Sunday, June 27, 2010


转自:[盖楼 - - 10.31]The Lion King——金贤重
见 65739楼+65749楼

source: sherry大七
translated into english: happiebb /

Just saw a friend's bog entry; they'd gone to Korea for our boys' comeback.
Seems like they'd followed him to a restaurant (or eatery)
and were seated at a table next to him.
Subsequently, seems like leader could tell that they're fans,
and he had quietly foot the bill for my friend's table!
Coz it's a personal diary entry, so I won't repost (her entire entry),
but this is the gist of it!
Our Hyun Joong is being an angel again!

I've asked my friend about it,
they're all Chinese fans and due to language barrier,
they didn't exchange a single word (with him)?
Perhaps to him, a meal may not mean much,
but the gals were all totally shocked (by his act)!
The most touching part? His show of heart towards fans!


Oh,,Leader... you have such a kind heart... =)) You really are an angel...^__^
You want to help people without shouting out loud. You've made so many fans happy in a quiet way. ohh.. ottoke??? WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH LEADER! SS501 MANSAE!

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