Monday, June 7, 2010

Love Yah Rehearsal and Actual @ Music Core

I'm not really a fan of fanvids. No.1 it's not that clear. No.2, it's shaky..kekeke I always ended up with a headache watching fanvids..and No.3, lots of annoying screams! hahaha..^^, 
But thanks to yisaya86 from YT.. hehehe... I think this video changed my mind a bit.. I love it actually.
You can watch it here, 1 rehearsal before the actual. and Yes, you will see the actual performance here in Music core, just from a different view.
Yisaya86 filmed it good. Not shaky, it's clear! and limited screams! haha..^^,
I love this fanvid also because, I've got to concentrate the dace steps of Love yah since this vid is not that shaky! yehey! kekekeke...and I've got to see our boys more clearly...

so here..enjoy! ^^,

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