Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[Maknae to Leader] Maknae Kim Hyung Joon is Proud of his Hyung Kim Hyun Joong

No reply Maknae? maybe he lost his phone again! ahahahaha... Well, who wouldn't be proud of our Leader? He's huge now and it is all because of Passion and Hardwork! Maknae, go and send Leader a message again... maybe he just forgot to reply. 

 Chinese-English Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Korea's famous idol group SS501 Kim Hyung Jun expressed sense of pride towards fellow member Kim Hyun Joong.

On the 15th, at 2PM, the rehearsal ground of SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun's Musical was opened to the media at Gang-Nam, Seoul. is Kim Hyung Jun's first attempt in a Musical.

When the media mentioned about Kim Hyun Joong, who has been invited to sing at the Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony, Kim Hyung Jun expresses, " I am really very proud of him. Looking at him performing on the stage, my heart is full of emotions."

Additionally, he added, "I sent a text message to him. However, I think the phone over there doesn't seem to work well, as he did not send me a reply. " Upon hearing this, the crowd let out a series of laughter.

credit: http://www.liezle.blogspot.com

[Leader] Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Hyun Joong's similarities on 'Quitting'

[XportsNews] SuperStarK contestant Kang Seung Yoon and SS501's Kim Hyun Joong have a similarity regarding the topic.

Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Hyun Joong both dropped out on school.

Kang Seung Yoon dropped out because of bad influence from his friends while Kim Hyun Joong dropped out because of the influence of Music.

However, the two of them had realized the importance of  Education , that's why both of them had paid back for school.

This part omitted

To be a world professionals ' One should realize the importance of Education in Entertainment world, A combination of the two is difficult just like hitting 1 out of 50' agreed by the two of them.

Please give full credits when re-posting
Source: http://kr.news.yahoo.com + Xporstnews
English translation by Cheezeemelt

[KyuSaeng] Kyu and Saengie's Fan Meet was sold out in 10 minutes! AGAIN!!??

WohoooooooO~ Mansae!! Lucky those fans... Hey you both of you! please go here in the Philippines!! kekekeke~ Woah, SS501 is doing great individually! WohoOo!! Daebak!

11/16 [news] Kim KyuJong Heo YoungSaeng Fan Meeting, Sold Out in 10 Minutes...
Credits : nocutnews.co.kr (omj@cbs.co.kr) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Group SS501 members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng’s fan meeting ‘KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul’ received enthusiastic response from fans.

Agency B2M Entertainment said on 16-Nov “The tickets for the 2,000 audience Seoul fan meeting to be held on 4-Dec in GyeDang Hall, SangMyeong University, was released on Thursday last week and was sold out after 10 minutes, so we added 1 more session on the same day. However, the pre-sale for this which started on 15-Nov was also sold-out after 10 minutes after it started.

Agency said “This is the very first time they are meeting with fans after moving over to a new agency. We were taken aback by the enthusiastic response as this is the first time they are standing on stage performing together with just two of them and not with all members of SS501. Through this event, two of them will show a side of them which was never seen before in the past.” 

credit: http://liezle.blogspot.com

[Leader] Kim Hyun Joong was praised by the composer of 'Sunrise from the East'

Who wouldn't notice him that day? Triple S should've been so proud of our Leader when he sang at the Opening Ceremonies in the 16th Asian Games.  So proud! 

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Singing in whistle register in the Asian Game Opening Ceremony
Chinese to English translation by Blanca

Reported by Guangzhou Daily Reporter: Sulei

Career】 Efforts to learn Chinese for the Asian Games

Why is Kim Hyun Joong standing on the stage of the Asian Games opening ceremony. With this question, the reporter interviewed the music director of the Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies Li Haiying (Who's also the composer of the song "Sunrise from the East"). "Using a South Korean singer is determined by the directors group meeting, 3 months ago. we provided several candidates to the production team, and they contacted them." Li Haiying said, "Several said they have full schedule already, and Kim Hyun Joong replied with availability. I heard his songs immediately, and think he fits." Li Haiying told the reporter he composed the song "Sunrise from the East" specifically for the opening ceremony, five singers symbolizing the five Olympic rings. " Besides Wei Wei, who is the singer of last Beijing Asian Games theme song, they were looking for younger singers for the performance. Kim Hyun Joong is very handsome, and his sound condition is also very good." Li Haiying said that he even gossiped about this South Korean young man's age - 25 years old. "He sings with heavy R & B feels, and likes to play with his own style. There are a number of high tones, and the female-like vocal registers in the live performance, actually sung by him." Li Haiying told the reporter, before going to Guangzhou, Kim Hyun Joong had made a rehearsal once in his Beijin's studio. When the reporter said Kim Hyun Joong's Mandarin pronunciation was really a surprise, Li Haiying laughed:" Yes, I praised him in the rehearsal, said, sounded like Hong Kong singers singing the Mandarin song, everyone there just laughed. "

During the interview, Li Haiying said with emotion, South Korean artist is very professional. Not only arrived on time, but also very well prepared. "Kim Hyun Joong's company hired a professional Chinese translation, divided each word into consonants and vowels and taught him word by word."

