Monday, June 14, 2010

SS501 at TvN Newton

SS501's appearance in TvN Newton show is out. The interview is fun, kekekeke I love seeing them pulling their hairs ! hahaha..^^,
Anfd the stage ! MEN! it was AWESOME!!! 
Great Performance from our boys!!

BUT!!! I noticed something!
Joongbo people out there! focused on 0:21 of the video...

Have you noticed the ring Mal is wearing?? ring a bell??

YES! it's the SCR of Buin and Shinlang our Leader! ahhhkk!!

Mal! why are you wearing this??? gyaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

To those who are wondering what am I talking about, SCR or the SECRET CODE RING is believed that Leader and Hwangbo have this as a couple ring.

Hwang Bo is wearing the black one,,
 scr at her left point finger

And our Leader is wearing the silver one just like what mal is wearing from the video above. but no evidence yet that Leader is actually has the silver one.
I'm not sure if he wears it here:
sorry for the scorching HOT pic! hahaha

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