Friday, April 30, 2010


Told yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehhehehe I knew our boys won't let us down!!!^^

Since I had the feeling that something might happened on May 1, I decided to visit DSP'a site.
I talked to our fellow triple S there...
and I was shocked because the forum was so full! the thread was so fast!!!!
it's 11:45 I think here in the philippines that time, and then I realized that Korea is 1 hour ahead!! so it's already May 1 there in KOREA!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhkkkk!!

I asked Nicole-ssi who is a pinay and a constant visitor there in DSP tok tok, why the people here are so restless? hahahhaa.. and the she told me.. 'REFRESH! REFRESH YOUR PAGE!'

OMO~~~~~~~~~ I was shaking when I saw it.. seriously!!!! shooooooooTTTT!!!


Aren't you wondering why their concept is like this? gas masks, ropes, handcuffs,roses, etc etc...?

hmmmmm.. I'm thinking, since their contract to dsp is ending this year, the concept is perhaps showing us signs of really ending the dsp ss501 connection??? hmmmmmm.. rebellion????

hope not....

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