(Other part omitted, which is talking about his resume) 

credit: http://liezle.blogspot.com

[Mal] A teaser pix from Park Jung Min's Photobook 'Present'

Can't wait for Mal's upcoming Photobook? kekekeke.. Feed your eyes Pretties!

source: http://www.parkjungmin.jp

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon turned down Park Jung Min's Offer

Kim Hyung Joon is set to debut in the musical "Cafe In", which opens in Korea on November 24.  Because fellow bandmate Park Jung Min has appeared in several musicals, whereas Kim Hyung Joon never has, Park made an offer that only Kim could refuse, apparently.

"Park offered to teach me to act but I didn't respond once and then I politely turned him down the next time he asked," said Kim Hyung Joon.  When asked how his SS501 bandmates reacted to the news that he had been cast in a musical, he admitted, "Everyone was surprised.  [But] they all congratulated me wholeheartedly and promised to come watch me perform. I'm happy that I have something to show off to them about."

We don't know why Kim Hyung Joon turned down his bandmate -- we would jump at the opportunity to have Park Jung Min teach us anything!  In any case, Kim will play the role of a sommelier in this love story about a sommelier and a barista whose ex-lovers get married as soon as they break up with them.  "Cafe In" is scheduled to run until January 23.  Here is a photo of him looking suitably stylish during the "Cafe In" press conference, held in Seoul on November 15.  Break a leg!

Source: asiae.co.kr
Credit: melkimx@soompi

[Tom&Jerry] Maknae Kim Hyung Joon visited his Hyung's Filming of MV

The moment I saw this picture I was like 'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww'.....  Hehehe so sweet of you Maknae! Even though these two boys are always fighting and Mal always bullying Maknae, they seems to be the best of friends from the group. I was just wondering, Why can't they visit Leader and bring him stuffs like pizza? ahahaha hmmmm.... Oh! I think I know why...kekeke.. Leader hates mushy things!! ahahahahahaha He'll consider visiting him as a mushy thingy hahaha,, his brothers knows him too well kekeke ^^,

SS501 김형준, 박정민 뮤비촬영장 방문..우정과시
* 머니투데이 박영웅 기자 기자의 다른 기사보기
* 입력 : 2010.11.16 09:14

SS501 김형준(왼쪽)과 박정민

SS501 김형준이 솔로 데뷔를 준비 중인 박정민의 뮤직비디오 촬영장을 찾아 의리를 과시했다.

박정민은 지난 15일 경기도 한 스튜디오에서 솔로 음반 타이틀곡 뮤직비디오 촬영을 진행했다.

이날 촬영장에는 SS501 막내 김형준이 깜짝 방문, 박정민의 솔로 활동에 응원을 보냈다.

박정민 소속사 CNR미디어 측은 “김형준이 자신의 매니저로부터 박정민 뮤직비디오 촬영 소식을 듣고 촬영장을 깜짝 방문했다”며 “두 손 가득 간식을 사들고 와서 박정민을 열심히 응원했는데 멤버 간 우정이 보기 좋았다”고 전했다.

박정민 솔로 음반은 히트작곡가 신사동호랭이가 전체적인 프로듀싱을 맡아 그룹 활동 때와는 차별화된 박정민의 색깔과 스타일을 완성시켰다.

박정민은 오는 25일 미니음반을 발표하고 솔로 첫 활동에 나선다.
SS501 Kim Hyung Jun visits Park Jung Min during his MV filming and brings pizza!
Posted by blueprincess824

Fellow member of SS501 Kim Hyung Jun visited Park Jung Min while he was filming for his music video, Kim Hyung Jun shows their strong friendship as he visited his fellow member while he prepares for his solo debut.

On the 15th of November, Park Jung Min was in Gyeonggido to film for his music video in a studio. Kim Hyung Jun visited him on the set surprising the set with his unannounced visit. He cheered on Park Jung Min and spent the rest of his time watching Park Jung Min.

