Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Yes! Ready or not, KyuSaeng will arrive here in Manila on Feb. 3, 2011 at 11:05am via KE621!! KyuSaeng's last stop for their fan meeting is here in Manila. I really can't wait for them to arrive. I want to welcome them with all my heart! But unfortunately, I have work on that day. We are actually surprised because they will arrive 2 days earlier than their Fanmeet day itself which is on Feb 5, and in the morning!? ahhh, I was expecting for them to arrive at night... well then, that's better than never right? 

Thanks to those who made this event possible. Thanks to TSPH staffs and Greenlights Prods for bringing KyuSaeng here in Manila! =) 

So, let's welcome them shall we? Let's show TSPH's power! hehe we've been waiting for 'em for years right? Let's give them a good impression about how enthusiasts Filipinos are. Let's give them an idea how big SS501 is here in the Philippines!

And, for those who won't be able to catch 'em on the Fanmeet, why not go and see them at the airport instead? Well, atleast welcoming them at the airport is for FREE! hehehe =) and if you're lucky, you will got to see them up close and personal. 

What are ya waiting for? go pack your bags and save your energy for KyuSaeng!! =)

I will update you guys for more of their arrival infos!! 

See Yawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Park Jung Min on Youngstreet 1.28.11

Mal is the substitute for Heechul for today's Youngstreet. I'm not sure if this was pre-recorded or live. Good to see his smiles, and he's looking really hot with that hair! Anyways, here are screencaps from his live radio. =) Thanks to HJ_fan@twitter!

Look's like he's having fun.

 Pix from

There goes his signature pout! hahahaha... He's so adorable! I love that hoodie!! =)
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My KyuSaeng Insanity

Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng's last stop of their Fan Meet is here in Manila, Philippines. We've known about it since December, and I'm telling you.. it's quite a torture. Everyday so excited about it, sometimes doesn't help at all. I've been imagining and planning things for the past 1 month. Counting everyday passes by... arrggghhhh, took away my sanity! hahahaha.. and that lead me to do things I never did before... hahahaha 

here are the products of my Insanity:
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Obsess much? LOL!!!

Don't be fooled about it, okay? They are all edited... kekeke.. =)

Park Jung Min on Music Bank 01/28/11

Did my eyes just fooled ? I saw 'Not Alone' no.15 on MuBank! What the hell happened Triple S?
Well, anyways today's performance is ofcourse DAEBAK! Mal's hair really is digging me. I want that hair! kekekeke.. =) I also noticed that the fanchants were'nt that loud compare to yesterday's. But hands off to Mal, he really is a total performer! 

Now let's wait for updates about what no. 'Not Alone' is.. and let's wait for pix shall we? 
While waiting.... here's an HD video of his performance today at MuBank.

Park Jung Min's NOT ALONE on Music Bank 1.28.11

thanks to uploader CodeAnalysisSeason3

Kyu Broke His Cellphone

This I got from twitter, thanks to HJLfacts for tweeting this. I found this really funny. Kyu broke his phone because he was playing so hard! Imagine Kyu being dork and crazy that he accidentally broke his phone! hahahaha and of course, he bought a new one..

from HJLfacts:

[Twitter News] Kyu broke his handphone as tweeted by his manager. He jokes Kyu was playing so hard. lol  

[Twitter News] he was spotted buying a new phone at JeonJu The Box.


Park Jung Min Not Ashamed for being a Contraceptive Model

I was shocked when I read about this. Hahahaha.. Mal? as a condom endorser? O_o... Omo!! Well, for me there is really nothing to be ashamed of, right? Be proud Mal!! =) You've just educated every korean youth about safe sex and that's really important nowadays. =) 
We're proud of you Mal! 

And did I read it right? Mal almost debuted as a Super Junior member? O_o.. Thank God you ended up with SS501! SS501 won't be 'The Great SS501' without you. Cheers for that!

SS501 member Park Jung Min started his solo career as a 'Condom Model' reveals he's not ashmed at all.

Last January 27, Park Jung Min guested in Mnet’s “Beatles Code“ and unveiled his birth control advertisement photos.

When the public have expressed their thoughts candidly, they said it feels different from the childhood image of Jung Min's advertisement regarding contraceptives.

MC  Yoon Jong Shin asked him ' Isn't it a little embarrassing looking at it now?', Park  Jung Min replied 'No, I am actually proud that I've delivered the message about the Ad.'

