Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kyu's Anniversary Message

As expected our forever center left a message in DSP site. I'm actually getting used to it, whenever there is something special happened, I know that Kyu will always leave a message for us pretties. So sweet of our Kyu.^^, 
As you all know, today June 8 is our boys's 5th Anniversary!! Wohoooo!!  it's been 5 years since 5 most beautiful person I know was united. ^____^ 
I'm so blessed knowing the 5 of them. *sniff
I just hope they will never split up. Five FOREVER AS ONE!! CHEERS!!

okay, here;s kyu's message..^^

SS501's Kim Kyu Jong new message @ DSP ~ Wa.. ^ ^ That’s June 8 …
[English Translation]

Time is passing really fast ..?!

In order to turn round, there is not a possibility of turning round and in order to capture there is not a possibility of capturing is what we called time. ^^

5 years of our time is so precious.. Flowed with just a jump… Haha!

Really .. saying thank you … don’t want to say anymore…

Received as much love … .. when I’m .. now I have to return ..

^ ^ .. Well!!

I remember that first date? ..

Was intense day …hae…The five of us on stage .. It is a lot of tension

A lot of excitement .. Although also had mistakes .. was so happy afterward .. ^ ^

Really ..

People with me Kim Kyu Jong .. Idol dreams of being a singer.

In order for want to achieve this dream .. here and there audition to see, comes and goes since being a junior high school student ^^

Then I have meet the members to practice together .. become standing on stage..

Million hours worked on that seemed like a dream .. ^ ^ also after time will be in the memory today really a lot?

I always want to show a better, more than anyone .. I want to show the public

still lack a lot too many .. ^ ^ I know well that also a lot of things must endeavor

I’d really appreciate you’re on lots of love for me and us 501 …

Slip .. Past five years is falling in time .. when goes to the broadcasting station, not I am not the youngest… haha

It’s amazing .. ^ ^ I saw the time passes.. my sweetie, too ..

School year ascends.. And graduation .. And finding a job .. then may to get married soon…^^

I will be Feeling good! when I hear the good news .. ^ ^ Also in the future

Work hard, study hard to be good to meet and marry a great one .. Like that good!

When our pretties tell me the good news is gorgeous .. Feeling is best.. ^ ^ Hee ..

There is lots of things I want to say.. there are also many favor I wants to do… Gosh I do not know what I’ll be writing ..

I just thank .. Feel you .. sorry for that

Thank you very much ^ ^Hee Hee .. pretty peas .. Peas so pretty .. ^ ^

Happy day .. We’re celebrating together!

Hehe! ! Go to sleep ~I’ll sleep still have schedule to go tomorrow!! ^ ^

Hee, good night .. Beauties ..

Thank you. Thank you so much .. Sorry to express my thanks only through the computer ..^^;

Thank you so much ..!

Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.com/
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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