Park Jung Min’s agency, CNR media said, “Kim Hyung Joon heard about Jung Min filming for a music video so he made a surprise visit to the set. He showed their strong friendship among members and was cheering on Park Jung Min and even brought food.”

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min is set to have his solo debut and solo mini album on the 25th of November.

Monday, November 15, 2010

[Mal] A Sneak Peak to Park Jung Min's Pictorial for his Upcoming Album

He's hair is BLACK! ahahahaha Sooooo mannllly!! kekeke, are you all excited on November 25 for the release of his solo album? Me too!!! kekeke, I read from Liezle that the tickets for his fanmeeting was sold out in 5 minutes! Woah! Kyu and Saengie on the other hand was sold out in 10 minutes! Our boys are in demand! Daebak!! ^_^

 credit as labeled

Sunday, November 14, 2010

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon rehearsals for Musical ' Cafe In'

It feels so different to watch Maknae acting while singing and while dancing. It's sooo different! But it's great! Watching them going up to another level, I just felt soo proud... This only means SS501 is really talented. Not just a bunch of cutey-patootey idols out there. 

credit to video uploader: refinTS501

[Leader] Kim Hyun Joong leaves Guangzhou

Oh MY! He hates this! I'm telling ya, he hates this! Oh my gosh, I hope he's okay afterwards. I remember when he went to Spain for a pictorial. Gosh, that was a nightmare. I hope fans didn't hurt him that much. Aigooo... sometimes popularity is accompanied with this kind of happenings. I hope despite of this, Leader had fun. Even a guy is fighting for his video!

Did Leader fell in this video? OH MY GOSH LEADER!!!!

credits for the uploaders: leenongkan2, minny0930

[Mal] Park Jung Min in Japanese's Biggest Talk Show

Our Sexy Charisma is having his own version of popularity kekeke.. Are you having a contest with Leader and the other boys? kekekeke,,, Anyways, no one will win! hehehehe You are all great! I am so proud to be a Triple S!! I am so proud to be a Green Pea! ~

 SS501 Park Jung Min will be the first ever Korean singer to appear in Japan’s biggest show, Akashiya Sanma Talk Show.

Park JungMin went to Japan for 2 days 1 night on 9-Nov. The reason for the trip is to attend program ‘Dancing Mackerel Mansion’ to be broadcasted on 23-Nov at 8pm through Japan’s Nihon TV.

‘Dancing Mackerel Mansion’ is hosted by famous Japanese comedian Akashiya Sanma, and has been running for 13 years, a program which ranks 1st in viewership for the same timeslot.

(omitted details of talk show)

Famous Japanese idol SMAP also increased rapidly in fame through this program, the talk show is even being named as the gateway for many singers and actors. Park JungMin will be the very first Hallyu singer being invited as a guest, with eloquent Japanese, the recording went on smoothly.

Agency CNR Media representative said “Even though main host Akashiya Sanma speaks with strong Osaka accent and is difficult to understand, he receives praises from even the program’s producers praising him to be Asia Super Idol, the recording ended off successfully. We are able to feel Park JungMin’s popularity in Japan itself.”

Meanwhile, Park JungMin will return on 10-Nov, and is working on the last stages of album production, album release will be on 27-Nov and is preparing for the commemoration showcase & fan meeting.

Credits : nyc@osen.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

When SS501 is starting, they penetrated Japan and Mal is the one who learned Japanese so fast. Among the boys he is the most fluent one. I remember Leader envied him because of it ekekekeke..~

Friday, November 12, 2010

[Leader] Kim Hyun Joong at Asian Games

Wohoo!! Mansae! Hurray for SS501's Leader Kim Hyun Joong! Wohoo!! Ahem, anyways.. As we all know Leader was chosen to sing and represent Korea in the Asian Games held today. Oh my gosh I'm so proud!!!~



Thursday, November 11, 2010

[Center and Prince] Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saen's First Fan Meeting

~Our Center and Prince now was unleashed! It's their turn to make fans crazzzzyyyyyy! We all heard news about their brothers Maknae Kim Hyung Joon, Leader Kim Hyun Joong and Mal Park Jung Min. Now it's their turn to shine.~

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are holding their fan meeting for the first time after moving over to new agency.

Signing their exclusive contract with Lee Hyori’s agency B2M Entertainment, both of them will make their new start at GyeDang Hall, SungMyeong University, HongJi-dong, Seoul. After that they will change their stop to Thailand, HongKong, Singapore, Japan and other Asean countries to meet with their fans.

