Friday, January 28, 2011

Park Jung Min Not Ashamed for being a Contraceptive Model

I was shocked when I read about this. Hahahaha.. Mal? as a condom endorser? O_o... Omo!! Well, for me there is really nothing to be ashamed of, right? Be proud Mal!! =) You've just educated every korean youth about safe sex and that's really important nowadays. =) 
We're proud of you Mal! 

And did I read it right? Mal almost debuted as a Super Junior member? O_o.. Thank God you ended up with SS501! SS501 won't be 'The Great SS501' without you. Cheers for that!

SS501 member Park Jung Min started his solo career as a 'Condom Model' reveals he's not ashmed at all.

Last January 27, Park Jung Min guested in Mnet’s “Beatles Code“ and unveiled his birth control advertisement photos.

When the public have expressed their thoughts candidly, they said it feels different from the childhood image of Jung Min's advertisement regarding contraceptives.

MC  Yoon Jong Shin asked him ' Isn't it a little embarrassing looking at it now?', Park  Jung Min replied 'No, I am actually proud that I've delivered the message about the Ad.'

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min also revealed ' When I was 13, I was being scouted by DSP and SM Entertainment and passed the audition for both'.

credit: 기영주 기자/
신선한 뉴스 리뷰스타 ┃무단전재 및 재배포 금지 + Mnet for Photo
translation: Cheezeemelt

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