why Korean Henecians view SS as a potential anti-fans toward KHJ.

If SS enjoy the show only as a show, if they see KHJ only as a KHJ, a independent human being, Korean Henecians would not take such actions.

Korean Henecians have been keeping all types of proofs regarding following description with them.

Now, let me list some details what SS had done online, at many sites and boards that were opened to everyone.

- SS spread out the rumor that HB's parents did not allow their relationship because of KHJ's unsettling future career as a celebrity, an idol.

- When KHJ made comments for interviews or programs, SS took them and interpreted as a secretive message for HB, and expanded their fictitious interpretation as sexual messages, along with additional synthetic pictures and stories created for their imaginary needs which were nothing than sexual harassment to KHJ.

- KHJ was cast for Boys over Flowers (BF) and had to leave WGM to prepare his debut as an actor, but due to the popularity of KHJ and HB couple, the producer of WGM delayed KHJ's disengagement and took episodes for 3 month only in 2 weeks, which led KHJ to start BF in physically and mentally very stressful condition.

At this point, SS spread the rumor that KHJ would come back with HB for WGM, claiming that KHJ would not achieve as enormous popularity as he earned from WGM. SS did not want to see KHJ's success through BF obviously.

Thus, SS left negative comments about KHJ's acting at sites and boards that were related BF.

- SS reacted negatively when KHJ was involved with any female celebrity who worked with KHJ professionally.

For female actors whose role were KHJ's partner, SS kept leaving negative comments, which did not help KHJ's career as an actor, a team player in a drama.

- SS accuses KHJ as a guy who's abandoning HB for his own success in his career, while depicts HB as a submissive, mature and patient female who sacrifice for her lover's success.

- SS tries to fulfill themselves by replacing them to the HB's position, which is still fictitious, and SS forces KHJ to be a better boyfriend figure in many ways, if their expectation do not meet with what KHJ does, they bluntly speak out that they are disappointed and not satisfied.


As a fan of KHJ, Korean Henecians cannot stand any type of action that sabotages KHJ.

Korean henecians had to watch SS from the very beginning of WGM, witnessed them crossing the borders with their actions, and had to set regulations in response to their actions.

Fandom of KHJ used to be one of the generous community among celebrity fandoms in Korea, who shared most of their materials, however, they had to change such policy because of who exploit those materials for unreal fiction, and who cannot distinguish that fiction to the real world. 

And here are some responses coming from a Ssangchu Fan.

From @Khjlovesbuin (formerly known as @khjean14 )
Reposted from:

Hello to all "Ssangchu-Lettuce Joongboers" around the world.. I am writing my piece which is from my Heart.

I've watched BOF, at first I didn't enjoy it. I watched the second time around and it was LMH that caught my attention.! But my brother told me that he likes Ji hoo, so I searched KHJ and began to watched all his videos n youtube,until I came across WGM. I really enjoyed the show.well in fact I've watched it 10 times already. I enjoyed there "chemistry". this is where I see the "real " KHJ"-what you see is what you get. It's where I started to adore this Couple. I can't stop Loving them till then.

Now I became a"Fan" of Ssangchu Couple- Is it a Crime? Do I need to ask permission from anyone that I will start adoring this Couple.? No!! I don't have to My dears..Everyone is entitled to choose and adore whom they love and can make them Happy.

I posted an "edited" picture of CC from d News. which a Fan changed d head of Yu Mi to Buin is it a crime? Did KE prohibit not to edit any pictures from them?-No!! It was made for all SSangchu fans. For God sake!! KHJ is a public Figure!! You Korean fans doesn't own Him FYI!!! Don't you know that KHJ's overseas fans are always behind him why he is winning always in any Polls? We respect your fandoms Pls do respect us also. Be rational enough to be a fan. Again you "Do Not " own Kim Hyun Joong..!!!!

