Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong, 'Muscle+Power' Limited Edition Photo Released

Source[스타뉴스] + yahoo.co.kr +  윤성열 기자 (Yun Song Yul)
Korean to English Translation/Summarization: www.cheezeemelt.blogspot.com
Photo Credit: Key East
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Kim Hyun Joong, 'Muscle+Power' Limited Edition Photos Released

Singer Kim Hyun Joong, Special Edition photos revealed

June 28th, According to Key East Agency Kim Hyun Joong's mini album 'Breakdown' limited edition contains disclosed photos compared to regular edition that was released last June 8th.

In Kim Hyun Joong's black suit (above), with sophisticated and more masculine atmosphere revealed his best mascular body.

In particular, having black and white background with faint and warm colors puts a different pattern and charm and gives a feeling of somehow unusual attractive feeling to it. Adding up is, him being professional model with solid masculine body/shape is now capturing women's heart.

Netizens stated 'The God of the universe is showing the essence of Fan Service', and "화보가 따로 없네" (I don't get this part,) has shown that such reactions.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong's 'Breakdown' DVD limited edition that contains unpublished photo will be released officially on June 30th.

Friday, June 24, 2011

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong greeting to Filipino Fans

How cute he is when he spoke in English. ^^ Really hoping he would come back here in the Philippines. But for it to happen, we need to make him big by voting 'Please' on MYX and buy his album which will be released on July2, 2011.

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[2nd Win] 6.24.11 Kim Hyun Joong's statistics in Music Bank

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*throws confetti* Wohooooo!! Congratulations Leader for winning your 2nd win in Music Bank! 
I was really nervous that's why I didn't watch Music Bank kekekeke. I made myself busy and I avoided Twitter and Facebook for the mean time kekekek =) Whew! So happy Leader won again!! And oh boy! What can I say on his outfit? O_O I was like looking at his abs the whole time his performing wakekekeke *blush
I actually thought Leader is doing Secret's choreography when he was doing his encore performance kekeke I didn't know it's the Gorilla Dance! hahaha but still, he was so funny and adorable! Who would've thought Leader will do that? He's really an unpredictable man! 

Anyways, here's Leader's stats for this week in Music Bank:

Digital Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 2504
Secret: 6719 (winner)
Viewer's Rating Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 637 
Secret: 693 (winner)
Broadcast Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 3829 (winner)
Secret: 2238
Album Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 10324 (winner)
Secret: 99
Kim Hyun Joong: 17294 (WINNER!)
Secret: 9749

Wow! Did you see the Album Score? Dang! Awesome! But yeah, we are really lacking in Digital Sales and once again, good thing Leader was so high in other categories. You guys were right, viewer's rating score will increase in the next week after debut stage. Thank God! For me, winning 2 times in a row is enough! I couldn't ask for more! Well done TS & Henecians! Well done! 잘했어! 잘했어!! 

In case you missed Leader's performance like me, kekeke (well I deliberately did that keke).. here's today's winner and Leader's performance in Music Bank.

videos credit to unknowncarrot170

EDIT: So, it's a deal that whoever wins will do the Gorilla dance eh? or, whoever wins will do his/her counterpart's choreo~ kekekek cute cute cute! ^^, thanks to jomababy78 for the heads up! here's the backstage video of Leader and Secret.

[Winner] 6.23.11 Kim Hyun Joong's statistics on M!Countdown

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Sorry for not posting about this yesterday, I wasn't feeling well and I had to get ready for Saengie's YOZM live chat.

Anyways! Congratulations again Leader for winning your 2nd in M!countdown! I wasn't actually expecting him to win this time, coz of what happened to Inkigayo. I lost my confidence on him, but hell yeah~ he still won! =) Secret and F(x) are a strong contender so I'm really proud Leader still won! ^__^

Here's the stats:
1st Category: Digital Sales Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 3600
F(x): 3920 (winner)
Secret: 3840

2nd Category: Album Sales Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 1000 (winner)
F(x): 240
Secret: 250

3rd Category: Asian Fan Voting Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 1500 (winner)
F(x): 1440
Secret: 1380

