Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baek Eun Jo's Diary Entry 9/28/2010

Now, look who's smelling something fishy about Ha Ni and Seung Jo. Of course none other than Seung Jo's little brother! kekekeke... Thanks to jiners for translating it.. ^^,

Eunjo’s Diary entry 9/28/2010
Today mom was very annoying. She kept saying that we had to leave the house for an urgent matter. She called dad and we met at SoPalBok noodle house (OHN’s dads shop) and ate. She dragged me out of the house saying there was a big prolem….but it was just to eat food? Very annoying.

I’m really sleepy but my mom wanted to go to the karaoke. At the karaoke the adults only sang songs they knew so it wasn’t fun for me at all. I wonder what on earth my mom is up to?

Weird. We come home and its quiet. Talkative dummy oh hani isn’t here and big bro isn’t here either. Hmm? But suddenly dummy oh hani comes running out of our room. Her face is red… suspicious.

I go into the room and big bro is giggling to himself with the lights off. I ask him why is oh hani like that? He answers, “I’m not sure I wonder why.” and continues to look and his English book and laugh. Is English really that fun? Now that I take a look at him again, big bro’s face seems a bit red too.

I lay down trying to sleep but big bro continues to laugh to himself. Its so noisy I want to die. Today big bro, mommy, and dummy oh hani are all weird.

Today as soon as big bro heard oh hani’s computer broke he jumped up and ran to her room. Dummy Oh hani is crying and throwing a fit because her application may have gotten erased. My genius brother fixed it. But my big bro is weird. Since he was reading his favorite book, he wouldn’t even turn around to look at me when I tried talking to him, but when he heard dummy oh ha ni crying he jumped up and ran to help her. after he fixed the computer he should have left the room. Why is he just sitting in her room still? My big bro is suspicious.

Uneasiness…for some reason I feel uneasy…
lately big bro secretly laughs for no reason. Its cold but he keeps the window open. I tell him its cold, but he pretends to not hear me. He is so deep in thought and keeps laughing to himself while staring at the fork and card dummy oh hani gave him. The card says < Take the test well. Baek Seung Jo JJang (Best).> The card only has 8 words, if it were me I could read it quickly. Big bro keeps looking at it and looking at it and continues to giggle. He then finished his porridge and carefully placed the stuff in his drawer.
My continuously giggling big bro makes me uneasy.
The continuously intruding oh hani makes me uneasy.

Today big bro keeps bathing. Previously I saw him wash his face but hes washing his face again. His friend called him but big bro told him that he was busy today. Mom wanted to go to the mall, so i followed. Then my mom called big bro and said that she is at the theatre and she got stood up and asked if he could come quickly. Huh? Previously big bro said he was busy… Weird? He said he would go. My mom says she would be a good actress.

But I knew.
Why big bro kept washing his face. Why he told his friend he was busy today. Mom thinks she knows everything about big bro, but it seems as though she doesn’t know everything. Could it really be that big bro went to the theatre because of moms good acting?
I feel bad for my mom who doesn’t know anything.

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