Am I a "threat" to you? that's so funny cos they are spreading to "Unfollow" me. Lol.. this is the thinking of "Immature, Insecured and Pathetic Fans.. Shame on you.. I never ask you people to follow me in the first place. its your own choice gosh!!! Grow up!!!

You big fandoms are suppose to be a good example to small fandoms, yet you are the ones that's very "Rude " and "mean" !!

KHJ is a very Humble person, Can't you copy his Humility? Or can you say it in a proper way if we did mistake? You are showing your own true colors and how Imperfect and Disrespectful you are.!!!
I am "khjean14" I changed my username to Khjlovesbuin. It's my choice. soo many Korean Fans Unfollowed me. did I die? No!! Im still Alive and Kicking!!. But I do unfoll0wed you also . You know who you are..!! I'm not scared of you. who do you think you are? Do you own the world? Are you feeding me? Lol No!!! well God Bless you instead.

I just do what I believe is true . If "God is with me. who can be against me? I just wanna sing- Inhale-Exhale-Smile-God Loves Me.!

Segyero to all "Joongboers around the World.!!

this is khjean14== este Khjlovesbuin now!!

From @iamjhosel
Reposted from: 

Hi! Good morning! Thank you for replying. I'm sorry to hear that some Korean Ssangchu fans act in such a way. I don't know their side or how they do it there. But I thought Korean Ssangchu fans are actually underground and do not have much activities? Some even envy International fans because unlike them we can express our love to the the couple freely. Korean ssangchu fans from what I see are actually restrained because they know how extreme fans can get. But in your group's statement, it seems to me that you are generalizing all Ssangchu fans to be what you describe as antis. It seems to me that you are all spreading hate against Ssangchu fans and urging everyone to hate us too. That's what hurt me most as a ssangchu fan and KHj fan. If you have problems with 'some korean ssangchu fans', I'd rather you contact them personally rather than lashing it out to Ssangchus and issuing a statement making Ssangchu fans look like a crazy bunch of fans.

I'm also in awe in how Korean fans are spreading tweets to unfollow a Ssangchu fan, khjean14. Jean had done nothing wrong but share Kim Hyun Joong news and updates. She was even of one of those i know of who untirely do all her best to bring latest news and updtes on Kim Hyun Joong for international HJ fans. I don't think its a mature way of dealing things.

On HJ and HB being together or not. My dear, its our own personal choice to believe in them. Its been 4 years after WGM and our Ssangchu family is actually getting bigger and bigger around the world. I think you can't impose on us to stop believing in them. I hope you all respect our beliefs as well as we respect Kim Hyun Joong.

Again, I hope this issue would stop because HJ is a man of humility. I don't think he would want to see this happening amongst his fans. We are all nothing but fans. Have a good day!:)

 Im posting up my two cents to this post alledgely from Henecia Korea posted by . Link:

I don't see, in any way, that we,  Joongboers are an anti to Kim Hyun Joong nor we post threat to him or to anyone else.

First things first. Lets define terms clearly. 

According to Wikipedia, We Got Married (Hangul: 우리 결혼했어요) is a South Korean reality variety show, one segment of the Sunday Sunday Night program. First broadcast in 2008, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of the participants to reveal their thoughts and feelings.

Is it scripted? This has been an issue eversince, but PDnim in an interview before said although they give concepts/missions to the couples, its up to them to decide on how to carry it out. It has been denied by Kang Sora and Eun Jung too on several interviews. 

Ssangchu Couple: Kim Hyun Joong paired with Hwangbo Hye Jung 

came in the 9th episode of Season 1 as a replacement of Alex-Shinae couple who at that time took a break from WGM because of Alex' busy schedule preparing for his album.

Joongboers are fans supporting the couple, Kim Hyun JOONG and Hwang BO both individually and as a couple.

Now, on to the issue at hand.

Yes, we hope and pray and believe that they are together as a couple, BUT, we NEVER CLAIMED that they are indeed a couple. They NEVER said they are together nor they NEVER DENY that they are together. 

