Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SS501 posted in a Paraguay Newspaper

A Triple S from Paraguay posted this in ss501's soompi thread...
I felt happy and at the same time felt sad...

Hyunjoongie@soompi (fan account)

heey green peas! I'm here to tell you a funny story lol well I'm quite excited about this maybe just too excited.. here in Paraguay KMUSIC is not know as in other countries, 'cause we are a little quite poor country with many ignorant people LOL you'll see what I mean now... here's my story LOL

Well, I was at school when Cel, which is our main writer (of ss501paraguay.blogspot.com) since I took a vacation, sent a message saying that there was a picture of SS501 in the Diario Popular (a newspaper of Paraguay). I was like O___O WHAAT? haha it's just that yesterday we were talking about making SS501 appear in a magazine or newspaper here in Paraguay. And the coincidence is too big xD Well this newspaper is the cheapest in the country, as the same says is "Popular Newspaper", and it always has many errors. The article of the newspaper is a BIG FAIL with SS501, they use their photo just as an example of tourists in Taiwan, and they even said they were tourists from China. hahahaha even though it bothers me that they used a photo of them without even finding out who they are and just took it from internet, I laughed a lot xD I'm still very happy to have them in a newspaper here, no matter if they used it for a wrong way xDDD It's the second Latin American country who has anything related to them in a newspaper/magazine/etc so somehow I'm proud and happy xDDDD I got home and I took a photo, here you have the article, ignore it, it just talks about tourists in Taiwan and how many people live there blah blah, and besides the photo is the part where it says "Even Chinese tourists go to Taiwan" yeah completely mistaken XDDD oh and the newspaper is from Monday April 26th 2010.

just look at our beautiful boys SS501 *O*


Original pic:

it's them on Taiwan's airport. at least they didn't make a mistake by chosing "tourists in Taiwan" LOL

Credits: Diario Popular de Paraguay + ss501paraguay.blogspot.com

I laughed when I read this.. haha SS501 as a chinese tourist??? bwahahahaha....
Anyways, I'm happy about this one because this is a good exposure for our boys but I'm quite sad since this is not the first time an article from a newspaper wrote wrong info's like this about SS501. As you can remember I posted last month about a newspaper here in The Philippines wrote something about ss501 that is completely messed up! remember??
read: http://cheezeemelt.blogspot.com/2010/03/hyung-joon-as-jihoo-in-bof.html

Aigooo.. i just hope that they should stop using our boys for promoting or something...
some people might misunderstand it..=((

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