Their agency B2M Entertainment has revealed regarding this fan meeting: “This is the first official schedule after both of them has decided their new agency”, “Will have the solo music stage during the SS501 period, and will reveal footage of their holiday trip while they were on hiatus and their daily life video clips.” Also added: “As it is a rare chance to spend time together with fans, will put more focus on direct interaction.”

After the fan meeting, both of them will start their solo activity plan. Although has in mind for a duet originally, but Kim Kyu Jong would be making first debut through a drama. SS501 lead singer Heo Young Saeng has set February – March next year as target for preparation of his solo album.

Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng’s fan meeting ticket reservation will be available via ‘Auction Ticket’ from 8pm, 11 November. All seats cost 25,000won.

[Leader] Kim Hyun Joong won Best Dresser in 2010 SKY PERFECT TV AWARDS from Yahoo! Korea

Kim Hyun Joong Best Dresser in 2010 Sky Perfect Awards

 Kim Hyun Joong at Sky Perfect Awards as the Honor of Best Dressed

'Sky Perfect Awards' Japan's largest satellite broadcaster "Sky Perfect TV" prepared by the Content Awards. The sky perfect TV broadcasts on videos, animation, music, and overseas drama, Hallyu, entertainment, sports, documentaries, such as 10 genre of the best popular works and Artist names etc. 

In the 10th Sky Perfect Awards, Kim Hyun Joong surpassed Japanese stars and won the 'Best Dresser Award' and proved to be the one of the best Hallyu Star.

Kim Hyun Joong as casted in  'Hana Yori Dango' and this coming December it will air 'Playful Kiss' and gave more reasons for Japan fans to see him more often.

In recent Japanese channel 'DATV', Kim Hyun Joong imposed a documentary 'Just the way you are'  and had a high response as well.

'Just The Way You Are' from DATV was shown in Japan last July that contains the everyday life of Kim Hyun Joong. Through this program Kim Hyun Joong showed an outstanding fashion sense that made Japan fans appreciate him more.

Kim Hyun Joong will next head to Guangzhou, China where he is scheduled to sing the theme song at the ‘16th Asian Games‘ opening ceremony on November 12th.

After heading across 3 countries and attending the Asian Games to sing for the Opening Ceremony, the next activity will be prepared.

credits : <강석봉기자 ksb@kyunghyang.com>-ⓒ 스포츠칸 & 경향닷컴
(http://sports.khan.co.kr), 무단전재 및 재배포 금지
〈경향닷컴은 한국온라인신문협회(www.kona.or.kr)의 디지털뉴스이용규칙에 따른 저작권을 행사합니다.〉
English Translation: Cheezeemelt
For the Korean version go HERE

[Leader] Video of Kim Hyun Joong in CNN

Days ago, Leader was interviewed by Anna Coren from CNN regarding the Hallyu Wave PK has done not only in ASIA but across the world. Here are videos from Leader's interview in CNN. 

credits to uploaders: hjolive & azi767 @ Youtube

Leader was quite surprised by the response of the viewers from Youtube. I actually said this before that maybe the reason why PK had low ratings in Korea is because the target of this drama is the teenagers and mid-teenagers (kekekkee). I think since it was aired a little bit late in time 9:55kst, teens preferred it to watch it online rather than on TV. Made sense right? That's why when it was released in Youtube, it's totally BIG HIT!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[MAL] Unseen Childhood photos of Park Jung Min released

Look how gorgeous Mal was when he was a kid! hahaha a born star huh? kekekeke...

 credit photo as labeled. For the full article go HERE


Every year Yahoo Buzz conducts an awarding for the TOP Guys and Gals and Idol Group in Asia. The winner is base on online voting so everyone can vote their favorite idols. AND~ for your information, last year SS501 and Leader Kim Hyun Joong bagged 3 categories, making them the Triple Crown Kings. If I'm not mistaken, that was the first time an Idol group won in 3 categories. 

So in order to defend our title, Let us vote for our boys again! 


Here's how:

1. Go to this Link~ http://kr.promotion.yahoo.com/asiabuzz2010/
                                                 (This if for Yahoo! Korea only)

and you will go to this page: First click the labeled part.

Then next page:

They will ask you to log in first: This is IMPORTANT, LOG IN FIRST!

The logging in is just the same and as easy as you are doing when you are opening your email. 

There, just enter your email address and password.

Now you will lead back to this page: Just click the image,

And it will lead you here:

 There after you click that button, then your vote is in! 