On not contacting each other: Its been 4 years since WGM. And yes, within 4 years they also said No, they havent contacted each other everytime they are asked on interviews. BUT. Recently, its Kim Hyun Joong himself who broke the denials. *In a chinese article, he said 

"as an artist, we are both busy so we can't contact OFTEN".

In the same article also, Kim Hyun Joong acknowledge himself that WGM paved his way to more success. Excerpt to that article: 

He recalls, “it’s because of ‘we got married’ that I gained my first popularity from. Internet is amazing, these Korean variety shows can actually gain support in china where language is a barrier.”

On HJ being 'physically and mentally stressed' on the start of BOF filming because he had to shoot WGM episodes rigorously: IT WAS HIS CHOICE.  After the Fake Farewell Episode, they were asked if they still wanted to continue on WGM or not. Both Hwangbo and Hyun Joong said yes. Hyun Joong could have said no like what the AnSol couple did but he did not. It was his choice. Besides DSP could have pulled him out if they see that filming WGM would be detrimental to him. 

On manipulating facts. We had never manipulated anything. Yes, we get bits and pieces of Hyun Joong's interviews and celebrate on it especially when it fits Joongbo  (for example, his ideal girl being someone who's simple, friendly and who he can drink with)  but we do not manipulate or twist it. We get happy and celebrate everytime we see them wearing the same rings, accessories and such. But that is all our observations. We never invent things. 

On photoshopped Joongbo pics. We edit pics just because they look good together. C'mon, should photoshopping be questioned too? Any artist I know of has every sorts of PSed pics with any other artists. Even fans do it too with their biases. Tell me a fan who in any point had never PSed their pic together with their biases. LOL.

On Joongbo fanfics to fulfill our sexual desires. Wow! Just wow. Fanfics are common in any fandom too. Its the fans way of expressing their writing skills and creativity. It so just happens that the inspiration used for the characters of the story are Hyun Joong and Hwangbo. Besides, HJ got many fanfics, with Goo Hye Sun, with Jung So Min, with Hyori, even with SS501 boys and Jaejoong! Are all that for sexual desires too? We have never desired to be with Hyun Joong. We are even in dismay to some Hyun Joong fans who would throw themselves to Hyun Joong in attempt to hug him or kiss him during his high five events. That my dear, is sexual harrassment. 

Joongboers are Kim Hyun Joong fans too. We support him in every way we can. We buy his albums, go to his fanmeets, watch his dramas, vote for him day and night on polls and even do charity works in his name. So you can never say we are an anti.

We, too, just like you Henecians, Triple S, MinJoong shippers and what-have-yous supports Kim Hyun Joong and wishes nothing but success on his career.

Yes, we are hoping that HB and HJ are really together but remember

at the end of the day, its Kim Hyun Joong who will decide who he choose to love. Not YOU. Not us either.

But as long as both HB and HJ are single and not married, we Joongboers will continue to believe and support them.

Can't we just move on peacefully on our respective fandoms and continue  to support him? 

I'm sure the man himself wont be happy to see his fans arguing.

Have a great weekend everyone! Segyero!<3 b="b">

*Link to the English trans of the chinese article:

Note: This blog is not ssangchu related at all.

