Friday, April 30, 2010


Told yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehhehehe I knew our boys won't let us down!!!^^

Since I had the feeling that something might happened on May 1, I decided to visit DSP'a site.
I talked to our fellow triple S there...
and I was shocked because the forum was so full! the thread was so fast!!!!
it's 11:45 I think here in the philippines that time, and then I realized that Korea is 1 hour ahead!! so it's already May 1 there in KOREA!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhkkkk!!

I asked Nicole-ssi who is a pinay and a constant visitor there in DSP tok tok, why the people here are so restless? hahahhaa.. and the she told me.. 'REFRESH! REFRESH YOUR PAGE!'

OMO~~~~~~~~~ I was shaking when I saw it.. seriously!!!! shooooooooTTTT!!!


Aren't you wondering why their concept is like this? gas masks, ropes, handcuffs,roses, etc etc...?

hmmmmm.. I'm thinking, since their contract to dsp is ending this year, the concept is perhaps showing us signs of really ending the dsp ss501 connection??? hmmmmmm.. rebellion????

hope not....


TWITTER - Hashtag: #501day
Time: 10:00PM - 12:00AM KST
Notes: MonthYear Country Name

e.g. TWEET : 11.09 PHILS LUCY I heard DeJaVu playing from a Korean friend. She shared her passion and I got hooked as the songs were great and the boys were greater. #501day

FACEBOOK: Status: 501 Day for SS501.
Time: Whole day
Notes: MonthYear Story and reference a link or a picture....

501 Day for SS501 - 11.09 I watched Kim Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers (BOF) and started reading about his group SS501. Then I saw them in their DeJaVu video and fell in love.

- you can do a screenshot of your TWEET or FB SHOUT OUT as your message to the boys and send it to

Even though they said that there is a delay on their new album..
let us just continue this project and who knows!!!!! (woot woot!)^^

Delaying of 501 day - A JOKE??

Do you wonder why DSP isn't releasing any official statement the delay of 501 day?

D'ya think it's another joke from our boys? since they are the one who said that there could be a delay on releasing their new album?
Well for me, I HOPE IT IS!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be the 501 day (May 1) but, until now, DSP is not saying anything about the album!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

and when I was watching this video from Japan Pre-recorded... When Leader mentioned about the delay, they are not sad at all.... hahahaha isn't it ironic??????

here, see for yourself...^^

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SS501 LIVE AT CINEMART - Japan Persona Budokan Concert In Theaters 10.05.22

SS501, a South Korea’s ultra-popular groups which debut in 2005. The group leader, Kim Hyun Joong, acting in Korean version of Boys over Flowers Yoon JiHoo (HanaRui) and his explosive popularity in Japan

This upcoming release of “Budokan Concert” on the big screen is a highly anticipated performance across time and space.

Date: 2010.5.22 - 6.4
Location: Cinema Roppongi, Cinema Shinsaibashi
Content: SS501 Budokan concert and special footages
Pre sale tickets on April 29 - three thearters: Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shinsaibashi
Pre sale tickets come with one of the two official posters as a gift

(love this pic!)

What more can I ask for our boys???????
I'm so proud of them!!!

S^(501) ^S

credit: Bess_Okada @ soompi


LLT is out on MYX's Multiply!!

leave a comment guys! this might help LLT's MV to be on the charts!!!^^

SS501 posted in a Paraguay Newspaper

A Triple S from Paraguay posted this in ss501's soompi thread...
I felt happy and at the same time felt sad...

Hyunjoongie@soompi (fan account)

heey green peas! I'm here to tell you a funny story lol well I'm quite excited about this maybe just too excited.. here in Paraguay KMUSIC is not know as in other countries, 'cause we are a little quite poor country with many ignorant people LOL you'll see what I mean now... here's my story LOL

Well, I was at school when Cel, which is our main writer (of since I took a vacation, sent a message saying that there was a picture of SS501 in the Diario Popular (a newspaper of Paraguay). I was like O___O WHAAT? haha it's just that yesterday we were talking about making SS501 appear in a magazine or newspaper here in Paraguay. And the coincidence is too big xD Well this newspaper is the cheapest in the country, as the same says is "Popular Newspaper", and it always has many errors. The article of the newspaper is a BIG FAIL with SS501, they use their photo just as an example of tourists in Taiwan, and they even said they were tourists from China. hahahaha even though it bothers me that they used a photo of them without even finding out who they are and just took it from internet, I laughed a lot xD I'm still very happy to have them in a newspaper here, no matter if they used it for a wrong way xDDD It's the second Latin American country who has anything related to them in a newspaper/magazine/etc so somehow I'm proud and happy xDDDD I got home and I took a photo, here you have the article, ignore it, it just talks about tourists in Taiwan and how many people live there blah blah, and besides the photo is the part where it says "Even Chinese tourists go to Taiwan" yeah completely mistaken XDDD oh and the newspaper is from Monday April 26th 2010.

