Sunday, October 31, 2010

Superstar drama is set to air on December 3

Maknae, Mal and Kyu are one of the casts of this multi-story drama 'Superstar' and will start airing on Dec. 3, 2010. Oh well, this is getting sooner and sooner... The first news about this, they said it will be air last June and it moved to August.... Now, moved to December. Kekekeke having troubles with the editing? coz' SS501 is a part of it? lol too hot to handle? kekekeke...

Running date: 3 December 2010 (Friday) start
Running time: (Friday) 13:00 ~ 14:00
Re-run:  (Sunday) 14:30 ~ 15:30
□ 4th Chapter:  “BLACK CITY” Kim Hyung Joon
□ 6th Chapter: “Never Ending Love” Kim Kyu Jong
□ 8th Chapter: “MEET” Park Jung Min

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon back from Japan

Maknae went to Japan to watch his Sunbae's musical 'Cafe In'. I think he took notes so he can apply it on his own version of 'Cafe In'. Maknae tweeted once he landed in Korea. So sweet of our Maknae and look at him, all smile eh? I bet Maknae had a great time kekeke.. I love those airport smiles of yours Maknae! Good to see you're having fun. Keep it up!

[Mal] Park Jung Min will be Hosting Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010 on November 3, 2010

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SBS SEOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010 Chairperson's Decision!

The Secretariat of Japan official fan club Park Jung Min.

"SBS 20th Anniversary SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010" to the moderator, Park Jung Min is decided.
For more event details, please check from here

 This is the event that we will miss SS501 a lot now that they are on hiatus. Good thing, a member of SS501 is still a part of it. ^_^

[Mal] Park Jung Min will be on HOT CHILI PAPER Vol.61

Hiroshi Masu page special issue emergencySpecial ★ "era of TVXQ" MembersHOT CHILI PAPER Vol.61Will be released May 15, 11 ¥ 1,500 (tax included)ISBN978-4-907854-61-4If purchased with other items will be delivered ※ aligned products from the release date.ー track of the latest news and shine so farSpecial Features large enough to encompass more than 60 pages.

**other part omitted**

Park Jung (SS501)Jung Hyun Woo Kim, Jae-HaINFINITE Ryu Tensi Love Siwon

**other omitted**

APPENDIX DVD: movie trailers trailer drama Kankoku CM documentation recording star also commentedWith pullout poster.
The specifications, Please note that the contents may change without notice.


Japanese to English translation

DOCUMENT□ JYJ Showcase] [The Beginning□ "Kim Jung-source musical concert"Yunho □ "BEANPOLE X BAND OF OUTSIDERS" a collaborative event□ CNBLUE press conferenceRyu Si Won press conference □□ movie preview [media] A Better Tomorrow□ Musical Voyage of Life [Press Call 

□ SM ☆ SH MV shooting close
□ F. CUZ shooting
Park Jung  (SS501) 
□ Ryu 
□ Hyun Woo 
Dengimorishanpu □ / DOORI COSMETICS (Starring: Jisobu SEO) 
□ the saem / the saem International (Starring: Sungi b) 
□ SPRIS / SPRIS (Cast: 2PM) 
□ TROMM 6 MOTION / LG Electronics (Starring: Lee Na-young, Lee Giguan ) 
□ Anycall NORi / Samsung (Starring: 2NE1) 
Happy bean □ / CJ CHEILJEDANG (Starring: Koh So-young) 
□ "forget your first love - and Memories"Drama 
□ "bibimbap jewels"Drama 
□ "- Revenge of Tears - Can not Stop Now"Drama 
□ "white lie" 
□ Film [brother] 
□ Film [national]

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon's Oh Bam Ah with Eng Subs

Yey! Let's celebrate, kekeke... Thanks to Only Jun for subbing this up. I've been waiting for someone to sub it,  coz' I'm telling ya this show is hilarious! I love it! Well not because Maknae is here, it's really a funny show. The hosts are so funny! but sometimes, I've got to admit they're hurting Maknae here... well it's up for you to find out now that there's an eng subs already! but I'm sure you'll all have fun! 

Oct 1, 2010 Episode 1
[Eng] MBC Every1 Midnight Idols 101001 from Midnight Idols on Vimeo.

