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POLL: B2ST vs SS501 @ Korea MTV Rock Star

Another work for Triple S!!^^

kekekeke... I don't know exactly what's the purpose of this
But everytime I see SS501 is competing, I don't care anymore of what's the purpose!

Anyways, I found this poll in SS501fighting's blog..

I will just translate it to you, to make it more clearer.kekeke...^^

비스트 vs SS501, 팬들을 잘 챙기는 훈훈한 아이돌은?
Beast vs SS501 You'd get warm treatment as an Idol fan? (oh, it's all about fan service?)

인기 아이돌 그룹들 중에 유난히 팬들을 챙기는 그룹이 있죠~
오래전부터 소문난 SS501과 한창 인기몰이를 하고 있는 비스트입니다.
Among the popular idol group pack a group of fans got an unusually long time reputable ~ SS501 and the Beast is in full swing, and popularity.

먼저 비스트는 지난 화이트 데이에 팬들을 위해 직접 사탕을 준비해서 팬들을 감동시켰다는 후문이 있습니다. 또 이어 이번 미니 앨범 수록곡인 [내 여자친구를 부탁해]의 뮤직비디오를 팬들을 위한 특별 선물로 기획하여 멤버들의 개인 마이크로 블로그를 통해 직접 공개하는 파격적인 시도로 발표되었습니다. 소속자 관계자에 따르면 비스트는 팬들과 약속한 자정 공개를 지키기 위해 방송을 마친 뒤 주변 스태프들의 도움없이 스스로 영상을 등록, 오픈하면서 조금이라도 팬들에게 가까이 다가가려고 노력했다고 합니다.
Beast first in last White Day candy for the fans directly to the back door, ready to have forged an impressive fans.Following this mini-album also surokgokin [Take care of my girlfriend] 's music video for the fans and members of planning a special gift directly from their personal micro-blog with unprecedented attempt was announced to the public. Sosokja the fans and the Beast, according to officials promised to keep public broadcasting at midnight after finishing their own without the help of staff around the image registration, open a little while was trying to get closer to fans.
::: 내 여자친구를 부탁해 MV 감상하기 ::: ::: Take care of my girlfriend to watch MV:::

평소 [팬바보]라고 불릴 만큼 팬들에게 각별하기로 유명한 SS501 김현중은 계약만료까지 6개월 남은 상황에서 소속사와의 재계약을 위한 요구사항으로 [팬들에게 잘하는 기획사가 됐으면 좋겠다]라고 말했다고 합니다. 실제로 김현중은 지난 10월 대만 입국 당시 경호원들이 거칠게 경호하면서 일부 팬들이 넘어져 다친 것에 대해 멤버들을 보호하려다 그런 일이 일어났다며 경호원을 대신해 사과한 적도 있습니다.
Usual [paenbabo] very special to be called well-known to fans as the SS501 Kim Hyun Joong six months remaining until expiration of the contract situation with the agency requirements for renewal of [the fans hope all is well the agency] told him to. In fact, last October, Taiwan Joong at the time of entering the tough security guard injured in the fall for what some fans trying to protect the members, saying it happened can never apologize on behalf of security guards.

참여기간: 2010년 04월 15일 ~ 2010년 04월 25일
Participation Period: April 15, 2010 to April 25, 2010

참여방법 How to participate :: 10분에 한번 참여 가능 One can participate in 10 minutes

okay and here's how to vote:

English Method:
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English Voting method will be provided next

Beast vs SS501, please get fans to vote for a warm Idol!

Voting Period: April 15, 2010 to April 25, 2010

Voting frequent: One can participate in 10 minutes

Step 1:

Go to Voting page:

You will see the page like this one here:

The first few paragraphs are just introduction which is not recent news so I won’t translate it


Step 2:

Then, press the right black button with SS501 stated on the side to vote for our boys

Now, we can see our boys are leading with 73.6%…

Of course, will increase according to our votes ^_^


Step 3:

You will be directed to the confirmation page like this one below:

With the confirmation message

Press the orange button with “학인” on it to go back to the voting page

You can participate in this poll for every 10 minutes


credit: ss501fighting

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