just look at our beautiful boys SS501 *O*


Original pic:

it's them on Taiwan's airport. at least they didn't make a mistake by chosing "tourists in Taiwan" LOL

Credits: Diario Popular de Paraguay +

I laughed when I read this.. haha SS501 as a chinese tourist??? bwahahahaha....
Anyways, I'm happy about this one because this is a good exposure for our boys but I'm quite sad since this is not the first time an article from a newspaper wrote wrong info's like this about SS501. As you can remember I posted last month about a newspaper here in The Philippines wrote something about ss501 that is completely messed up! remember??

Aigooo.. i just hope that they should stop using our boys for promoting or something...
some people might misunderstand it..=((

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Remember Buin's green pea phone accessory back on WGM days????

something's fishy about that pea right? hehe anyways.......

ring a bell??? kekeke..

I believe you can find this green pea on episode 27 of WGM Joongbo cuts. Buin is calling the photo staff after their 100th day photoshoot, and you can see that this green pea is hanging onto her phone...keke..

SO... I got mine.... kekekeke...

Waaaahhhhhh! Thanks to ate buge (H20baby) for lending me money to buy this...although it's not that expensive hehe.. it's only for php80.

Cool eh?????

Sorry for the picture hehe it's quite small hehe I just took this from ate buge's phone while we were at our Korean class...

I feel like I'm a certified GreenPea for having this phone charm!!!

and I also
saw this.. it's a green pea notebook.. nice eh?^^
I didn't buy this yet since I have no money left hehe but it's only for php95...
I'll definitely buy this but not no
w..i'm so broke hehe...

Friday, April 23, 2010



Quainte 501 has 2 projects for Leader's Bday and SS501's 5th Anniversary...

------------> For SS501's 5th Anniversary, the deadline is on MAY 02, 2010

------------> For Leader's Birthday, the deadline is on MAY 20, 2010

Don't get confuse by the dates araso???

So here's how:

For SS501's 5th Anniversary, go here and just follow the instructions:

For Leader's Bday, Read this:

In this part, to those who are not Quainte members, you can PM your message to (mindy1027) at soompi. Or if you don't have soompi account, just let me do the honors and send your message to my email ( Don't forget your Name and country okay? I'll be the one to send it for you.... don't forget the deadline for Leader's Bday Project is MAY 20, 2010? Got it??

PARTICIPATE!!!! this won't cause you harm right???????

This would only take 10 mins of your time, so don't ever think about it...DO IT!!!

In this way, we can show to our boys our appreciation and we could show our gratitude!!!

go! go! go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I already mailed my letters to Buin and Shinlang!! I mailed it a while ago just minutes before the post office's closing time at 5 pm ! hahahaha.. I was in a hurry, coz I hadn't wrote my message yet kekekeke.....

I bought the postcards at around 4:30pm, and I had to send it to the post office right before it close at 5:00pm...aigooo...

My hands are trembling hahahaha I wrote it in hangul so it's quite hard, considering I'm not used on writing it...^__^

Gyahhh! GOod thing I made it before 5:00 pm!! haha..... YEY!!!

AND!!!!!!!!! because I was in a hurry, I mispelled Buin's name! aissshhhhh....
Try to zoom the first pic and you can see that I wrote 황버 instead of 황보..
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............i'm such a dork...aigooooo....
Buin ssi! mianhe!!! =((
I'll make it up for yah!!!!!! ü

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We all know that there are still believers out there for Joongbo couple (and that includes me) hehehe..^^

and those believers recently sent post cards for the 2nd year anniversary of the couple.

Hwang Bo already received some of the letters. Check her twitter account. She took a picture of those letters..^^

So kind of our buin..^^

kekeke. I wonder if Shinlang received his letters already??? hmmmm...

I still haven't sent mine kekeke... I have one day left keke... I think the deadline is on April 29 and you can send it through snail mail so you have to hurry if you're planning to send them cards.

If you're planning to send them your postcards make sure to include the "Segyero" or "To the World!"

Here's the address:

HWANG BO HYE JUNG SHIMTY COMPANY#301. 11-40 Chungdam-dong, Kangnam-gu.Seoul 135-100. South Korea 황보혜정 심티컴퍼니서울시 강남구 청담동 11-40 301호우편 번호135-100, South Korea

Kim Hyun Joong DSPmedia Entertainment3/F, Sin Sung Building,58-8 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu,Seoul 137-040. South Korea김현중 DSP 미디어서울시 서초구 반포동 58-8 신성빌딩 3층우편번호137-040, South Korea

Pali Pali!!! ^^


They really looked good together, aren't they???

