Monday, August 30, 2010

Kim Hyung Joon in XIN MSN Singapore

Uri Maknae held an interview for XIN MSN when he had his first solo Fan Meet in Singapore yesterday. I know all of you had already watched this, but I still want to post it since these words.....
 "Changing a new management and pursuing a solo career doesn't mean that SS501 is going to separate. We are still together and still very close and we want to perform together again as soon as possible. So while we each pursue our own solo careers, we are still preparing to hold a concert and perform together."
were really from KIM HYUNG JOON himself. So I considered this as an "OFFICIAL STATEMENT".
There you are people. Still having doubts???? 

video credit: shirbogurl5@yt 

Don't ya just love how our boys are getting hotter and hotter nowadays?? Whew! it's getting hot in here! LOL! ^^

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