 Oct. 8, 2010 Episode 2

101008 MBC Every1 Midnight Idols Ep2 from crazynoona on Vimeo.

Oct.  15, 2010 Episode 3

[Eng] Midnight Idols Ep3 101015 from Midnight Idols on Vimeo.


[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon's Casual Interview

Uri Maknae got a lot of interviews this past few weeks isn't he? keke.. And of course he is always vocal about SS501~ I bet he's excited. Yeah Maknae, we are too!!!!

[Casual Talk] Kim Hyung Jun, “Troubled Heart BBeong”

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun who is attempting to develop his solo career, upon seeing the reporter, greeted the reporter cheerfully with “Hey, Brother.” The reason why there was no nervousness even though it is their first encounter became obvious during the interview.

Has a cheerful deposition? = People around me all said that I have a powerful affinity with people. If it is due to character differences that lead to awkwardness with people whom I work with, or simply because there are problems in getting along well, then I should try harder to be even friendlier. Although previously I’m also like this, but recently I’m really blessed with happiness, so the more I should do it.

♥Isn’t it stressful to go solo? = Actually to be honest, there are frustrations during group activities too. Because of the way things are said or because of delicate situations such as “who can first grab the opportunity”, then one would have to make compromises or to give in, although each of us having our own agenda. But that doesn’t mean that I dislike group activities, but it’s just that now I have the opportunity to do the things I want to do, so naturally become even more excited.

What will happen to SS501 activity? = We are absolutely not disbanded. It is just that members now want to develop their own capabilities in various areas. Although belonging to different agencies, we will still help each other and show our greatest support for one another. The various agencies have already promised their understanding and support if SS501 reunites again. Before we reach 30 years old, we will definitely reach our goal of getting a Daesung Award. Members’ plan to release album next year are not empty words. We will use actions to prove to everyone, and not disappoint all our fans.

 ♥Preparing well for musical ‘Café In’? = Have already watched around 5 public performances. It would be a lie if I say I’m not worried about being 1 man with 2 roles. I’m used to holding soju glass so now feels awkward to have to hold wine glass because of my sommelier role in the story plot. As a singer, have to balance and coordinate between the stage and the musical, as well as singing and acting skills, but there are many differences between them too. I have also learned a lot from (Kang) Ji Hwan hyung who belongs to the same agency and would be starring in the Japanese performances of “Café In”. Not only did he coach me in acting, but also gave a lot of help in everyday life.

Idols’ acting skills are increasingly being challenged? = I’m well aware of the prejudice against actors who first debuted as singers. This is especially the case for musicals. However I am no longer hurt by such biasness. Because I have been well trained during group activities, so no matter what I will not be affected. But truly understand the harsh yet factual statement of “Cannot do without having acting abilities.” It is similar to the saying of, “If it is unavoidable, then try enjoying it”, will definitely not shy away when good opportunities are presented in front of me. Although I might not be acknowledged right away, but I will continue to work hard until I get everybody’s recognition. Because I’m a very greedy “Ambitious Idol”.

Credits: Sports Khan + Trans: Only Jun ( +

Friday, October 29, 2010

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon danced to their song LOVE YA at OH BAM AH

Woah~ this is soooo my favorite episode so far! I've been waiting for Maknae to perform in this show and I am so happy he danced to their latest song 'Love Ya'..... Ottoke, I miss SS501 days... omo~ tears! tears!

Thanks to the video uploader poohlhl@Youtube


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Leader's new Agency Key East formed a Calendar with their artists on it and of course our Leader is included. It's a 2011 Calendar to promote on taking care of our Nature. Each Key East Artists had shared their insights about our Nature.

Uri Leader is on the month of February...hmmmm...~ is this a hint? kekekeke comeback?~
Anyways whatever! I want this on my room! 


Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Center & Prince] Notice from B2M

Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng's (Fanclubs) Meet-up Session
Notice by B2M + (chi trans) + (eng trans)

Hi, this is B2M Entertainment.

Today, we will individually contact Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng's fanclubs administrator.

Thank you very much for everyone's application, meet-up session will proceed as per follow:

* SS501's fanclub administrator
* Kim Kyu Jong's fanclub administrator
* Heo Young Saeng's fanclub administrator

Meet-up session will breakdown to proceed in this 3 category.

Schedule and content will proceed upon contact with the various administrators. There will be official notice released at a later date.