This is the photo that is believed heated up the issue between the fandom

Now here's what I can say. For me there's nothing wrong about what these Ssangchu fans are doing. Me myself also is fond of their belief that Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are still together dating. There's nothing wrong with that really. 
What I can't understand is why Kim Hyun Joong fans took this seriously. I read some foul words coming from them and it's really not ethical. As a fan, we are all allowed to express our feelings towards our idol. We do not have hierarchy in this fanworld. We are all on the same level. It doesn't matter if you are a new fan or an old fan, what matters is we are supporting them in the way we can.
And yes, it doesn't matter how close you are with your idol or how much you've done to him because at the end of the day you are still a FAN, same with others. Truth hurts, yes we are ONLY a FAN. We can not set our boundaries around our idol. We do not own them. We do not posses them. I'm not siding the Ssangchu fans but I really think what these KHJ fans did are really way overboard. 
How come these Ssangchu fans can not express what they believe and yet you KHJ fans can? C'mon, this is a free world. If in someway Ssangchu fans offended KHJ fans then talk in a nice way. 
Kim Hyun Joong, Leader is for me one of the nicest person I've met. But what happened to his fans?
Yes you love him to bits. a love that can not be erased but I wish and I hope you open your minds with other fans. You are not the only people who loves Kim Hyun Joong. He's a nice person, it's unbelievable people around him would not come to love him the same way you are to him. 

Now I'm posting this because I believe that good people with good intentions not only to themselves but also to others will always prevail. 
So let me say this again.
"A true fan is never greedy of what their idols had and will have"

Have a nice day!

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Heo Young Saeng's 'OVERJOYED' Japanese Album Release and Concert INFO

Lucky these japanese fans.... eh? First, Leader then Jjunie then Jung Min and now Young Saeng?! Sometimes, If I can't be a korean well at least I'm praying to become a japanese. HAHA. Why? It's obvious! They always get the best our of our boys! What more can you ask for? 

Now it's Young Saeng's time to invade Japan! 
Here are the details for his upcoming first ever Japan Album! YEY!

Source: Pony Canyon, Heo Young Saeng Artist Page +
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Release Date: 9.19.2012

{1.2.3} Music Video + Making
001. DraMagic!
003. 1.2.3 (TITLE TRACK)
005. True Tears
006. Crying (Japanese Ver.)
007. LET IT GO (Japanese Ver.)
008. Dream On
009. とぎれた夜をつないで
010. Timeless Love
011. Hello Mello (Japanese Ver.)
Application ticket A to 'After Talk Show' on Sept 22, 24 

001. DraMagic!
003. 1.2.3 (TITLE TRACK)
005. True Tears
006. Crying (Japanese Ver.)
007. LET IT GO (Japanese Ver.)
008. Dream On
009. とぎれた夜をつないで
010. Timeless Love
011. Hello Mello (Japanese Ver.)
Application ticket B to 'After Talk Show' on Sept 22, 24

Oh Saengie! I'm loving the colors! Hehehehe.. I'm hoping for your success! Fighting!
And here's more! Oh boy!

Japanese To English Translation: Cheezeemelt (
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Date/Time: 9/22 at 17:00 (Sat)
Venue: Shibuya-Ax
Date/Time: 9/24 at 19:00 (Mon)
Venue: Zepp NAMBA
8500 Yen (Tax Included)

  (Those who purchased limited edition album will be invited in accordance to a Lottery! Deadline for application will be on 9/20 at 11:59am)
Date/Time: 9/22 at 20:30
Venue: Shibuya-Ax
Date/Time: 9/24 at 22:00
Venue: Zepp NAMBA

Kim Hyun Joong Polo Shirt By True Religion

The Polo Shirt wore by Kim Hyun Joong during the shoot for 'City Conquest' in Japan is from TRUE RELIGION BRAND JEANS

Posted/Shared by: Cheezeemelt (



The shirt looks rugged but still looks good on him. Hihihihi ^ ^ 

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Centerpole Catalogue and Website Screencaps

Wow, I'm loving these photos! Of course Hyun Joong Leader look stunningly handsome! Kekekeke 
 Thanks to Lestari2412@twitter for sharing Centerpole's website and so I was able to screencap them! 

The girl is Kang Sora right? Hehehe they look good together. Actually, all the actress looks good beside Kim Hyun Joong! HAHA XD

Here's the screencaps from the website 
Screencapped by: Cheezeemelt (
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And here are the catalogues!