Darn, Eun Hye's such a lucky girl.....

Eun Hye ssi!!! can you see how handsome our leader is???


credit: ss501ode

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LEADER and his CAYENNE (^____^)

I found this picture of Leader with his ever so famous car @ SS501's soompi thread.ü

So cool to see him with his hot car! They really looked good together aren't they? hahaha..

The box thingy you can see behind his car is from a motorbike not a part from his cart...

credit: kelemama@soompi

Sunday, April 18, 2010

POLL: B2ST vs SS501 @ Korea MTV Rock Star

Another work for Triple S!!^^

kekekeke... I don't know exactly what's the purpose of this
But everytime I see SS501 is competing, I don't care anymore of what's the purpose!

Anyways, I found this poll in SS501fighting's blog..

I will just translate it to you, to make it more clearer.kekeke...^^

비스트 vs SS501, 팬들을 잘 챙기는 훈훈한 아이돌은?
Beast vs SS501 You'd get warm treatment as an Idol fan? (oh, it's all about fan service?)

인기 아이돌 그룹들 중에 유난히 팬들을 챙기는 그룹이 있죠~
오래전부터 소문난 SS501과 한창 인기몰이를 하고 있는 비스트입니다.
Among the popular idol group pack a group of fans got an unusually long time reputable ~ SS501 and the Beast is in full swing, and popularity.

먼저 비스트는 지난 화이트 데이에 팬들을 위해 직접 사탕을 준비해서 팬들을 감동시켰다는 후문이 있습니다. 또 이어 이번 미니 앨범 수록곡인 [내 여자친구를 부탁해]의 뮤직비디오를 팬들을 위한 특별 선물로 기획하여 멤버들의 개인 마이크로 블로그를 통해 직접 공개하는 파격적인 시도로 발표되었습니다. 소속자 관계자에 따르면 비스트는 팬들과 약속한 자정 공개를 지키기 위해 방송을 마친 뒤 주변 스태프들의 도움없이 스스로 영상을 등록, 오픈하면서 조금이라도 팬들에게 가까이 다가가려고 노력했다고 합니다.
Beast first in last White Day candy for the fans directly to the back door, ready to have forged an impressive fans.Following this mini-album also surokgokin [Take care of my girlfriend] 's music video for the fans and members of planning a special gift directly from their personal micro-blog with unprecedented attempt was announced to the public. Sosokja the fans and the Beast, according to officials promised to keep public broadcasting at midnight after finishing their own without the help of staff around the image registration, open a little while was trying to get closer to fans.
::: 내 여자친구를 부탁해 MV 감상하기 ::: ::: Take care of my girlfriend to watch MV:::

평소 [팬바보]라고 불릴 만큼 팬들에게 각별하기로 유명한 SS501 김현중은 계약만료까지 6개월 남은 상황에서 소속사와의 재계약을 위한 요구사항으로 [팬들에게 잘하는 기획사가 됐으면 좋겠다]라고 말했다고 합니다. 실제로 김현중은 지난 10월 대만 입국 당시 경호원들이 거칠게 경호하면서 일부 팬들이 넘어져 다친 것에 대해 멤버들을 보호하려다 그런 일이 일어났다며 경호원을 대신해 사과한 적도 있습니다.
Usual [paenbabo] very special to be called well-known to fans as the SS501 Kim Hyun Joong six months remaining until expiration of the contract situation with the agency requirements for renewal of [the fans hope all is well the agency] told him to. In fact, last October, Taiwan Joong at the time of entering the tough security guard injured in the fall for what some fans trying to protect the members, saying it happened can never apologize on behalf of security guards.

참여기간: 2010년 04월 15일 ~ 2010년 04월 25일
Participation Period: April 15, 2010 to April 25, 2010

참여방법 How to participate :: 10분에 한번 참여 가능 One can participate in 10 minutes

okay and here's how to vote:

English Method:
Please don’t reedit
Give proper credit when reposting, thanks!



English Voting method will be provided next

Beast vs SS501, please get fans to vote for a warm Idol!