Thank you everyone for the attention and love for B2M Entertainment.

Original Message from B2M.


B2M엔터테인먼트 입니다

김규종&허영생군의 각 팬 사이트 운영진분들께 금일 개별연락 드렸습니다

많은 분들이 신청해주셔서 감사드리고 간담회 방식은 아래와 같습니다

★ SS501 팬 사이트 운영자 분
★ 김규종 팬 사이트 운영자 분
★ 허영생 팬 사이트 운영자 분

이렇게 3분류로 해서 간담회 진행하도록 하겠습니다

일정과 내용은 각 운영자분들과 상의 후 진행하며 추후 공지내용은 없습니다

B2M엔터테인먼트에 많은 사랑과 관심 가져 주셔서 감사합니다

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon's Promotional Photo's for Musical 'Cafe-In'

Maknae's first Musical entitled 'Cafe In' will be showing on the 24th of November and seems like they added additional seats for the fans. One day before his Jung Min Hyung's Single Album release. How will we handle this Triple S? kekeke Are you all ready?

[Mal] Park Jung Min's single album release 11.25.10

Mal's Single Album is set to release on November 25, 2010. I've been in Royal Avenue's site for hours now, aishhh.. Stupid me, I didn't notice the header picture on 'Music' category.. Pabo!

So, mark your calendar Triple S! ^_^

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon's new Media Photos

Are the boys having a competition? kekeke Just kidding! Here's Maknae's new set of Photos a solo artist. Chubby cheeks! I love et~ 

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[Leader] Kim Hyun Joong ranked 2nd to Kpop Live's 'Which Idol Exhibits The Best Qualities of a Leader'

What are the qualities of being the best as a Leader? Well I believe Ss501's Leader has it all kekekeke.. Bias? LOL~ Well for me, Kim Hyun Joong is the best Leader because he's not letting his members to outshine one another. I bet you are noticing why Leader sometimes is quiet when they are having interviews etc etc.. Well that's because since he is already super duper famous, he lets his members to shine as well. Being a good Leader doesn't mean you can handle your members or you can make them behave. A good Leader knows when to act as one, not all the time you own the screen and ofcourse not all the time you have to act as one. You have to step down to your members's level~ And I think Leader Kim Hyun Joong has it all. 

Which Idol Ehxhibits The Best Qualities of a Leader

Every idol group needs to have a leader who not just settles issues among the members, but also encourages and inspires them. 
Innolife held a poll from September 24th to October 11th asking participants to choose the leader from an idol group who possesses the best qualities of a leader.
DBSK‘s YunHo placed first with 88,511 (72.3%) votes out of the total 122,434 votes. Look who got the succeeding spots.
1. DBSK (YunHo)                          88,511 (72.3%)
2. SS501 (Kim HyunJoong)      15,454 (12.6%)
3. SNSD (TaeYeon)                         5,152 (4.2%)
4. Big Bang (G-Dragon)                 11,857 (9.7%)
5. Super Junior (LeeTeuk)           1,375 (1.1%)
6. KARA (Park Gyuri)                           85 (0.1%)
Source: + Baidu CheersYoonho +  BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting
Written by: reindrops


[Leader] Kim Hyun Joong for 'The Face Shop' Photos

Leader Kim Hyun Joong is now the newest addition to The Face Shop's endorsers. And since he is new, they conducted a signing event with ofcourse our Leader. 



credit as tagged

[Mal] Park Jung Min's Royal Avenue's New Concept

To all those who didn't know yet (New SS501 Fans), Mal (Jung Min) put up a clothing business called 'Royal Avenue'. It sells fashionable clothing, shoes and face/body accessories. Park Jung Min managing it himself together with close friends and now it has a new concept. They now sell branded stuffs like Gap, Abercrombie, Hollister, Polo, Coach etc. and they are now accepting online buying using your credit cards ( I don't know if they are accepting international orders~)


Here's the map on how to get to Royal Avenue: click image to enlarge:

Royal Avenue is also selling Kpop albums/accessories and ofcourse SS501 albums too~

And now let's take a trip on Mal's shop ^^, 

Royal Avenue has a small cafe.

And the shop itself..

For more pictures of Royal avenue go here:
For Royal Avenue's official site, click this.