Sunday, August 15, 2010

TSPH fan chant @ KPOP CULTURE & FEST [080810]

Philippine's 1st Kpop Culture and Fest was held last week (080810) at SM Megamall Megatrade hall. It was indeed a blast. A lot of Kpop addicts attended the event. Unfortunately others didn't made it inside because the ticket was sold out! Too bad,,=(

Anyways, there was a Fan Chant competition and TSPH (Triple S Philippines) was one of the participants. Blackjacks and Hottest are also one of the competitors.

We didn't really planned any chants. Hahaha.. we were just there and got connected.^^,
cool eh?? That day, we were told that we will be chanting with our boys' Love Ya. 
So, they told us to just sing Love ya. But all of us didn't know the lyrics! hahaha.. I myself, didn't know it hahaha! so what we did is just chant the last syllables of Love Ya. Good thing it worked and WE WON!!!! wohooo!!!

When we were chanting, I saw the non-triple s-people staring at us. HAHA!! They were like amazed or something, I just can't explain it hahaha.. They were shocked that there are actually lots of Triple S here in the Philippines. They thought SUJU is the only Kpop that exists! DUH!???

so here it is! super duper thanks to mervieee@yt


JiYu501 said...

Can you teach me the fan chants? I really want to know ^^

cheezeemelt said...

hehehe what song? We actually did what TS korea did in their fan chants hehehe.. it's quite easy though. just listen to SS501's performances and focus on the fan chant.. later on, you'll be an expert about it ^^