Saturday, June 12, 2010

KYU and MAKNAE during LOVE YAH Performance (Knuckle Bump)

I've watch our boys's love yah performance thousand times but I didn't noticed this until now, when someone just posted a comment on YT. 
Gyaaaaahhhhh.... ^___^

Observe Maknae and our Center Kyu in the part when Leader just about to start his rap and just after his break dance^^,

Kyu and Maknea bumped their knuckles just before their turn to dance.^^,

and I noticed it from all their love yah performance!! aigooo!!!^^, 
except yesterday's performance. There is no break dance from leader there.

They were like brothers, facing a battle together.. so cool! ^____^

Aisssshh.. I'm so inlove with these boys. Everyone of them has their own way to impress us fans.. can't get enough of them!^^,

here, take a peek..^^,




COOL EH?,,,, @____________@

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