And the Brand Story

[Eng Trans] 'Absolute Her' With Kim Hyung Jun Question and Answer Portion

I really love Jjunie's personality. You see him as a happy go lucky guy because he is the baby of the group but when we get to know him deep inside, he really is a responsible man as a son and a brother. And with this question and answer portion from last week's 'Absolute Her' where Jjunie was the guest, we will know how and what kind of person Hyung Jun is when it comes to dating, love and marriage. Wow he's really a grown up now huh?

Here's the translation of the Question and Answer portion from 'Absolute Her' where Hyung Jun will pick a girl who he thinks suits with the category.

Please be advised that some translations aren't accurate so feel free to correct me if you found wrong translations.

Source Video: colourful @vimeo
Korean To English Translation: Cheezeemelt (

First Category (Love Affair)

1. Have you ever deleted your loved one's number from your phone?
Girl 1: NO

2.If you're lover is a celebrity and entertainer, are you willing to date publicly?
Girl 1: NO

3. Do you often experience a love at first meeting/sight?

Girl 1: YES

4. Have you ever ran a background check on your lover's past?
Girl 1: NO
~ Everyone burst into laughter and even Hyung Jun. Hyung Jun defensively said 'I was just curious!'.

5. Have you ever kiss someone of your opposite sex on your first meeting/date?

HJB: YES (hesitating to say yes! Laughing hard!)
Girl 1: NO
~ The hosts all was in a festive mode when Hyung Jun said YES. And Hyung Jun joked, that was just only during a shooting.

2nd Category (About Work)

1. Will you change your profession if ever your lover hates it?
Girl 2: NO

2. Your lover is a celebrity and has a sasaeng fan, will you be able to understand if ever there will be a scandal?
Girl 2: YES

3. Will you go together for an overseas shooting?

Girl 2: YES

4.Will love comes first over work/job?

Girl 2: YES

5. Will you help in your lover's business, will you allow her to be an office-wife?
HJB: NO (Woah! Jjunie said no!!! Why?)
Girl 2: YES

3rd Category (about Habits)

1. Will you take photographs first before eating?
HJB: NO (Mature Jjunie here!)
Girl 3: YES

2. Will you reveal your likes and dislikes on his/her face?
HJB: NO (Jjunie prefers to give her a poker face)
Girl 3: YES

3. Have you been cursed while driving?
HJB: YES (with an exclamation point! LOL)
Girl 3: NO

4. Are you starting to save now?
Girl 3: YES

5. You must know your lover's everyday doings/routine?
HJB: YES (ahh my kind of guy.. hihi)
Girl 3: NO

Follow-up question:
MC: haven't you started saving yet?
HJB: Well, since childhood we are focusing our savings to our house
Chang Ryeol added that (I'm not sure if he's talking about SS501 here), even though Hyung Jun isn't the team leader, he's leading his team really good and Hyung Jun thanked him for saying that.

4th and last Category (About Marriage)

1. Is it a must that you should buy a newly-wed house under a joint name?

Girl 4: YES

2. Would it be appropriate to act that kind of scenes (bed scenes) now that you are married , maybe you would have problems with your partner if she or he were jealous person?
[Translation for this question credit to: Johanna Arredondo Polastri ]
Girl 4: NO

3. Will you invite your partner to live with your parents?

HJB: NO... and then YES.. then NO again! (Hesitant.. haha! Oh I love Jjunie's laugh here!)
Girl 4: NO
~ Jjunie explained it here that it's okay to live with parents but after 5 years or so they should live on their own as a couple.

4. Do you think your children should be raised by their mother? (I was confused with this question.. I was like DUH?!~)

Girl 4: NO

5. Do you think Housewives are important?

Girl 4: YES

And just in case you haven't watch the whole show yet, here's the full video of 'Absolute Her' with Kim Hyung Jun.