Now let's switch to: 


After you vote counts in, you will stay to the same window...
And just click the labeled part I made.
After clicking it, you will lead to MEN's DIVISION: 
Now, just repeat the steps all over again. Just click the Images of the artist you
want to vote. 
As for me, since I want to win both Leader and SS501, I chose the MEN's Division for Leader and ASIA Division for SS501. You have to choose so that our boys will win an award, no one will be left out. ^_^

 ***Now, if you want to contribute many points, you must use your all Yahoo email account. After you vote for Leader and SS501, you must LOG OUT and LOG IN your another Yahoo Email Account, Now, here's how to LOG OUT****

 Click that, it means 'LOG OUT' in Korean.

*****Now if you're already Logged out, close the window and start a new one. Repeat all the step from square 1******

** I think you can vote every 10 minutes if I'm not mistaken****
** You can also increase points by searching for SS501 and Leader in Yahoo! Korea**
**Just go to www.yahoo.co.kr** 



Monday, November 8, 2010

[Leader] New Photos of Kim Hyun Joong for Samsung Card

The never-ending endorsements of Kim Hyun Joong! hahaahahah When will it end? kekekeke..


[Leader] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and Suju members Lee Teuk and Choi Si Won on CNN iList

Pic Courtesy by Nate News + (chi trans) Yoyo@Hyunbar + (eng trans)


Super Junior Leeteuk and Choi Si Won, and Kim Hyun Joong was featured in CNN iList Korea.

CNN iList Korea Special (airing on 6th-12th) with anchor Anna Coren has met with the UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon and the leaders of the Hallyu Wave Super Junior and Kim Hyun Joong.

With the upcoming G20 2010 Summit to be held in Seoul on the 11th, Anna Coren had the opportunity to interview UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on the 6th and talked a lot about Korea.

Also as the leaders of Hallyu Wave, idol group Super Junior Leeteuk and Choi Siwon were interviewed on how the 13 members are doing their activities and targeting the foreign market through Facebook and Twitter

The drama "Playful Kiss" has also been gaining popularity across Asia, Latin America and Europe through Youtube as testified by the drama's main actor Kim Hyun Joong.

In addition, CNN iList Korea also featured Seoul's food and culture. CNNGo also met up with South Korean architect Cho Min Suk to be broadcasted on the 12th on Talk Asia.

Source: TV Daily
Translation: Grace@SJUPH.ORG
*Rough translation may contain errors.

Excerpts from CNN Website:
Promotional Video:
Watch the show
i-List visits Asia throughout November. Traveling to South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, each week we highlight innovation and influence in business, industry, culture and more.  
Watch reports through the week and the half-hour show on:
Saturday, Nov 6, 12.30, 19.00; Sunday, Nov 7, 11.00, 19.30; Monday, Nov 8, 02.00 (All times GMT)
 Isn't it the title  should be 'SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and Super Junior Lee Teuk and Choi Si Won'???


Here comes  the Hallyu Stars! I'm not a fan of Super Junior but I should say they deserve to be included in Hallyu Wave~ Kudos to this Koreans! Mansae! Good Job Leader! Hardwork paid off~ NICEE!!! 
P.S.: I'm sure Anna Coren was stunned by our Leader's Gorgeously Handsome face! kekekeke Sorry Anna, Kim Hyun Joons is taken~ He's taken by Triple S! lol.. He's ours!

[Center & Prince] Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will have Fan meet on 8 Asian Countries

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will be holding six fan meetings across Asia prior to beginning their solo activities.
Starting in December, the two will be holding fan meetings in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Japan.  While only six countries have been confirmed, there is a possibility for later additions if the tour is in high demand from foreign fans.
Having recently signed with B2M Entertainment, the two stars will be taking this opportunity to greet their Asian fans before their upcoming activities. They also plan to thank their fans for their continued support, despite the fact that the SS501 members are split up between different agencies.
The fan meeting tour will begin on December 4th at the SangMyung University in Seoul. The two plan to have a mini concert and a dialogue session with their fans.
Source: Donga + allkpop

Sunday, November 7, 2010

[11.06.10] 5.Y.M.A.1 on 1st Phil. Kpop Garage Sale

SS501 cover hit the stage yesterday at the 1st Philippine Kpop Garage Sale. 5 Young Men as 1 had their 2nd onstage performance, dancing to SS501's 'Love Like This' and a little bit of solo from  their Leader (Myk) of the real Leader of SS501's 'Please Be Nice to Me'. The group performed minus Kyu, due to practice issues. The group started a little stiff but heated up at the latter part. Kinda nervous, but still a job well done. Their next performance is on Dec. 11 2010 for the 2nd Kpop Convention to be held on PICC. I got a little chit chat with their Leader (Myk) and asked if they can dance Love Ya on their next performance.... and of course, like Leader Hyun Joong he's not that easy..kekeke he said 'Secret'! LOL...~

Here are the pics from their Performance. Namjachingu took the honors of taking their pictures and Me, for their video performance.