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min also revealed ' When I was 13, I was being scouted by DSP and SM Entertainment and passed the audition for both'.

credit: 기영주 기자/
신선한 뉴스 리뷰스타 ┃무단전재 및 재배포 금지 + Mnet for Photo
translation: Cheezeemelt

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Maknae Hyung Joon Left a Message on his Japan Site

Maknae left a message on JJunaway (his japan fanclub name) regarding his photoshoot on a women's magazine. He also said something about him signing to Avex in Japan and aiming to penetrate the Oricon chart. Not impossible, right? Let's support him shall we? Even though his not your bias... let's support him okay? =) Our baby needs our support or else he might end up crying and running to his Hyungs. You don't want to get scolded by his hyungs right? kekekek... Imagine Leader will spank you? oh, and mal will kick you so hard!! hahaha. Anyways, here's his message. ^^,

Hyung Jun’s new message on JJunaway 01.27.11

Hello, I’m Kim Hyung Jun.
Today I’m having a photoshoot for a women’s magazine.

Musical Café-In performances have also ended smoothly
It is only a few days away before I meet everyone in Japan

Have also smoothly signed a deal with Avex
Only left with the official Japanese solo album activity…

Eum… my first target is
my album to enter the Oricon chart!!

JJUNAWAY everyone will give me a lot of support right?

Wish to meet everyone sooner.
Everyone is also thinking the same right? he he

Source: JJunaway ( + Trans: Only Jun (
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Soribada is IMPORTANT?

Okay, it's been a long time since I stopped blogging... but here I am again. Well, I'm here to help you (again) about Soribada. It seems like not all of you understands how Soribada can help Mal to win in Korean Charts.

What is Soribada?
Soribada is an online streaming site where you can download/buy songs. It has it's own playlist where you can play your downloaded/bought songs. It's like Limewire, the only difference is Soribada isn't free. You have to buy Soribada Music Card.

You can choose two music cards. One is SMART card while the other is the PREMIUM card.

Smart Card = UNLIMITED LISTENING/STREAMING + 40 songs + 1 month (7,700won)
Premium Card = UNLIMITED LISTENING/STREAMING + 150 songs + 1 month (11,000won)

* You need to buy Soribada Card first for you to stream. You can buy tru credit card.

And follow the instructions. Don't worry instructions are in English. 


1. Because, it is the easiest way to buy digital albums. No need KSS (KOREAN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER).

2. It's easy to access.

3. Music charts like Inkigayo, Music Bank takes consideration of Soribada. Meaning, these music charts includes Soribada's calculations and can be a big help especially to us International fans who can't buy albums in time when music charts announces the winner. 

*Yes we can always buy their album anytime we want, but not in the right time. Music charts calculates an album's rank a week later after they debut. Like for Mal, he performed in music shows just last week and it will then reflect only to this week's charts. So if we order his album, it may take weeks to count since we aren't from korea and it might be too late. We want immediate results to help Mal win in Music charts!.

4. FYI: digital albums is equal to 60% overall count while CD album is only 10%.

5. What is DIGITAL ALBUM? Digital album is the album you buy tru internet like SORIBADA.

6. We international fans can only apply on 2 korean sites and that's SORIBADA and MNET. MNET is complicated that's why we suggest to use SORIBADA. 


1. Go HERE 
*USE Internet Explorer

2. Enter you Soribada Card Serial Number

3. Search for SS501 on the search box just above the screen.

4. You will then go this page. Scroll down and look for Mal's 'NOT ALONE' single on the left side of your screen. And click the arrowed part.

5. Now, you'll be on Park Jung Min's 'Not Alone' Digital Album page.

6. Download all the songs from his album first. Downloading is equivalent to Buying.

How to Download:

                                 6.1: Click the 'down arrow' right beside the title song.

                                6.2: a pop up window will appear.

                                6.3: Just repeat it to download other songs.

7. After you download the songs, it's time for you to put it on your playlist. Now, where is the playlist? It's at the bottom of your screen. =)

 8. To put songs on your playlist, just click the '+' sign on the left side of the title.

 9. Another pop up box will appear. Just click the first box.

 10. You have to put 30 'Not Alone' on your playlist. AND LET IT PLAY!

Do not put your playlist on LOOP. Do not MUTE. After you finished all the 30 songs, erase all the songs.... and then LOG OUT.  DO NOT STREAM BETWEEN 11pm KST - 12amKST.


1. Click the encircled part.

2. Check the 'checked part'

 3. and then;

After you erase all the songs...then you must LOG OUT for your stream to be counted.
Note: You have to finish all 30 songs, or else your stream won't be counted. Trick is, you have to stay logged in atleast for 2 hours. 2 hours is equivalent to 30 songs. Same as we did to Love Ya. Remember?


There you are!!!!! Just do the steps again if you Log in. Do stream as often as you can! OKAY??? Let's help OUR BOYS!

credits to ODE eonni! Thanks a lot for your guidelines! =)