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SS501 in Tears

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Seriously, I don't know what to think of them crying. I don't know why despite all the translations and explanations, I still don't get it...
Wae? WAE??? What's wrong? Jung Min oppa what's wrong??? 
I don't wanna see you guys crying,,, I wanna see you happy and smiling...

I can feel that, there is something more behind those tears, you just won't tell us what and why... 

I just hope this will be resolve soon.. 
But whatever it is, I believe you guys! I believe SS501, forever!

Boys! We love you till the end! please, don't cry like this.. Even if you said that it was only a tears of joy, we just can't stand seeing you crying....

As for me, tears is my weakness.. I don't wanna see you like this.. aigooo..

마음이 아파요.... ='((

BY: c米修生 / BAIDU

original in chinese: 米修生 / BAIDU SS501 THREAD
translated into english: happiebb /

[2010.06.13] FAN ACCOUNT

the title is LUCKY 43~

me, someone who's not so bright and have a poor memory is here to pen a fan account.

i won't be talking much about the beginning part on how to obtain a number and all that,
suffice to say that the staff gave me my lucky number, 43
and that too is jung min's date of birth.

arrived at Time Square at 7pm, and the queue was started.
but from then to the time of entering the venue, OMG~
it was originally scheduled to start at 8pm,
then sometime in the midst of things, we heard we'd be let in at 9pm,
and that the members were having their rehearsals.

we'd passed the time with idle chitchat
and finally we were allowed to enter the venue at 9pm~
now why did i say i was the lucky 43~

there are three VIP rows in the theatre, right in the front
and my 43 was the last number of the VIP seats,
and it was just next to the cameraman.

whilst awaiting for everyone to enter the venue, there was a commotion,
and that caused everyone to be mistaken that the members had come in.
i turned around and saw that it was just a careless staff and some security staff.

we started to get nervous and excited.
and suddenly, the big screen started playing interview clips.
however, coz the audio didn't sync with the visual,
they had to replay the clip about three times,
and they'd finally got it to play properly at the last try.

started with Love Ya in 2010, to LLT in 2009...
and they went in reverse chronological order the journey of these five boys throughout the last five years.
there were also interviews being inserted in the midst of the clips.
can't recall with certainty the dialogue and interviews,
but what left me with the deepest impression was how the members repeatedly said sorry to the fans,
said sorry about how their promotional period was so short,
and said sorry about how they weren't able to release the second (full) album.
it sure appears that the members can't quite let it go that they didn't release a full album,
and are still feeling apologetic towards fans.
= = (oh please, second album, please come out...)

during the interview, hyung jun said he felt that there're fewer and fewer fans.
(maybe) because many fans have already gotten married and can't support them at event venues,
and he feels kindda saddened.

as for jung min and kyu jong,
their hearts were full of appreciation towards the fans' support throughout the five years,
and they too were feeling sorry about how they could not often hold events and activities.

when it came to hyun joong's turn,
he suddenly just started tearing as he was speaking~~
kept saying sorry, and the korean fans kept shouting out to him
not to ever say 'sorry' from now on!!!!!

after the clip's over, there was a commotion.
OMG...! on the left were jung min, kyu jong and young saeng walking down the steps
and on the right were hyung jun and hyun joong.

i was way too nervous and excited!
the moment i saw jung min, i could only think about how i really could shake his hand ~please ignore me~
and closer, closer..... jung min, please please hold me hand~~
but he'd missed me.
i was so disappointed, and was about to retract my hand when i'd caught jung min's hand!!
can i please talk abit about my feelings....
don't hit me, but (his hand's) abit rough.

and then it's my most loved... young saeng's coming!
i just grabbed and held onto his hand until i could not hold on to his hand anymore!!!
yes, my life's complete now.

and there was kyu jong
but coz his right hand was holding a microphone, so i didn't manage to hold his hand~~
i will work harder next time~~~

once they're on-stage,
hyun joong said they'd already discussed and agreed with the staff to keep this a secret.
and he asked if we knew they were coming.
the fans said yes, we knew!!!
then hyun joong said, yes, even the news reports had reported on that, aish --
and then it's greeting time... can't remember exactly what's said, oh my poor memory~

next, they sang a ballad, Let Me Be The One
and then a dance track, Love Like This.
needless to say, the boys' prowess was obvious and needed no further elaboration~
they're as handsome and cool as always.