4th Category: Music Intellectual Affinity SCORE
Kim Hyun Joong: 960
F(x): 980 (winner)
Secret: 960

5th Category: Real Time Chart (Mnet Chart)
Kim Hyun Joong: 900
F(x): 1500 (winner)
Secret: 1200

Kim Hyun Joong: 8561 (WINNER!)
F(x): 8379
Secret: 7729

Close fight again! ~ hehe but I noticed that Leader's stats improved alot! If you want to compare his last week's stats go HERE. We are not really that strong in streaming. I hope we should all put our efforts in streaming coz, luckily Leader was high in other categories that's why it compensated and pulled him up to win. Album sales for Leader is really really high I should say! Good Job! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[Fanfic] Princess Hours 2 Part 3

1 year ago, I started this fanfic about Princess Janelle (Shin Chae Gyong) and Kim Hyun Joong (Leader) in order to feed my fantasy coz they are my dream couple. But in some reasons, I forgot to continue it! Wahahaha~ Anyways, here's the part 3. In case you missed the previous parts, here's the Part 1 and here's the Part 2 

continuation... Part 3

When he woke up the next morning, finally reality hits him that he can't play soccer for a long period of time. Still lying on his bed saying to himself 'Run, Ethan. You have to run.' He hates the feeling being stucked and so he got up and grabbed his crutches and started to practice his walk.
Picture Ethan (Kim Hyun Joong) as this:

He's not yet familiar how to use those crutches so he took several laps in his room. It took him only minutes to master his walk and so he proceeded outside the hall. He started to walk down the hall and stayed at the the right side. Slowly walking and looking down (still conscious with his walk). While he's busy observing his walk, so busy that he almost bump into a lady. He didn't noticed it actually, he just continued on walking. When he's halfway down the hall, a noise caught his attention coming from his behind. He looked behind him and saw a patient being rushed to E.R. Just when he was about to turn his back and return from his walking, he saw a lady holding a basket of orange almost bumped by the medical team with the patient rushing to E.R. The lady is okay though, but her basket was on the floor and and oranges are rolling down the hall. Ethan wanted to help the lady but then he just turn around and continued with his walk. While walking, an orange rolled on his feet and remembered the lady again. He can't pick it up and so he just kicked and played with it. Ethan miss playing soccer so much that he almost thought he's in the soccer field while playing with the orange. 

When Ethan got back on his room, he was surprised by what he saw. Several female bodygurads are waiting on his room. Ethan stopped for awhile and wondered what the hell are these bodyguards doing in his room and then continue walking inside. When Ethan was about halfway on his room, he saw the Lady again and he saw the basket of oranges. 

Princess Janelle : *ehem (cleared her throat) Annyeong Haseyo Ethan-ssi (bowed). My name is Janelle. 
One of her bodyguard interrupted her and said:
Bodyguard 1: Gong Ju Mama (Princess)
Princess Janelle looked at her.
Princess Janelle : Ah, kurae (Ah, right).. I'm Princess Janelle. 

Ethan bowed back but still awkward. It's his first time actually to see the Princess's face in close up. He can't believe that the lady he just saved is the Crown Princess of Korea. 
Ethan wondered:
Ethan: Why is she sad? her eyes are still puffy and I can feel sorrow inside her. (He wondered)
Picture Princess Janelle (Yoon Eun Hye) as this:

Ethan kept looking on her eyes while Princess Janelle is saying something. Ethan isn't paying attention. 
Princess cleared her throat again after noticing Ethan is not paying attention. 
Ethan closed his eyes and regained his attention to Princess Janelle.

Ethan: Oh, I'm sorry. What is it again?
Princess Janelle: I want to send my deepest gratitude to you for saving my son's life. 
Ethan : Ah, keu-keugon (ah, th-that)... that's nothing, re-really. (stuttering)
Princess Janelle: We wanted to give you this. ( She gave the blue palace-sealed folder).

Ethan, knew about it already. It's an offer from the palace for him to study in the Royal University and be a part of the University's soccer varsity team as a part of their gratitude for saving Prince Vincent's life.
Ethan: Ah, thank you.
Ethan accepted the folder.

