Tuesday, August 3, 2010

와 또 틀렸다. 굿나잇~ And another wrong. Goodnight

오타났네... 초심 잃지 안을꺼에요! ^^~  Beginner's gonna lose the eyes of a typo...here it goes!^^

생일 축하해주신 많은분들께 정말 감사드려요 .
앞으로도 더 노력하고 항상 초심읽지않는 멋진 김형준 되겠습니다. 지켜봐주세요 . 
사랑합니다. 헤헤
~ It seems, done lots at my Birthday, I really Appreciate it. We always try harder and Kim Hyung Joon will be a great beginner who does not read. Please stay tuned. I love you. He He

Please give proper credit when reposting.
Do not Hotlink Photos
Thank You
Uri Maknae seems to be so excited about his birthday, kekeke,, He tweeted 3 times haha.... 
Happy Birthday Uri Maknae!! WE LOVE YOU!^^ 

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