Saturday, June 12, 2010

SS501 WON at Music Bank [100611]

Popular Korean group SS501 won for the week's MUSIC BANK.  SS501 just released their new Mini-Album entitled 'DESTINATION' with their hit-single 'Love Yah'. Songs from the new mini-album reached no.1 even before it's release date and the album reached no.1 also even SS501 themselves haven't performed their comeback yet. SS501 fans and even other Kpop fans was amazed of their new songs, saying it would bring new wave to Korean Music Industry. Showing mature and sexy concept, SS501 gained tons of fans. The concept is somehow different from other Kpop groups which made them different and unique. Breaking out from the 'cute boy' concept, SS501 proved that they are not just your ordinary Kpop group. Expanding their fanbase to different countries in ASIA and WEST countries, SS501 managed to keep their feet on the ground as they bowed with their knees while thanking the fans. 

 However a lot of Kpop fans were shocked, when SS501 won against Wonder Girls instead of Super Junior. Super Junior is one of SS501's toughest rival. Super Junior also had their comeback single 'Bonamana' released just early of May. Wonder Girls also widened their popularity in US with their popular song 'Nobody Nobody but You'. Beating these two big names, made SS501 stronger and even more popular.

written by: oshoin
photo credit: Fiesta 

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