next up was the lucky draw.
before going in, we were given cards to write down our wishes (from the boys).
there was even connection with the fans who weren't able to come inside.
kyu jong jokingly acted as the live commentator at this round.

they'd prepared five autographed special edition albums for the fans inside the venue
and another five autographed normal edition albums for the fans outside the venue.

then each of the member picked a number for the winners.
in particular, there were some memorable scenes.
one got the five members to gather and crowd around her and call out her name,
and another fan had written her wish to have hyun joong's ear-stud~
and of course, hyun joong had removed it on the spot and gave it to her~

thereafter, they sang a few more songs,
i really can't remember, coz i was only concentrating on watching the boys.

then i guess i should just talk about the scenes that left the deepest impressions upon me.
one segment had asked that the members say something to the other members,
when jung min was supposed to say something to young saeng,
jung min said he needed some time to think about it~

then hyun joong just took over and said let him go first.
he said something to the effect that regardless of whether it's in front of the fans or members,
jung min's the pillar mentally, spiritually~
said 'thank you' and polite pleasantries as such*

at this point, i saw that all five boys' eyes were wet and red.
when it was kyu jong's turn to speak, he just started crying as he talked.
hyung jun kept patting him to soothe and comfort him.
kyu jong also said things to thank the fans for their support in the five years~
thereafter kyu jong walked to the backstage to wipe dry his eyes.

hyung jun jokingly said his kyu jong hyung's always kind and nice and cries much,
he said when the five of them are together, they're just like blood brothers from the same family~
at this point, he himself could not hold it in and his voice started to change and waver.
i was thinking if they're not on-stage, he would probably be wailing like a baby~~
i thought this kid's really cute. after crying, he just went to one side to wipe his tears away.

actually CEO park was already starting to tear uncontrollably when kyu jong started crying.
he had turned his entire body so that his back's facing the fans.
he maintained this stance for a very long time.

young saeng said he didn't really realise the importance of his members
until he had to go to japan for an activity all by himself
he then suddenly realised that's what they're all about, a group~

CEO park, you've caused the event to be a tear-filled one,
it's an ocean of tears... wuri CEO just kept on crying and crying~~
couldn't even get a word out.
this is the first time i've seen the CEO like this~

young saeng said, "I'd originally wanted to wrap up this event in a smiling manner,
but end up you guys are all crying~"

not sure if it's leader or whom who said, "don't cry..."~
and turned around to get jung min to talk about what young saeng is like in his mind.
at this point, CEO park said, "my personality has always been the strong and powerful type~
you guys all know that~"
and then he turned around again and cried again~
he cried so much and so badly that he couldn't say anything anymore~
and he managed to utter, "i won't say it here, i'll tell the members in private next time~"

in summary, the gist of this entire dialogue just kept giving us the signal
that they boys will still be performing together.
hyung jun said they still have to prepare to release the second (full) album.
jung min also said to always support them in future.
as for what hyun joong said, sorry... forgive this old woman for her bad brains
and poor korean~ i really didn't listen too carefully~

then they sang Haruman, Green Pea and Forever.
there's a little episode.... young saeng said Forever was supposed to be a wedding song
but the tune came out abit sad and wistful.
but still, he said gloatingly, "the tune's one of those what keeps playing in your head over and over again?"

and oh ya, when it was Forever,
hyun joong NG'ed.
he said in a self-deprecating manner that he intended to sing the song really seriously and earnestly.
then he spoke the truth... that was the first time they're singing that song live,
so they're not too familiar with it yet.

CEO took a deep breath when they're singing Haruman
and said, "i'm OK, i can sing..." and he sang in such an emo manner.

at the end, they got the members to say something to the fans,
hyun joong said, "although it's cliched, i still want wanna say, sarang hamnida~~"
the audience went wild and began shouting for him to say it again!!
hyun joong said smilingly, "i'm NOT that sort of easy man!!"
hehe, he's really quite something~

the event wrapped up with Love Ya~
and this is the end of my acount.
in order for the schooling fans to be able to catch the last train, there was no encore~

the entire event, i got the feeling the members were stressing and reiterating this wasn't their final show,
and that there will be 501 activities in the future,
and that 501 will be together~~

that's it from me~~
bye bye, this is the happy ending from today=============================== 


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