This is their video performance of 'Love Like This'. They used the intro from 'Unlock'. Sorry, this video isn't complete, I stopped when their Leader (Myk) had his part on 'Pls be nice to me'. I was surprised so, I stopped and watched it first hahahahaha~ Sorry.

Sorry, a bit shaky. Namjachingu and I were shouting to our extent hehehe and yeah, that's why this video was edited ehehehehe you could hear us shouting lol~ Enjoy!

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon on 'The Muzit' Show

Oh boy! Oh boy! Our baby is so hot with black here~ and the voice... sooooo smooth, so beautiful! That's why he's one of the main vocals of SS501~ I think I should stop calling Hyun Joon a Baby now. Doesn't fit to him anymore. But once a Baby always a baby! hahahaha~ Wait for their comeback at 2011...he'll back as Baby again! kekekeke..

The first part is the show itself, while the 2nd is the making. Maknae so handsome here.^_^

No English subs yet~

Thanks to the video uploader: poohlhl @ Youtube

Saturday, November 6, 2010

[Leader] 11.06.10 Message from Leader Kim Hyun Joong

Leader left a message from his official site. So sweet of him at the same time soooo 4D! hahahaha what the hell are you talking about leaving your autograph in Mars? Don't leave it there, I experienced a heavy traffic when I went there haahaha toinks!~


Credit: http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/

Aigoo~~^^ Just woke up and realized that my waist feels painful, it was such a long sleep in such a long while already ........

I finished my drama shooting finally yesterday ^^ It lasted for 4 months but, eummm, once again I feel myself feeling the much deep affection - which is to my surprise; after spending 4 months throughout, indeed it feels kinda saddening on having to leave now, mixed with both hateful feelings and anguish sorts

Since I just woke up only now, shall I go to memorize the mandarin song ???????????

To be busy is really not a hard thing for me, instead I'm happy, these days ^^ Why, because I'm able to do the things I want, to my hearts' content ...

Even until the day I leave my autograph on Mars as I shall ride on to my space shuttle at the NASA kkAt that time, I'll also carve you guys' name on there kk, If I can do that

...If I can't, I'll just leave my last will there for my kids to-come in the far-away future kk
What nonsense am I saying now after waking up huh kkkkAnyway is everyone living positively ?????????

When I'm melancholic, I'll appear for once, and I don't even know if I'll give a Christmas present or not ...kkKeep anticipating, won't be something peculiar, just wait for a bit

I won't be appearing on the television frequently these days already, TT Don't say bye just because you can't see me

Study hard, help out around your hubby, and whatever things that you weren't able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now kk

I'll return soon with an awesome album, so do prepare for your million won already ........kkkkk
I should go to play some soccer right ~~starting tomorrow onwards

Have you enjoyed ???????????? Throughout the 4 months ??????? If so then, we'll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky, ya

^^See you

[11-06-10] The 1st Philippine Grand Kpop Garage Sale

Today held was the 1st Grand Philippine Kpop Garage Sale where you can get Kpop merchandise and watch Kpop cover performances at the same time. Of course, I didn't miss that event as I could watch performances and buy merchandise to my extent! Me and Namja couldn't take our eyes off to the stage as we anticipate TSPH and 5MYA1's performances. As we wait for their turn, we witnessed other kpop covers such as KARA, Shinee, MBLAQ, Beast, BOA, SNSD and Teen Top as they danced to the tune of their Idol's songs. 

Teen Top cover ( I'm not sure here, I just read their shirt 'TEEN TOUGH')

KARA cover

They are my fave performer of the day. They danced KARA's 'Mister' and they gave justice dancing it. Two thumbs for these girls. ^_^ DSP LOVE!

SNSD cover

Another KARA cover

Shinee cover

What also caught our attention is BEAST's cover performance. I think they stole the night. They performance was great! They are the star of the night.

I'm not sure if this group covered Shinee, I can't hear the audio properly.. Sorry.

