Monday, April 12, 2010


Wah! kyu's single is out!

I really looked forward for it.. since I miss our boys... huhuhu...
I need to hear their voice, eve just from one of them.... I'm craving for it!!

At first, when I visit Mnet's site, I was like 'ooohh I don't have any account in mnet, huhu.. how will i listen to kyu's new song? huhu'

But thank God, someone hit me and made remembered that I actually have an account in Mnet!hahaahha! funny! But I don't know how to play it! DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already clicked all the buttons there hahah still nothing's happening...

Then, a fellow tsph told me that it's actually out on youtube! hahahahaha i'm a loser!wahahahahaha!!

so here I want to share it with yah..^_^ ENJOY!!

note: Kyu's voice is so romantic.... get read for that... hahaha

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