Monday, June 7, 2010

KARA Showed some LOVE for their SS501 OPPA's! ^_^

It's so nice to see other artists are supporting our boys. I'm so touched! ^^, 
Well I think they really should show some support! kekekeke... SS501 really is a good oppa's to their dongsaengs!!! 
Thanks to KARA for showing your support! I love yah! ^^,,,

i tried to translate this kekekke...I think gyuri retweeted Jiyoung's tweet... saying ' SS501 hwaiting!' and ' I like Let me be the one'.. I saw this from gyuri eonni's tweet.. I just don't know if she said that..kekeke don't know how twitter works! hahahah ^^,
but still.. Thanks a lot eonni's! ^^,,,

Your Lupin also is daebak!!! ^^,,

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