All in all, the event was a success and I'm sure all people who attended it enjoyed it as well. I saw a lot of Koreans too who participated the event. There are a lot of cover groups that had performed but I wasn't able to video them. Don't ask why kekekeke... I'm looking forward for the coming Kpop events. See Ya! ~

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[Leader] CNN to hold exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong on the success of ‘Playful Kiss’

Haters. Haters are everywhere. I pity them. Maybe their fave dramas doesn't have forums or news like this that's why they're bursting out their frustrations in this article. If you will see my comment there (06skull06 from allkpop) kekekeke, I can't help but say those things to the haters. Cause I don't get the point. Why go there in the first place? If they don't want the drama then why are they reading articles about it? Is their drama aren't getting much of that attention that's why they're reacting negatively to this? It's like they're saying that CNN is a one big liar. Hello? CNN is known worldwide. Their news are 99% accurate! It's like the center of all news programs in the world. I'm sure they got what they've been looking for an Asian drama that's why they picked PK. I can't blame them though. And yes, there are a lot of better dramas out there but what can we do? PK had captured hearts from around the world and too bad for you haters, you can't do anything about that. I'm sorry but you haters are getting on my nerves. 

CNN to hold exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong on the success of ‘Playful Kiss’

With the ongoing release of special episodes for ‘Playful Kiss’ via Youtube, the drama has been gaining worldwide attention even after the completion of the drama. American news channel CNN has picked up on the international sensation, and offered to conduct an exclusive review on its success. Main star Kim Hyun Joong will be interviewed for the special coverage, as well as Group Eight Publisher Song Byung Joon, and Google Director Seo Hwang Wook.
It was reported that the interviewer will be one of CNN’s main anchors, Anna Core, who will be asking Kim Hyun Joong about the success of ‘Playful Kiss’, as well as his thoughts on acting alongside female lead, Jung So Min.
Additionally, Anna Core will be asking producer Song Byung Joon about his secret know-hows for successful productions. She will also seek informed answers from the Google Director about the impact of the special web episodes.
CNN became greatly interested in ‘Playful Kiss’, ever since the first Youtube special episode received over 520,000 views in just two days after its release.
As of the 5th, the first special episode has received 768,591 views, while the 2nd episode recorded 438,178 hits – totaling to a whopping 1,756,175 views in such a short span of time.
Even the comments replying to ‘Playful Kiss’ episodes alone reached over 3,400 posts. The comments aren’t just made by Korean fans either, as there have been numerous contributions in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Youtube has been collaborating with subbing community Viikii in order to respond to the demand of international fans by subbing in various  languages.
Song Byung Joon stated, “We were able to realize through the comments and views of the special episodes that even content which is only aired in Korea gain an incredible amount of worldwide fans. It has been very helpful, being able to break the cultural barrier and communicate with, as well as listen to, the responses of our worldwide fans in real-time.”
Lee Wonji, the President of Google Korea, also expressed, “Youtube has become the #1 largest worldwide online video site where, for example, albums of famous Korean artists are revealed first. Many national broadcast producers have already gained interest in Youtube due to the success of ‘Playful Kiss’. Since Youtube will always be open for use, we hope that more national producers take advantage of this global platform.”

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[Leader] The Truth about Kim Hyun Joong singing to 16th ASEAN Guangzhou Games

I amdire Key East for backing up Leader here. If it was DSP... I don't know what to say. hahaha.. So, don't let those articles confuse you. As I have said, articles that are not from our boys themselves are probably 50/50% true. So if you read something negative and suspicious, don't jump into conclusions that fast. Wait for the official statement because those article writers just want to gain readers/viewers. They don't deserve our attention. 

Untrustable Articles

Kim Hyunjoong who has signed on a contract with the organization committee to participate in the [16th ASEAN Guangzhou Games] on upcoming 12th November has seemingly violated their contracted rules.

Kim Hyunjoong is expected to sing the official theme song of this sports event [Sunshine Again] along with 3 other famous China singers in front of 10K audiences on this day's opening ceremony.

This was known through a report from Kim Hyunjoong's agency Keyeast on the 3rd. However, it was revealed that news of Kim Hyunjoong's participation be kept a confidential secret in their contract, which thus brought about much surprise.

On the 5th, China's influential news site [Beijing Youth Papers] held an interview with the overall director Chen Wei (transliteral).

Director Chen Wei expressed, "With it now made known that Kim Hyunjoong will be participating in our opening ceremony, it has turned into quite some trouble for us", "Even in China, we are keeping to strict confidentiality of our participating singers. It's hard to comprehend", as he revealed.

He continued to add on, "It is the exact amazement of this all wherein we will reveal the singers for the theme song only on the opening ceremony day itself", "It's really bewildering why news of Kim Hyunjoong's participation gets reported through the Korean media presses first. We signed on to keep this to strict confidentiality though, but now it's been violated, it's so sorry to hear of".

