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Another Translation of SS501's Message from the Fanmeeting

I don't know why, but why did Mal cried harder than the other boys? My heart hurts, seriously..

Credit: ju@SS601+MABEL

[13/06] Translations of the Compilation of SS501's messages from TVN X-Concert (fanmeet)

[Video messages]

The no. of fans seems to have decreased. It just seems that it has decreased?
Even though we feel sad, but we can only say thanks.
We're sorry that we can only say "Thank You"
Thank you to all of the fans for cherishing us and taking care of us. Thank you. We're sorry that we can only use these words to express our feelings.

To the fans, we feel sorry about this album
It's not about the songs.
Firstly, we didn't keep to our promise
I'm sure you fans also know this, we have not had a 2nd album
We did have a 1st album, but we are missing on the 2nd. I really feel very sorry about this.
And I wanted to thank the fans especially.

It's enough to just always think of us SS501
Although we are not perfect, but the 5 of us always work very hard
You are giving your support to 5 such men.
Even though fans think that you have receive much love from us,
but I always feel that we have gotten much more from the fans.
Our relationship is like lovers,
seems liked 2 one-sided love
or should I say, hurting one another?

5 years is considered neither a long or short period of time
We will have a even longer time ahead of us, creating and experiencing memories with the fans.
Even though there are alot of fans cheering us on now and you might stay with us forever,
but will still eventually get married and no. of fans will decrease
but for those who are supporting and cheering for us.
I will continue singing..

Compared to Love Like This, the promotional period this time is even shorter.
I am very sorry.
We want to produce some totally new music, music that will make us very confident...
how should I say?
Funny, why is it that I feel like tearing suddenly (wipes tears)

[Messages @ Gurella Concert]

HyunJoong to Jungmin:
We have known each other for 7 years.
1/3 of our life? about there. It's neither long or short time.
Thanks for always being so serious
thanks for always being our fan, for being the strong pillar for the 4 of us.
To the fans,No matter what we SS501 do, please believe in us.
With your belief in us, and with Jungmin supporting us..
Please support us always.
Moral support.

Kyujong to HyunJoong
Like what HyunJoong said, we have spent a long time together
Perhaps, even longer than the times we've spent with our parents
From our teenage years to the early 20s..HyunJoong has given us alot of strength.
You have been always been supporting us, but you do not show it in front of us.
Now that we have grown older, please do not shoulder all responsibility alone. Our hearts ached for you.
Previously, you've met with a little accident
But, as expected, you've recovered fast and are alright now.
I hope you'll be more careful
In the future, be it drama, movie or album, hope everyone will support us.
And, I always say this: "Thank You and sorry"
I will continue to work hard until I do not feel regretful/sorry (tears)

It's getting too long, HyungJun's turn (cried in the end)

Listening to the Kind Kyujong's words, my heart ached.
We didnt came here to talk about the end of the 5 years right?
Today, I want to tell all you of here,
We might have solo activities, but didn't we just release an album? We will continue to work hard
Love Ya has received tremendous response, hasn't it?
SS501 will be here. Hope everyone will stay with us too.
Kyujong has alot of tears.
Everyone might think I'm the cry baby, but actually, Kyujong thinks alot
He will think about it at home, and even cries.
Seeing him cry, my heart aches.
Kyujong is a friend that I'm very thankful to. He treats me like a brother
I hope everything will go well for us.
and...(crys even harder)
I am really very sorry for today
sorry that the tears keeps falling
Sorry for always crying
I really love our members
my same-age member Jungmin, Kyujong, Youngsaeng hyung, HyunJoong Hyung. Thank you
Today's tears....be it 5 years, 10 years or till the day we die,
it will become our best memories. We will work even harder.
Do take care of our Kyujong
I will have alot of hardship if not for him,
a very good friend, like a brother, handsome kyujong
Everyone, please take care of him...us too.
Everyone, please treasure him. Thank you

