Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SS501's Love Ya Fell Off at MYX Daily Chart [081810]

SS501's Love Ya entered the Philippine Music Industry a month ago. It debuted at no.9 on MYX Daily Top Ten. 
The battle in this chart is thru Texts MYX(space)VOTE(space)LOVE YA and send it to 2366. Unfortunately, the highest Love Ya reached is at no. 6 @ Daily TOP TEN and it finally fell off as of today August 18 2010. 

Meanwhile, on MYX INTERNATIONAL or MIT (another Chart @ MYX) Love Ya reached no 4.
MIT consists of the WEEKLY rankings Foreign songs while Daily TOP TEN consists of the DAILY rankings of BOTH Local and Foreign Songs.

A lot of the fans believed that a certain online voting particularly
is helping a lot on MIT chart. In this online voting, Love Ya is currently at no.2 spot.

Oh guys. How can we make SS501 famous here in the Philippines if this is the only thing (only reached no.6 and now it fell off) we can do for the boys? HOW? Ottoke?
If that's the case, then don't ever complain if anything you see here in our country is SUJU.
MYX is the key and yet we took it for granted. 
How many times do someone has to inform you to vote in MYX? 

'Puro tayo salita eh... gawin naman naten ung part naten as a fan'

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