However, Chen Wei showed understanding towards Kim Hyunjoong, "There's about 10K audiences who will turn up at the opening ceremony this time. Since it will be live broadcast on TV, there will be again 10K number of audiences looking at Kim Hyunjoong", "Probably Kim Hyunjoong feels this to be a great honour, so he let it loose first. Will understand towards this point and not pursue it further".

On the other hand, Kim Hyunjoong will leave for Guangzhou on 11th and stand on the opening ceremony stage on 12th.

From : http://news.nate.com/view/20101105n10343

Key East's Statement (Trustable)

Hello. This is Keyeast.

We are here to deliver the fallacious news reports that were released on news portal sites today regarding Kim Hyunjoong ssi's signed contract terms to stand on the opening ceremony stage of the 16th Guangzhou Asean Games. As pertaining to these reports, we have been receiving many concern phone calls and enquiries from fans, thus we are here to say a piece.

Before the media released reports of Kim Hyunjoong ssi's participation in the 16th Guangzhou ASEAN Games, Keyeast has already received official permission from the organizing committee board. Currently, the organizing committee board has also confirmed this to be untrue content as reported in the articles, to which they expressed regret as well, and we are working together to take further preventive measures.

We ask for all you fans' understanding though we might have posed confusion to all of you through the untrue reports that differs from fact. We will work hard to greet you all with better news in future.

Thank you.


From: http://hyun-joong.com/bbs/view.asp?idx=5631&code=notice&searchopt=&searchkey=&category=&page=1


[Mal] Park Jung Min Official Fan Club

Oh kids! Mal opened up his official fan club site! Come and get it! ^__________________^

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{Center & Prince} KyuSaeng Fan Meet Survey (Philippines)

Okay Triple S Philippines, who's in??? 

Triple S Philippines is currently on negotiation to bring Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng here in Manila! But this isn't the first time TSPH did this~ they also did this for Maknae but since some couldn't come, it ended up nothing. This kind of survey is important because this will reflect how strong in a country the artist is~ so if you're not yet sure, just click 'Attending'... We have lots of time to prepare...there' s no reason not to attend right?  'KUNG GUSTO MAY PARAAN, PAG AYAW MAY DAHILAN'

The Reason Why Kim Hyun Joong is Popular

That's what ya call 'Hallyu Star' baby... kekekeke ~

Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Somin's drama [Playful Kiss] has revealed its special youtube edition.

The production company Group Eight has had released its first episode of this special youtube edition beginning 2nd November onwards with approximately 10 minutes per all 7 episodes through Youtube platform.

In the 1st episode of [Playful Kiss - Special Edition], it portrayed the after marriage life of Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha-ni after a year. International and domestic fans who have watched Episode 1 of this exclaimed with statements like, "Kim Hyunjoong-Jung Somin couple is just too cute and adorable. I'm anticipating what the remaining episodes have in stores", showing feverish responses.

=What is the reason behind international and domestic fans' ardent frenzy over Kim Hyunjoong?=

Doctor Han Seung-sub from Geumsanhan Clinic who is Kim Hyunjoong's dermatologist expresses, "Kim Hyunjoong possesses flattering looks. His pure, white gem-like complexion does not contain acnes nor melasma, it's just perfect as he has wholly kept to his status as a noble prince. However his perfect complexion is not for granted. He wasn't born with it that way. It's about his self efforts as in order to maintain acknowledgement gained from fans".

Another doctor from the clinic also added, "With Kim Hyunjoong ssi's current status due to all stress and fatigue coming in from all directions, it's very easy for him to develop acnes and every thing. However, in order to appear in the best state ever before his fans, he has always been sticking to continuous development of himself in areas of appearance, acting-wise and vocal-wise. The reason why international and domestic fans ardently love him so much is exactly because of the way he loves his fans and how he brings his self-worth to a higher level as he never fails to work hard with his wanting of proving to everyone. Kim Hyunjoong ssi is a world star who will be able to deliver the passionate image of Korea to fans all across the globe".

Even the ad-world who has always been ever sensitive to the responses and feedbacks of audiences rated as well, "Kim Hyunjoong is the perfect model who is receiving so much support from a wide range of age base".

A related personnel who works alongside Kim Hyunjoong in the advertising world expressed, "He possesses that soft and gentle musculine beauty as well as a tough image of self-protection from which he reflects", "He is able to bring out the concept in modelling advertisements as he understands it well, he could hold a sophisticated appeal that belongs to him, only. A healthy and neat looking noble prince - only solely Kim Hyunjoong".

Credits: sports.khan.co.kr + ode@blog + http://triplesphilippines.blogspot.com/