YoungSaeng: (shyly)
Saying this one by one makes me feel pretty shy.
Listening to all these makes me recall,
we are always together as 5.
As time passes, We might not cherish the feeling of being as 5 as much.
Previously when I went to Japan alone
Apart from during concert, that was the first time I stood on the stage alone.
At that time, I seriously realised that,
Being in a group, you are never alone. It's really a good thing
This can be counted as a late discovery for me.
Words to the members, of course I wanna thank them
This is for sure, do not have to say it specifically.
Thank you,
Actually, I dont know what to say...
All of you are crying suddenly now.
I was prepared to smile all the way today, so I'm controlling the tears
(Fans: Just cry, Just cry it out)
Now that you are asking me to cry, I can't do it..
What should I say to the fans....

on behalf of the members, what I want to say is
Today is not supposed to be a sad day
It's a brand new day. I hope everyone can smile.
It's a brand new start
Regarding the negative rumours, even though you might be worried, but from now on,
please do not worry.
I want to say, Please believe in us SS501

Jungmin to YoungSaeng:
What should I say?
Firstly, to Young Saeng Hyung (Crying)
Yup..firstly, I always... My strong personality.. (cries harder)
So I've often...ar..I can't~
I shall say these privately..It'll be better
All in all, Hope everyone will continue to support us.
Yup..(cries even harder) Following..
The next time we have a performance, please do come to see.

[Saying the goodbyes]

We have spent 5 years with our pretties.
It's really considered not long nor short period of time.
I feel that this is a short time.
Till many years later, we'll feel that "5years is nothing'
Just like what you all said, until the day that we best in the world, we will continue to work hard
dont change your heart!
but you can have boyfriends!
even though I dont know how you all think of today, But I am very happy. Thank you everyone.
To all 5 of us, today is really a very meaningful and memorable day
it's better than any other performances, very happy. Let's stay happy
I've said to much, the rest cant say anything
HJB: no, we wont HJL: it's ok
I shall end here
I will leave messages often

There are many people who cannot attend today's event, we feel very bad about this
Everyone here represented them and gave us alot of strength
I hope this is also a great memory for everyone. Hope this will be a motivation for us to move forward together
SS501..actually for me, today my heart's been feeling heavy and bad.
I shall take it as an challenge that we have to take up
Although you all have given us much strength, please continue to do so, giving us much more strength.
Anyway, Please support us SS501!

Thank you everyone for supporting us.
Although we always say this, but I love you
(fans: one more time)
I'm not an easy man!
yup anyway, hope you all will continue to give SS501 more love
We will also work hard for you all.
Thank you

It's like a dream that we SS501 came so far
There are many things that we have to do in the future
2nd album...
We have already debut for 5 years, "a 1 album singer"? Can't accept this right?
We feel really bad about this too.
Not only fans, we have also been thinking about this.
even though we might need more time, but we will present you all with an even better 2nd album!
So please do wait for us.
We will work hard in order to still meet you all 10. 20 or even 30 years down the road.

Young Saeng:
Please in us. I love you all
(members: That's all? HUH? )
It's already very late today. The last train is departing soon.
I will not forget today.
Very thankful , but at the same time, feeling sorry.
I'm serious.
I've written countless times of "thank you" at the fansign sessions
Always thankful.
Thank you once again, and I love you all!

Hyun Joong:
Ok. Let's sing a song
SS501 Love Ya
Although the promotion period is short, but really very sorry for this.
We will really have a longer promotional period the next time..
Yup. really sorry.

Our first place song -- Love Ya

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Credits to www.doubles501.com + (Chinese translation)luisa@doubles501.com + (English translation) Celina

~~Triple S! I know as of the moment, you are crying while reading this.. Well I did. My eyes still puffed because of crying.. I can't blame you all, but please don't be sad eh?...
Leader said that, don't believe in any rumors but just believe in us.. for me, this words from leader is my motivation right now to hold on and not give up.
Let us just be happy because we saw how our boys love us. We don't see this from any other group right? so we are lucky! 501% lucky! We have SS501 who will love us till the end. 

I love you SS501~~ *sniff 

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