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[FAN ACCOUNT] Kim Hyung Joon and Park Jung Min arrival in TAIWAN

26 JUNE 2010
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by naddhea
credit: cath@No.43Park + (Eng) +

Fans of Jung Min & Hyung Jun were all there, and at the scene, fans of both boys came together to give full support to the boys. Besides the loud screamings to welcome the boys, the fans at the airport also shouted “501~ 501~” in korean and the boys were very happy upon hearing the chants ^ ^

The boys were shocked at the no. of fans that turned up and Mal gave a loud “wow~” when he stepped out to see so many fans welcoming them keke..

it was really interesting… before our boys came out, a group of reporters came out first, and then started taking pics of the fans outside, I didnt want to appear in the media so I covered my face with the towel that was a “mini’ banner for the boys hopefullyI didnt give Mal and Baby a shock XD

Show you girls this pic first~~ how? our love really gives out a natural aura yea??! that brilliant smile I am drunk already @~@

( Hyung Jun ah what time did you work till last night?? your flight was in the afternoon, why still look so sleepy?! throughout the whole journey you only smiled lightly didnt say a word we were still hoping to see Tom & Jerry moments @ the Taiwan airport..XD)

I only remember to prevent my right leg from being stepped on again and must hold on tightly onto the railings to stabilize my hand holding the camera actually I don’t remember what photos I took, just keep pressing the shutter, its only on my way home that I checked the pics then got a shocked, it’s actually so near.. actually quite true, they just walked pass me right before my eyes~~ but his collarbone just keep catching my attention

Mal and baby didnt walked too quickly Mal greeted everyone kindly he also looked around the various items that was used to welcome them (banners/balloons)

Although baby looked alittle tired but he never stopped smiling.. the securities in Taiwan are much more friendly they only followed quietly behind, luckily this time there were no Korean securities >~<

Although the boys already moved up ahead but as I didnt want to follow them to the hotel or hurt my leg again, I just stood at the spot in case I got “trampled” on again XDD

I must say I am really becoming a little pervert.. after focusing on Mal’s collarbone, I focused on their backview @~@ (Love Ya’s aftereffect) Totally Handsome, showed alittle of his shoulder, grey skinny jeans, typical Mal’s boots >> Can this world not revolve around you???

PS: there is a cute dongsaeng fan holding lollipop and tidbits, actually we wanted to say we don’t know if Mal and Baby will see it…

indeed~ Jung Min’s sharp eyes, saw them and even took a sudden big stride forward, rushed over and took the snacks, screams filled the place once again…

(the whole process was like in the zoo~ feeding show? XDD ha ha ha Park Jung Min don’t hit me, I know those snacks are for Hyung Jun haha)

Not sure if is cause Hyung Jun is tired?! Today little rabbit is a little lethargic but still smiled all the way for us…

(Mal: Kim Hyung Jun you better smile if not later I will not buy Pearl Milk Tea for you XDD)

Upon stepping out of the custom,seeing the spectacular view before him, Jung Ming let out a surprised “wow!~”

( Jung Min were you worried that nobody will come? such a loud “wow”… relax.. TW’s TS prepared long ago to welcome youXDD)

A human chain was form around them, mainly made up of Taiwan’s staff should be deployed by the Golden Melody’s organizers… indeed… they were more friendly the the Korean Uncles… as long as we did not go overboard, they will just use their hands to shield around Mal and Baby..

But our friendly Mal, slowed down intentionally~~ (if not for his height of 183, he would long be gone..) Smiling, waving, laughing looking at the cameras and banners, releasing his charisma aura~~very busy.. occasionally the securities and staff will urge him to move on softly..see how deliberately he does it XDD

then you know what? someone is even more responsible then the security protecting Jung Min… and that is~~~ KIM HYUNG JUN

wonder if its because he is afriad we will touch his lover XDD Hyung Jun’s hands, beside using it to wave to fans, I also saw, he will occassionally tugged lightly at Mal’s shirt, urging him to move forward or when Mal was not paying attention to his legs, he will hold onto his waist lightly afriad that he might fall…

Kim Hyung Jun, are you possessed by Kyu Jong today?? XDD

ok, we know you are concern about Jung Min but…cant you let us touch him a little?? XDD (Jun: An Dwae!!!)

Ms Cath’s ramblings~~

in my 30+ years of live, I almost threw all my dignity away today… at the customs gate, as long as there are crews comming out I will have to squat down and hide, in order not to be recognised… how would I be able to continue working in this industry if I were to be recognised?? XDD

Kim Hyung Jun please behave yourself, don’t let my Jung Min be too tired k… both of you please behave don’t go into craziness just because you are staying in a big suite and your 3 hyungs are not around..

Ms Cordy sister please prepare concealers of all colors because besides the dark eye rings there will be lots of “scratch marks” for you to conceal XDD

*** the above are translated according to the fan who wrote this fan account***


Well, Is should say this too.. 'WOW'!!!!! TWTS surely are prepared for this! clap clap for you guys! hehehe... Take care of our Mal and Maknae araso? hehehe we took care of uri Leader, now it's your turn to take care of those naughty boys kekekekeke..^^, now where's Kyu and BAD BOY Saeng?? hmmmm... any news about them ? They should be there in Taiwan too! amp!
I love seeing fans like this hehehe.. SS501 is really popular in Taiwan! wohooooooooo!!! looking forward to see all of them 5 together!! ^___^

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