Voting Period: April 15, 2010 to April 25, 2010

Voting frequent: One can participate in 10 minutes

Step 1:

Go to Voting page:

You will see the page like this one here:

The first few paragraphs are just introduction which is not recent news so I won’t translate it


Step 2:

Then, press the right black button with SS501 stated on the side to vote for our boys

Now, we can see our boys are leading with 73.6%…

Of course, will increase according to our votes ^_^


Step 3:

You will be directed to the confirmation page like this one below:

With the confirmation message

Press the orange button with “학인” on it to go back to the voting page

You can participate in this poll for every 10 minutes


credit: ss501fighting

SS501 in MANILA published in LOCAL NEWSPAPER

Kpop really is on it's peak here in the Philippines!

The news spreads easily that SS501 possibly will be having a fan meet here in Manila.
Good thing about this article is that it's accurate and the names are correct! lol!
It even included our boys's awards from different award giving bodies! cool!! I felt proud while reading this!!

ooohhh gosh..... we should pray for this!!!!!!!
Triple S Phil. Let us keep our fingers cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I hope MYX channel would play ss501's MV this time, since SS501 could possibly go here...

Friday, April 16, 2010

SS501 in MANILA JULY 2010 (screams!!!)

YES! you read it right! SS501 might come here in the PHILIPPINES for a fanmeet!!

Finally!!! Korea's finest will visit Philippines!
and this should've happened way before any groups came!
Yoon Jihoo should've visited us first! right!?


check here for details: if you're interested just click 'attending'

Monday, April 12, 2010


Wah! kyu's single is out!

I really looked forward for it.. since I miss our boys... huhuhu...
I need to hear their voice, eve just from one of them.... I'm craving for it!!

At first, when I visit Mnet's site, I was like 'ooohh I don't have any account in mnet, huhu.. how will i listen to kyu's new song? huhu'

But thank God, someone hit me and made remembered that I actually have an account in Mnet!hahaahha! funny! But I don't know how to play it! DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already clicked all the buttons there hahah still nothing's happening...

Then, a fellow tsph told me that it's actually out on youtube! hahahahaha i'm a loser!wahahahahaha!!

so here I want to share it with yah..^_^ ENJOY!!

note: Kyu's voice is so romantic.... get read for that... hahaha

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Wohoo! can't help but post this... I want to share with you what I've observed. Nothing special though, but I found it amazing to our boys.. I saw how flexible they are and really awesome at dancing! no words can explain actually... hehehe...

I've been trying to study the choreography of URMAN, but I found it really hard to dance. It has complex hand and feet movements. So I praise our boys here for dancing URMAN especially to Leader and Mal. ( you know what I mean)

You can see the changes in steps but they still manage to dance it really really good.. even though they commit mistakes dancing URMAN, I still love their performances.

I'll explain..this is pretty hard but I'll explain to you as much as I can.. hehehe..^_^

Okay first: I'm sure you're all quite familiar with the steps in URMAN... right?

and I'm pretty sure also that you're all familiar with Leader's rehearsal of URMAN, right?

Now here:

Maknae's part where he sings (just before the chorus): "akkaakkawo na modeungeosi geuriwo akkawo na modeungeosi goerowo akkaakkaakkawo nan neomalgoneun dareunyeoja molla" I’m your man I’m your man geudaeyeo ttaradatta oneuldo
naneun oneuldo geudaeman saenggakhae

(darn, so small)

anyways, you can see that in this part, originally maknae was accompanied by the back up dancers...(observe the feet movement.. man this is hot!)

This is Leader's version (rehearsal)

We are still here in this part: "akkaakkawo na modeungeosi geuriwo akkawo na modeungeosi goerowo akkaakkaakkawo nan neomalgoneun dareunyeoja molla"
I’m your man I’m your man geudaeyeo ttaradatta oneuldo
naneun oneuldo geudaeman saenggakhae

You can see that in this part, leader wasn't originally included in the choreography, because this is maknae's part on singing...even they performed this with 5 of them, Leader and Mal wasn't really included in this part...
(it's better to watch this hehehe.. my pics are terrible wahahaha)

BUT! In this version in Ingikayo.... Leader and Mal was included! (yeah I know that in this performance they are really included but not in this particular part)

In this part, maknae was accompanied now with Leader and Mal. Originally, Maknae was accompanied by the back up dancers! not Leader and Mal!!!

hehehehehe.. so cool.. told you, nothing's special, but I found it really really cool!! You have to watch the other videos first for you to find out how cool it was... and take a look at the dance steps at this particular part.
(Maknae's part where he sings (just before the chorus): "akkaakkawo na modeungeosi geuriwo akkawo na modeungeosi goerowo akkaakkaakkawo nan neomalgoneun dareunyeoja molla")I’m your man I’m your man geudaeyeo ttaradatta oneuldo
naneun oneuldo geudaeman saenggakhae

WAH !! Leader and Mal was so hot here!!!!!!!!!!

