Sunday, June 20, 2010

[Fan Account]: Kim Hyun Joong in Manila

This is my first time to make a fan account. I hope you guys understand and feel what I felt during Leader's stay here in Manila.

[Part 1] 
As I arrived at his hotel. The hotel was quiet and calm. I didn't expect this because I thought that a lot of fans will never pass this opportunity to see Leader in person. But yeah, it was quiet and calm. After 30 minutes, I saw him! aissshhh..  my phone was ready to take a video of him, but I was starstrucked! I froze! Jeeeezzz, He's really handsome! angelic, innocent and flawless face! and he is tall I should say! His lean is really for a star! seriously, if he's in a crowd, you would easily spot him because he out shined from other people! He's got broad shoulders and narrow extremities, just perfect, oh-so-perfect!
He's always in a hurry! ehehe.. but I do understand! ^^,

We saw him a lot of times. He even bowed-back to me and smiled when I say 'Hi leader! Thank you! Salamat!' ^^,
Oh gosh! Happiest day of my life so far! no words can explain! 
When you saw him, I'm sure you would really think that he's a snob! but seriously, when you call him and say 'Hi' or something, he will do the best that he can to smile back at you and say hi too, because he is always in a hurry. It's really difficult to accommodate fans around him if he's always like running (security purposes) and yet, he still managed to do so,...
My friends and I are saying, ' Leader almost killed us the moment we saw him, what more can happen to us if 5 of them will be here?'

[Part 2] Meet and Greet

I shall say that the Meet and Greet with our Leader is one of the best! the bonding with the fans and Leader was Amazing! He is really one of the nicest star ever existed! 
We were instructed not to shout and chant anything and just stand and clap when he arrives. (isn't it hard no to shout? hahaha)
The moment he sat on his chair in the stage, he immediately looked on the cd in front of him and started to explore it kekekekekeke.. just like what he's always doing when they are having a prescon. kekekekee.. exploring the mics! hahah remember? He sank again from our world to his own world! hahahahahah!!!!
He was surprised when we sang 'Saengil Chukha hamnida' and gave him a cake for his birthday. kekekekek... I laughed when I saw his facial reaction. ^^, He's like a kid, who's like curious of what his new toy can do! hahahaha.. you know how Leader looked like when he's wondering right? kekeke very funny! so epic!^^,
There are two cakes, one for Leader's birthday and one for SS501's fifth year anniversary. He looked surprise and happy... and curious! hahahaha!

He was just allowed to answer 2 questions.
1. What are your funny and unforgettable experiences with your group SS501?
~he said (according to the translator): One of the unforgettable experience with the rest of our boys is when they had their 1st Asia tour. 
2. Do you have a girlfriend now?
~he said (according to the translator): No. kekekkekee..<--- I doubt it! hahaha

He was only allowed to answer two questions, but he allowed himself to take another one question from the fans! hahaha.. so 4D!!^^, (sorry I forgot the 3rd question hahaha!, I'll update this as soon as I remember it.. okay?)...

There are 12 lucky fans who were picked to have an autographed SS501 album and be given by our Leader himself.^^, (Unfortunately, I wasn't picked..=((
Well, as usual he looked surprised again and curious! hahaha he was curious about the albums hahaha I dunno why!^^,
He even joked about giving the last album to one of tsph admin,,, hahahaha... instead of giving it to her, he gave it to his other side kekeke and no one's there!!! wohooooooooo!!! very funny!!!!!

Finally, we fans had a chance to have a picture with him. We were divided into 3 groups. I was in the second group. The arrangement is, first line will be sitting, 2nd line will be half standing ( hands on their knees, can you get what I mean???) hehehehe..and 3rd line will be standing. 
I was one of the lucky fans to get near him. AS iN verrryyyy near! I felt his body! oh my gosh! I was standing at the back and luckily he positioned himself beside me!!!!!! aaahhhh.. I felt how hard his chest was! ahahaha.... 
I cried after the pictorial. I was very happy! it's my birthday that day, so I thought it was the best gift ever!!!! I cried really hard! Thanking God what he had just given to me!^^,

[Part 3] Concert

The venue was 60% full. Majority is in the vip section. Green Lighticks are everywhere! We won't be able to make a sea of green because Triple S were scattered and Beauties are there also so not everyone is green. I think leader saw Triple S, most of us were seated at the left side and I think all of us there has a green lightstick that's why, Leader stayed almost half of his show at the left side of the seats.^^,

When the other performers are done, we all knew that it was Leader's turn, and so we chant 'KIM HYUN JOONG! KIM HYUN JOONG!' ahhhh.. i got goosebumps from this! wohooo!! It was really loud!!!

and when he came out from the floor (I think he personally requested this one! hahahaha)... aahhh... all of us were jumping and shouting!! It was really loud!!!
and then he sang 'Happiness', Thank You and Please be nice to me. Filipina actresses were present kekeekeke.. Gelli de Belen, the lady in white confessed that he is a fan of Kim Hyun Joong!!! wohoooo! that's why she's there! and even brought another actress/comediene Candy Pangilinan. They were all mesmerized when they saw Leader. Gelli even gave a two thumbs up for Leader! maybe she was surprised that the 'Jihoo' they know can sing and dance!!! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gelli and Candy presented a birthday cake for Leader and I saw how these two ladies looked at our Leader! amp!! 

The show was fun! Beast also contributed because they showed their prowess for dancing and signing, and I should say that they are all handsome as well.^^,

It was all worth the hardwork and money! hahaha... 

The end part was they sang 'Heal the world' with the kids from the charity. I was surprised that Leader actually had a solo part on this song hahaha he sang english! bwahahaha..^^, 
While singing together with the kids and other performers, he looked like he was enjoying himself with the kids! hehehe.. he was smiling and waving and singing,.. aisssshhh.. such sweet moment to see his smile..^^, hayyyyyy..

I didn't noticed this but my friends told me that after the Heal the world part, Leader bowed to beast!!! kekekeke.. that was so thoughtful of you Leader!!! 


special thanks to: Kim Hyun Joong PERFECT

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you're so lucky <3

i have no doubt that leader has a great personality... even he bowed to his juniors...