Sunday, November 7, 2010

[11.06.10] 5.Y.M.A.1 on 1st Phil. Kpop Garage Sale

SS501 cover hit the stage yesterday at the 1st Philippine Kpop Garage Sale. 5 Young Men as 1 had their 2nd onstage performance, dancing to SS501's 'Love Like This' and a little bit of solo from  their Leader (Myk) of the real Leader of SS501's 'Please Be Nice to Me'. The group performed minus Kyu, due to practice issues. The group started a little stiff but heated up at the latter part. Kinda nervous, but still a job well done. Their next performance is on Dec. 11 2010 for the 2nd Kpop Convention to be held on PICC. I got a little chit chat with their Leader (Myk) and asked if they can dance Love Ya on their next performance.... and of course, like Leader Hyun Joong he's not that easy..kekeke he said 'Secret'! LOL...~

Here are the pics from their Performance. Namjachingu took the honors of taking their pictures and Me, for their video performance.

This is their video performance of 'Love Like This'. They used the intro from 'Unlock'. Sorry, this video isn't complete, I stopped when their Leader (Myk) had his part on 'Pls be nice to me'. I was surprised so, I stopped and watched it first hahahahaha~ Sorry.

Sorry, a bit shaky. Namjachingu and I were shouting to our extent hehehe and yeah, that's why this video was edited ehehehehe you could hear us shouting lol~ Enjoy!

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