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City Conquest's Kim Seung Woo-Kim Hyun Joong vs Kim Young Ho-Nam Goong Min Charismatic Acting Showdown

City Conquest's Kim Seung Woo-Kim Hyun Joong vs Kim Young Ho-Nam Goong Min Charismatic Acting Showdown

Source: Star N News
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt (
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Kim Seung Woo and Kim Young Ho's charismatic and fierced acting showdown unfolds.

In the drama 'City Conquest', Kim Seung Woo who manages The President's secret for the private military development and as Baek Mir's (Kim Hyun Joong) father who also unveiled his charisma in the drama 'Iris' that exceeded everyone's expectations.
Particularly in the drama's story he will play an important role and will unveil an overflowing and unique charisma. In addition he'll be battling a showdown with Cha Seong Gwang (Kim Young Ho) who once became his colleague but will fall out of their friendship and will turn away against him and his son Baek Mir, who will also fight against Cha Ji Ryong (Nam Goong Min).
With Kim Seung Woo's unique and sincere charisma and acting, he will showcase a showdown with Kim Young Ho.
Meanwhile, the netizens reacted and said "Kim Seung Woo vs Kim Young Ho will be a big fight! dugeun dugeun", "Kim Seung Woo-Kim Hyun Joong vs Kim Young Ho-Nam Goong Min, father and son showdown? This is so exciting!" "Actors and casting is perfect^^", "With brilliant actors, this could be a jackpot"

Actor Choi Cheol Ho to Join 'City Conquest'

Source: Sports Korea
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt (
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During the phone interview to Sports Korea on May 12th from the drama's representative, "Choi Cheol Ho will play as Cha Song Kwang (Kim Young Ho)'s subordinate in 'City Conquest'. Choi Cheol Ho's character will be Cha Song Kwang's assistant, one of the people who will be against Baek Mir (Kim Hyun Joong). Choi Cheol Ho has been shooting also in Japan since last month. Choi Cheol Ho's body isn't designed for action theme and as Kim Hyun Joong acting along side with him he said "I'm actually delighted to be acting with Kim Hyun Joong". Prior to "City Conquest" Choi Cheol Ho will be starring in KBS 2TV Drama weekend's 'The Great King's Dream' on September 8 and it will be his comeback after 2 years in small screen.

Broadcasting station for 'City Conquest' is still yet to be decided.

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SS501's Kim Hyung Jun "I've kissed someone on our first meeting"

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun "I've kissed someone on our first meeting

Source: JK Stars
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt 
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Kim Hyung Jun's hot and interesting confession.

Singer Kim Hyung Jun appeared on Echannel's 'Absolute Girl' with the topic 'Ideal Type Management' last saturday night at 11pm.

Throughout the shooting, Kim Hyung Jun caught the crowd with his frank and fearless confession. Kim Hyung Jun proudly said "I kissed someone of my opposite sex on our first meeting", "I once tried investigating my lover's past" and everyone was amazed. MC Gong Hyung Jin was a bit confused on Kim Hyung Jun's answer and so he added "So I broke up with her" and made all burst into laughter.

Kim Hyung Jun said "I'm a private-type of guy and so I don't like going out that much" he also added that his ideal girl is "I like girls who likes to exercise/work out".

Kim Hyung Jun's 'Absolute Girl' candidates are from Fitness Korea, a student from LA and a variety of attractive women.

Star Ideal Management 'Absolute Girl' MC Gong Hyung Jin together with the hunters Kim Chang Ryeol, Park Hee Sun, Yoon Hyung Bin and Song Dae Hyun who directly went on the streets to find and ideal girl for Kim Hyung Jun.

Our Jjunie looked stunning in this show. He also looked stunned and a bit shy when he saw the candidates but it only made him look more cuter. Hehe.. Aigooo he really is a big boy now. 

Here's the full show uploaded by colourful in Vimeo and shared by @triplesph 

God Of Cookery's Kim Kyu Jong 'I will eat Eel when I go to Army'

 God Of Cookery's Kim Kyu Jong 'I will eat Eel when I go to Army'

Source: Arts News
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt 
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Kim Kyu Jong's last shooting in 'The House of Taste' in Bongbae-dong Seoul Eel Store. Kim Kyu Jong's favorite eel shop was the place specifically selected by the crew.