Princess Janelle: Uhmm.... I heard your rejected it already, but please give it a thought again. I really want to give it to you personally as a part of my gratitude. You saved my son's life so this really important for me. I would be very happy if you accept it.

Ethan doesn't want to look on her eyes again, and so he pretended he was reading the folder. Scanning the pages, he thought of her sorrowful eyes. He wondered what's wrong with the  princess. He can't get it out on his mind. And unconsciously he said 'Yes' to Princess Janelle.

Princes Janelle: (surprised) oh!.. jeongmalyo? (really?)... 
Princess Janelle smiled and looked down (smirked and smiled)
Princess Janelle: Jeongmal Kamsahamnida! (thank you very much!) (bowed 2x).
Ethan bowed as well but still didn't know what he did. 
Princes Janelle: So, see you at school then? (smiling...)

Princess Janelle left Ethan's room and so as the bodyguards.
Ethan bowed to show respect but seconds later..... 
Ethan: Oh???... see you at school?... ah., ah., chakamanyo!~~
But it's too late already, Princess Janelle was out of the room when he called her back.
Ethan thought what happened and why the Princess said 'See you at school then,'..

Ethan talking to himself..
Ethan: Aissshhhhh.. Did I just say Yes to her??? Pabo..

So the fact that they are now going to same school hit him too~~
Ethan: same school? she's still studying???....

Ethan's heart pounding.............

~End of part 3~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Featured in Showbiz Korea Arirang

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Showbiz Korea in Arirang featured our Leader about his first album showcase. =) Thanks a lot to namjachingu_khj for uploading the video!

Friday, June 17, 2011

[Winner] 6.17.11 Kim Hyun Joong's statistics in Music Bank

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Congratulations again Leader! =) 

Okay here's the score of uri Leader for this week's Music Bank. In some categories, I may say that Beast won majority of it.. What pulled Leader up is the Album Sales which was sky higher than Beast's but the rest are kinda low. But all in all, again Leader won! =) Mansae! 

Digital Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 2065
Beast: 7060 (winner)
Viewer's Rating Score 
Kim Hyun Joong: 0 <<-- WTF!
Beast: 720 (winner)
Broadcast Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 2168
Beast: 2943 (winner)
Album Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 11547 (winner)
Beast: 835
Kim Hyun Joong: 15780 (WINNER!)

Beast: 11558 

If you will notice and read back Young Saeng's score when he battled for 1st against F(x)~ Leader and YS both got 0 (zero) in Viewer's Rating... WHY? HOW COME? O_O

Here's the video for Today's Winner:

cr: unknowncarrot170

Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Winner] 6.16.11 Kim Hyun Joong's statistics on M!Countdown

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Mansae! Congratulations Leader! Congratulations to us TS & Henecians! Our hardwork paid off! But don't forget, we still have a long way to go! so don't relax! 

Wanna know how Leader won? =)

So here's how: ( sorry I wasn't able to screencaps the score as my lappy is being bitch as of the moment)


Kim Hyun Joong: 3520
FT Island: 3840
Secret: 4000 (winner)


Kim Hyun Joong: 800 (winner)
FT Island: 372
Secret: 215


Kim Hyun Joong: 1500 (winner)
FT Island: 1480
Secret: 1360

4th Category: Music Intellectual Affinity SCORE

Kim Hyun Joong: 900 (winner)
FT Island: 840
Secret: 840

5th Category: Real Time Chart

Kim Hyun Joong: 900
FT Island: 1050
Secret: 1350 (winner)


Kim Hyun Joong: 8078 (winner)
FT Island: 8042
Secret: 7845

I should say that it was really a close fight between these three. In some categories like the 5th (Mnet Real time chart) and 1st (Digital Sales) where Leader didn't won wasn't that bad. But let's take this as a lesson so we will win BIG time next time! But all in all, it was a job well done for us TS & Henecians and of course to Leader! =) CONGRATULATIONS!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6.6.11 Birthday Greeting for Leader Kim Hyun Joong from RJ 100.3 FM (Philippines)

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Thank you very much to my good friend DJ Archie for accepting my request to greet Leader a Happy Birthday on-air! =)

Thank you also to namjachingu_khj for converting this to mp3! =)