Monday, November 1, 2010

PK's Sequel Teaser + Press Conference [110110]

Prepare your hearts kids! We will have a tougher battle against Playful Kiss virus or should I say 'Kim Hyun Joong' virus!? hahaha.. Expect a steamier love scene ( how steamy is that Leader? How dare you! lol).

Recently, we revealed that MBC’s official Youtube channel for “Playful Kiss” will release a series of special online episodes starting on November 11th.
On November 1st, Kim Hyun Joong hinted, “Expect a steamy love scene,” at the press conference in Seoul’s Coex mall earlier this afternoon.
He also commented about his “married” life, saying, “This is my second time being married because of the MBC show ‘We Got Married‘. But when it comes to dramas, it is my first time getting married.”
He added, “Since Youtube does not have strict restrictions, we were able to show a steamier love scene than on television. I believe that the couple will look more natural than on TV. Youtube is a place where netizens of the entire world can share and communicate. I hope ‘Playful Kiss’ can participate in the phenomenon and become an international icon.”


Kim Hyun Joong explained that the the Youtube episode will conclude the mini series. “The TV series ended with the marriage, but the viewers are probably more curious about the life of the newlyweds. We included episodes the viewers would have wanted to see.”
Meanwhile, the special episodes of ‘Playful Kiss’ will be divided into seven different videos, about 10 minutes each. The first episode will be posted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting on the 2nd.
Wait, but that’s not all! On the 17th and 18th, making-of films including special NG cuts will also be released! Although the drama itself ended, it seems like the hype has yet to fade.

credit: jeshicaa @ allkpop

More of PK on their 110110 Press Conference.


And here are the Episode titles for PK YT Version:

1. 2nd November (Tuesday) Morning of the newly wed!
2. 3rd Novermber (Wednesday) Fear of injection!
3. 4th November (Thursday) Making of Jr Baek Seung Jo!<---- WTF!
4. 9th November (Tuesday) Baek Seung Jo is my hubby!
5. 10th November (Wednesday) Baek Seung Jo defending the patient!
6. 11th November (Thurdsday) Driving is difficult!
7. 16th November (Tuesday) Happy Birthday!
Special Footage 1 17th November (Wednesday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut
Special Footage 2 18th November (Thursday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut

To those who haven't subscribe to PK's Youtube account yet, well what are you waiting for? 

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