Park Ji Yun on Kim Kyu Jong while watching him eating "Seeing him eating like this, I think in the future I will not have the usual appetite that I used to have" and then Jeong Jun Ha answered "There's no way you're gonna lose your appetite. I'm gonna be watching you next week" made the shooting site burst into laughter.

Meanwhile SS501 members Kim Hyung Jun and Heo Young Saeng appeared as the special guests who are also satisfied with the taste of the eel and had fun while shooting Kim Kyu Jong shooting his last 'God of Cookery' episode before going to the military and will be broadcasted on Aug 4th.

Aigoo aigoo, this was Kyu Jong's last episode in God Of Cookery before going to the military. Look how healthy is. I hope he would maintain that healthy look in him during his service in the military. Even though Kyu Jong doesn't talk that much in this show, I believe he made a close relationship between the hosts. Thank you for taking care and for guiding our Kyu Jongie while working with you there in God Of Cookery! We hope to see him with you guys again the future! *wink*

[FULL Eng Trans] Kim Hyun Joong in Japan Vogue September Issue

Thanks to @5StarsAs1 for translating some parts in english. Kim Hyun Joong really is not fond of using hi-tech gadgets. We might see him using those, but that doesn't mean he likes it. I believe some of his gadgets are all fan gifts.

Contrary to my jokes last night. Again, I apologize to those I offended.

Here's the full article, thanks @5StarsAs1 translated from chinese by Hyunbar66
Full Chinese translation here:

Source: Vogue Japan September Issue 2012
Chinese Translation: HyunBar66
English Translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/
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Collaborating with B'Z, Kim HyunJoong's all-rounded flexiblity
Many Korean idol groups are gaining many popularity in Japan indeed but as a solo singer Kim HyunJoong have proven his overwhelming ability in Japan. For the first time, Japan's well-known rock band, B'Z have composed song for other artistes which garnered many attentions. With the soft charismatic side of him in dramas as well as the rocker side of him in music, here's Kim HyunJoong's interview from Vogue Japan.

Kim HyunJoong's performance on stage had always been a mesmerizing one for fans below stage. With his charming bright smile, sexy yet masculine image together with his 4-dimensional answers during interview indeed have captured many young hearts out there. If we do not pay enough attention to what he was trying to say, we might not have any idea what he just said! 

Q: Kim HyunJoong is actually a tough guy but also having a tender and gentle side of him, right?
A: I think I have both the personalities. On stage I showed the manly side of me, in dramas I showed the gentle side of me, whichever side it is, that's a side of me.

'4-Dimensional', 'Alien' character, a conversation on the great wisdom
Kim HyunJoong who is a solo singer currently, debuted from the 5-member group SS501 since 2005. He is known as the 'Leader' as there's members with similar name (pronunciation). 

Known for his handsome image, he was casted in the Korean version of 'Boys Over Flower' as Yoon Jihoo and also Baek Seungjo in 'Playful Kiss', expressing his talents well as well as his charisma. 

What really made him rose to the popularity was the top Korean variety show 'We Got Married'. It is a variety show that pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. In this show, Kim HyunJoong was paired up with another Korean female celebrity who is 7 years older than him. There's a scene where Kim HyunJoong gave his driver's license photo to his 'wife' in the show with a small note 'If you are feeling lonely please see this' and because of this innocent behavior he was then known as 4-dimensional, attracting more fans' hearts.

