Sunday, October 17, 2010

5YMA1 (Pinoy SS501)

A new blood of Kpop Addicts has emerged! A lot of Filipino kpop fans has taken their feet into covering their favorite kpop band and atlast here is our boys's representative! Yesterday they had their debut at SM Cubao dancing to our boys's Love Like This. Too bad I wasn't there, I didn't know about it! The shouts and cheers would've been louder kekekekekeke merong! Anyways, I am so happy to know that there is actually some people who appreciates our boys (SS501), well aside from Triple S Philippines keke and to think they are boys! Wow, so proud! I think it's time to spread SS501's talent here in our country 'coz I'm telling you, Kpop here is getting over rated! 

Here's our very own talent namely Mykelo Tan (Leader), Ed Lamorena (Maknae), Justine Ocampo (Kyu), Merick Calina (Saengie) and Renz Zapata (Mal)

They had their debut yesterday, dancing to Love Like This, but they debut as 4 men and a girl due to some problems. The girl was supposed to be a back up dancer and portrayed our Center Kim Kyu Jong. They will perform on the next kpop event called 'Kpop Nation' probably on December. They will not compete unlike other cover groups (sayang!) but definitely they will be a part of the special performances! 

Goodluck guys and spread how talented our boys are! SS501 will be very proud of you! Keep believing and one day you'll reach the top! Triple S pretties will be here to support you all the way! Just keep your feet on the ground never let fame fill up your heads! 

Be a part of their Facebook invasion! 5YMA1's facebook

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