Friday, January 28, 2011

Park Jung Min on Music Bank 01/28/11

Did my eyes just fooled ? I saw 'Not Alone' no.15 on MuBank! What the hell happened Triple S?
Well, anyways today's performance is ofcourse DAEBAK! Mal's hair really is digging me. I want that hair! kekekeke.. =) I also noticed that the fanchants were'nt that loud compare to yesterday's. But hands off to Mal, he really is a total performer! 

Now let's wait for updates about what no. 'Not Alone' is.. and let's wait for pix shall we? 
While waiting.... here's an HD video of his performance today at MuBank.

Park Jung Min's NOT ALONE on Music Bank 1.28.11

thanks to uploader CodeAnalysisSeason3

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