Sunday, April 4, 2010

Leader will really go to Spain..^___^

yes, you read it right folks. A joke turned out to be true hehehehe.. but in a good way I may say.ü

Leader will really go to Spain on April 7 to shoot for a fashion pictorial issue.

Oh well, a pictorial is good kekekeke that will take a day or two worries..^_^

Enjoy yourself leader!!! and give us a nice and sexy pictures, araso?^_________^

source: sportskankook
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April Fool joke? Kim HyunJoong is really heading for Spain!

Group SS501 Kim HyunJoong's april fool joke is not a gag talk.

Kim HyunJoong will be going to Spain on the 7th to shoot for a fashion pictorial issue.
Kim HyunJoong's spain trip has been revealed on April Fools' Day 1st April, which caught fans by surprise.
He said that he was going to study abroad and asked for support from fans, but this has instead caused quite some fans to fall into a state of shock.
He has wrote at the end of his post "Today is April Fools' Day?" which gave away his play.
(isn't that written by Youngsaengie?)
However, in reality, he is really going to Spain, which brought about another bout of smiles amongst fans.

His agency personnel has revealed, "It would be a pictorial shoot in Spain with the theme of overflowing musculine charm.
The april fool day joke is in fact going to turn out as a pictorial shoot which would be very interesting."

credit: ss501ode

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