Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Soribada is IMPORTANT?

Okay, it's been a long time since I stopped blogging... but here I am again. Well, I'm here to help you (again) about Soribada. It seems like not all of you understands how Soribada can help Mal to win in Korean Charts.

What is Soribada?
Soribada is an online streaming site where you can download/buy songs. It has it's own playlist where you can play your downloaded/bought songs. It's like Limewire, the only difference is Soribada isn't free. You have to buy Soribada Music Card.

You can choose two music cards. One is SMART card while the other is the PREMIUM card.

Smart Card = UNLIMITED LISTENING/STREAMING + 40 songs + 1 month (7,700won)
Premium Card = UNLIMITED LISTENING/STREAMING + 150 songs + 1 month (11,000won)

* You need to buy Soribada Card first for you to stream. You can buy tru credit card.

And follow the instructions. Don't worry instructions are in English. 


1. Because, it is the easiest way to buy digital albums. No need KSS (KOREAN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER).

2. It's easy to access.

3. Music charts like Inkigayo, Music Bank takes consideration of Soribada. Meaning, these music charts includes Soribada's calculations and can be a big help especially to us International fans who can't buy albums in time when music charts announces the winner. 

*Yes we can always buy their album anytime we want, but not in the right time. Music charts calculates an album's rank a week later after they debut. Like for Mal, he performed in music shows just last week and it will then reflect only to this week's charts. So if we order his album, it may take weeks to count since we aren't from korea and it might be too late. We want immediate results to help Mal win in Music charts!.

4. FYI: digital albums is equal to 60% overall count while CD album is only 10%.

5. What is DIGITAL ALBUM? Digital album is the album you buy tru internet like SORIBADA.

6. We international fans can only apply on 2 korean sites and that's SORIBADA and MNET. MNET is complicated that's why we suggest to use SORIBADA. 


1. Go HERE 
*USE Internet Explorer

2. Enter you Soribada Card Serial Number

3. Search for SS501 on the search box just above the screen.

4. You will then go this page. Scroll down and look for Mal's 'NOT ALONE' single on the left side of your screen. And click the arrowed part.

5. Now, you'll be on Park Jung Min's 'Not Alone' Digital Album page.

6. Download all the songs from his album first. Downloading is equivalent to Buying.

How to Download:

                                 6.1: Click the 'down arrow' right beside the title song.

                                6.2: a pop up window will appear.

                                6.3: Just repeat it to download other songs.

7. After you download the songs, it's time for you to put it on your playlist. Now, where is the playlist? It's at the bottom of your screen. =)

 8. To put songs on your playlist, just click the '+' sign on the left side of the title.

 9. Another pop up box will appear. Just click the first box.

 10. You have to put 30 'Not Alone' on your playlist. AND LET IT PLAY!

Do not put your playlist on LOOP. Do not MUTE. After you finished all the 30 songs, erase all the songs.... and then LOG OUT.  DO NOT STREAM BETWEEN 11pm KST - 12amKST.


1. Click the encircled part.

2. Check the 'checked part'

 3. and then;

After you erase all the songs...then you must LOG OUT for your stream to be counted.
Note: You have to finish all 30 songs, or else your stream won't be counted. Trick is, you have to stay logged in atleast for 2 hours. 2 hours is equivalent to 30 songs. Same as we did to Love Ya. Remember?


There you are!!!!! Just do the steps again if you Log in. Do stream as often as you can! OKAY??? Let's help OUR BOYS!

credits to ODE eonni! Thanks a lot for your guidelines! =)


家慧 ~가혜~ said...

Thanks for your effort! Thanks for sharing this. ^^ 정말 감사합니다!

cheezeemelt said...

가혜씨, 고맙다!!! =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this info! i didnt know if i was doing the right thing...

cheezeemelt said...

hehehe you're welcome. Feel free to ask... I'm willing to help. =)

Hai Ting said...

nice one ! ^^ thanks a lot :)
but ... is it a must to buy a card so that we can download ?

cheezeemelt said...

yes! you must buy a soribada card. ^^