You see how flexible our boys are?!!! Wah! I'm amazed! really!! considering that Leader and Mal was so busy prior to this performance due to their other activities (BOF and Musical Grease). And Leader already rehearsed URMAN, but not this PART!!! wah so professional!!!

Sorry for this.... I just want to show how talented our boys are... I'm just proud!

Can't wait for the 501 day! Hwaiting!!!^_____^


Okay, okay guys.. I know that you are all excited for the 501 day (May 01). Still clueless about what concept and what songs will they release.

And yes! SS501's not the only group who will have their comebacks on May!!!!

~ Hyori
~ Rain---- oh gosh!
~ 2pm
~ Son Dambi
~ 2ne1

I consider this list as a Full House! Men! good thing our boys will have their comeback on the very first of May! I don't know about the other artists.

But I must say this, whoever will have their comeback also on May,01........

That group would actually be out of place! May01 is SS501 day! no one should get the stage out from our boys!

They should have their comeback,hmmm....maybe May,02? lol just kiddin! I'm just nervous. kekekekkeke....

TRIPLE S! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! we need to work our ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WORLD STAR 501! yeah! I love this new name kekekeke..^_^

let's give all of our frustrations waiting for our boys! hahahahhahaha!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Kimchi Pancakes with Tuna

This is my first time actually to cook korean food..kekeke...

But this is my second time cooking Kimchi Pancakes, coz' the first one's terrible! hahaha..

Anyways, I just found out about this on TV hehehe.. and since it's korean, I immediately noted all the recipes lol...^_^

This is easy to cook, it's like you're cooking pancakes.. plus the kimchi and tuna.

Here's the recipe: ( I won't be posting the exact amount, kekekeekeke I just estimated it and it turned out good..^_^)

1. Corned Tuna
2. Kimchi
3. Eggs
4. Cornstarch

Easy right? hehe you just have to chop the kimchi so it will blend with the egg when you're mixing it.. coz, the first time I cooked it, I didn't chop the kimchi and it turned out to be hairy pancakes because of the kimchi.. haahahhaha... lol.. It has to be smooth kekekeke...

The shape is up to can do it on circles.. I did it like pizzas kkekekeke...^_^

A Snobbish Leader?

We all know that Leader went to Spain right? and we all know that based from the fancams, Leader didn't even bothered to wave or smile to the fans.I'm sure a lot of fans are thinking that we have a "Snobbish Leader" here.

So I listed down the possibilities and reasons why he acted like that in Barcelona Airport.

It might be wrong and it might be true. So which stand are you?

  • Since they gave the wrong information, the fans mistakenly went to Madrid instead to Barcelona, maybe leader was also dissapointed about that too?
  • Maybe He's just tired from the flight?
  • Maybe he was instructed by his managers not to wave/smile to the fans? Because as you can see there were no securities around for Leader. His Managers were just concerned about Leader's safety.
  • Maybe Leader was Culture Shocked? Who would've thought that his popularity is extended up to Europe? (which I'm very happy bout that ^__^)?
These are just opinions so no hard feelings okay? hehehe..^_^

Let me just say this:

Whether Leader waved/smiled or not, for me as a TRUE fan.. the important is that I saw Leader in Person! (how I wish!)^__________^ Isn't that great??

I mean, I saw in person my very much loved idol! It doesn't matter anymore for me if he looked at me or smiled at me, what matter is I SAW HIM and we were at the same place and at the same time.

And if I'm really a TRUE FAN by heart and soul, I should be aware that Leader is really not that accommodating and shy at times in person.
He's not like Mal who is like Ms. Korea who never stops waving and smiling to the fans.
He has his own ways to show his appreciation and I'm sure we all know how.

Idols are persons too! They commit mistakes just like us!

Just imagine yourself at Leader's shoes.
Just think how tired Leader is,considering all his activities.

For an Idol, do you know how far and tiring to travel from a your country to the other side of the world?

Well, for an ordinary persons like us, that would be fun because, we got to travel to different places. But for an IDOL? It's a burden for them.

Not having enough sleep, stress and fatigue PLUS they'll travel for like 18 hours. Long hours of travel (even though we can sleep at the airplane) is very exhausting for them!

Knowing that, upon arrival to their destination they cannot rest first or have some sleep but they have to work immediately.. MAN!! that's really annoying and tiring and stressful!

Just thinking of these, made me understand Leader.

I hope people won't judge him just because of this.

And yeah, have you noticed that Leader accepted a gift from a fan by HIMSELF? even though managers are monitoring very tightly?

Isn't that sweet of him?

~peace out~