Friday, June 24, 2011

[Winner] 6.23.11 Kim Hyun Joong's statistics on M!Countdown

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Sorry for not posting about this yesterday, I wasn't feeling well and I had to get ready for Saengie's YOZM live chat.

Anyways! Congratulations again Leader for winning your 2nd in M!countdown! I wasn't actually expecting him to win this time, coz of what happened to Inkigayo. I lost my confidence on him, but hell yeah~ he still won! =) Secret and F(x) are a strong contender so I'm really proud Leader still won! ^__^

Here's the stats:
1st Category: Digital Sales Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 3600
F(x): 3920 (winner)
Secret: 3840

2nd Category: Album Sales Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 1000 (winner)
F(x): 240
Secret: 250

3rd Category: Asian Fan Voting Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 1500 (winner)
F(x): 1440
Secret: 1380

4th Category: Music Intellectual Affinity SCORE
Kim Hyun Joong: 960
F(x): 980 (winner)
Secret: 960

5th Category: Real Time Chart (Mnet Chart)
Kim Hyun Joong: 900
F(x): 1500 (winner)
Secret: 1200

Kim Hyun Joong: 8561 (WINNER!)
F(x): 8379
Secret: 7729

Close fight again! ~ hehe but I noticed that Leader's stats improved alot! If you want to compare his last week's stats go HERE. We are not really that strong in streaming. I hope we should all put our efforts in streaming coz, luckily Leader was high in other categories that's why it compensated and pulled him up to win. Album sales for Leader is really really high I should say! Good Job! 

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