Sunday, June 6, 2010

060686~ The Day a Great and Out of this WORLD Guy was BORN~

This is the day an Idol was born. An average student with glasses.=)) He has this inborn to-die-for- smile.
He didn't like much schooling back then, he liked to be a bass player in a rock band instead.

But he ended up in an Idol boy group called SS501....
He is the Leader of this group. He's the leader not because he's the best in this group but only he is the oldest among them! LOL! ^__^

His groupmates is almost like a brother to him. Little brothers! kekekeke especially this guy..

Even back in their debut days, a lot of fans noticed how handsome he is but his groupmates are slowly noticing how weird he is!^^,

He loves skull stuffs..

He has a wife actually... kekeke.. her name is Hwang Bo Hye Jung. ^^,
Hwang bo was paired up to him in a reality TV show We got Married.
Fans all over the world knew what kind of person Hyun Joong really is. Quiet but weird, serious but funny, aloof but sweet and romanitc..^^,

His fans got crazier when he played the role 'Yoon Jihoo' in Boys over Flowers. He was one of the most favorite character back then.
He proved that he is not only a great dancer and singer but a promising actor too.

and NOW...........

He even got Hotter than EVER!
more prim and proper, more mature...

and SEXierrrrrrrrr...

생일 축하합니다 김현중!!!!!

Thank you for always giving us your time and 100% effort!! We are so blessed to know someone like you.
Please take care of yourself more in the future and don't let us worry again...=((

We love you from the bottom of our hearts!!

사랑해요 오빠!!

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