A: No matter how true my attitude is in programs, I will also consider how I should present myself in programs before I talk or act. Obliging the rules and reading the scripts for TV programs or interviews beforehand in order to know what I should present to fans. Showing my true self to fans and getting good reviews from everyone is a blessed thing. (laughs)

Q: Is there any special '4D' reason behind why you are using a normal cell phone instead of using a smartphone?
A: I feel alright even if I'm using a cellphone now (laughs) and I don't really mind what's in the top trend now. Because I rather prefer button-touching cellphone instead of the touchscreen smartphones, so perhaps I'll consider to continue using a cell phone.

Q: If you are not using a smartphone, what do you use to listen to other people's music on the go? 
A: Nothing (laughs). Because I spend more time in the car moving from place to place, so I'll usually turn on the radio to listen to music.

2nd single's song composed by B'Z
After releasing his first solo album Break Down on June 2011, he had been very active in the music industry. He had also released his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy in January 2012 which topped the Japanese Oricon Chart in 2nd place. Next he released his 2nd Japanese single Heat in July 2012 which was composed by Japan's well-know band B'Z and it's the first time they have composed songs for other artistes. 

Q: We heard that HyunJoong is also a fan of B'Z, having all their albums too.
A: I think Matsumoto Takahiro and Inaba Koshi are a perfect combination group. Because they are very talented in composing unique songs and lyrics, I guess this is the reason why they were so loved back then. With the same reason, I am a big fan of them.

Q: Kim HyunJoong loved rock music very much.
A: I've joined the band in my high school last time. In Korea I loved Seo Taiji and in Japan I loved B'Z. The song Heat is totally B'z's style. At first I was worried whether I could sing this song well enough but after endless times of practice, I'm indulged to the song already. I love the addicting tempo and lyrics. I will put all my effort in performing this song so to express what this song is supposed to bring. 

Q: During the recording, Inoshi Koshi have taught you how to perform this song?
A: He gave me some advice on how to express this song and thanks to him, this song was recorded perfectly. All in all, they are a well-respected sunbaes in the music industry and they are the ones I admire very much. I was very nervous when I first met them, but they were very friendly welcoming me. Working together with such well-respected sunbaes in the same studio, I've learned many new things. The Japanese single this time is the production of Japanese, and it's my first time performing a rock music, even though there are many challenges, but because of this challenges, I learned many new things and I'm very happy. 

Appreciating every moments, practicing for his new drama
Actually the Vogue video shooting took place at late night and after it ended, Kim HyunJoong returned to his hotel and did the interview and started practicing for his new drama.

A: I'm preparing for my upcoming drama 'City Conquest'. Even though I'm busy with the Asia Fanmeeting and time is insufficient. Even so I have schedules on that particular day, upon returning to the hotel, I will practice for my drama if I have any spare time.

Q: What is your character in the new drama?
A: I'm Baek Mir in the drama who is a man struggling with abandonment and growing up an orphan, who falls head over in heels in love easily. He fights against the harsh world that tore his family apart. This is a total different character from before. As the shooting for the drama is around the corner, the determination to make this drama a success is becoming stronger and I will work hard for it.

Q: Heard that the first shooting location will be in Japan. The weather is very hot in the summer.
A: I love working during the summer. Not only for the drama, but for my album as well as fanmeetings. Putting all my best into everything I do, becoming the only one in my fans' hearts.

Let's meet somewhere in the universe during the concert someday!
Q: Where's your dream in the future for working so hard?
A: Hmm...universe. I will gather all my fans in the universe and hold a concert there (laughs)

Ending the interview with a 4-dimensional answer. Then let us support him until his dream to hold a concert in the universe succeed!


Kim Hyun Joong like before, he really doesn't like engaging to trendy stuffs like iphones/smartphones. Actually, up to this date he doesn't have a twitter account despite his 4 members already have one. He just had his very first social interactive account in Weibo which is I believe he promise the fans to make one. But that's it. He also have a facebook account but of course it's obvious he isn't the one operating that. Well that only shows, Leader is not the kind of a person who can easily influenced by other people or by things. He's now a big star and yet he still keeping his feet on the ground. That's why I am so proud to be one of his true fan.