Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon's Casual Interview

Uri Maknae got a lot of interviews this past few weeks isn't he? keke.. And of course he is always vocal about SS501~ I bet he's excited. Yeah Maknae, we are too!!!!

[Casual Talk] Kim Hyung Jun, “Troubled Heart BBeong”

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun who is attempting to develop his solo career, upon seeing the reporter, greeted the reporter cheerfully with “Hey, Brother.” The reason why there was no nervousness even though it is their first encounter became obvious during the interview.

Has a cheerful deposition? = People around me all said that I have a powerful affinity with people. If it is due to character differences that lead to awkwardness with people whom I work with, or simply because there are problems in getting along well, then I should try harder to be even friendlier. Although previously I’m also like this, but recently I’m really blessed with happiness, so the more I should do it.

♥Isn’t it stressful to go solo? = Actually to be honest, there are frustrations during group activities too. Because of the way things are said or because of delicate situations such as “who can first grab the opportunity”, then one would have to make compromises or to give in, although each of us having our own agenda. But that doesn’t mean that I dislike group activities, but it’s just that now I have the opportunity to do the things I want to do, so naturally become even more excited.

What will happen to SS501 activity? = We are absolutely not disbanded. It is just that members now want to develop their own capabilities in various areas. Although belonging to different agencies, we will still help each other and show our greatest support for one another. The various agencies have already promised their understanding and support if SS501 reunites again. Before we reach 30 years old, we will definitely reach our goal of getting a Daesung Award. Members’ plan to release album next year are not empty words. We will use actions to prove to everyone, and not disappoint all our fans.

 ♥Preparing well for musical ‘Café In’? = Have already watched around 5 public performances. It would be a lie if I say I’m not worried about being 1 man with 2 roles. I’m used to holding soju glass so now feels awkward to have to hold wine glass because of my sommelier role in the story plot. As a singer, have to balance and coordinate between the stage and the musical, as well as singing and acting skills, but there are many differences between them too. I have also learned a lot from (Kang) Ji Hwan hyung who belongs to the same agency and would be starring in the Japanese performances of “Café In”. Not only did he coach me in acting, but also gave a lot of help in everyday life.

Idols’ acting skills are increasingly being challenged? = I’m well aware of the prejudice against actors who first debuted as singers. This is especially the case for musicals. However I am no longer hurt by such biasness. Because I have been well trained during group activities, so no matter what I will not be affected. But truly understand the harsh yet factual statement of “Cannot do without having acting abilities.” It is similar to the saying of, “If it is unavoidable, then try enjoying it”, will definitely not shy away when good opportunities are presented in front of me. Although I might not be acknowledged right away, but I will continue to work hard until I get everybody’s recognition. Because I’m a very greedy “Ambitious Idol”.

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