Sunday, August 22, 2010

A birthmark, bruise or a SCAR?

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Uri Leader got in a car accident last May and it caused him bruised ribs and abrasions. Injuries prevented him to dance for a while resulting SS501 to sang ballad song in their participation in Dream Concert. It also showed the pain he endures when they are filming Love Ya MV. Lots of fan accounts said that he's in pain when filming their comeback MV. The choreographer had to stop once in a while for our Leader to take a rest. Some said he couldn't stand for long because of his injuries.

Traces of his accident was seen on his right shoulder when SS501 did a radio guest on shim shim tapa for the promotions of their new album 'Destination'

June 2010

 August 2010

I am not the only one who noticed this, Triple S Phil Blogspot also noticed it READ

Is this only a birthmark that we Triple S didn't know about???

That birthmark, bruise or a scar isn't there back on his........
Solo Collection Days

WGM Days 

Persona Days

Is it a birthmark, a bruise or a scar? 
If it's a scar from his accident, he really suffered from that accident if that's the case. That's a big scar if you could look at it properly.
That's a proof that he's really a hardworker Idol. That scar wouldn't have been that evident and big if he had an enough rest that time. But he didn't, because he wanted to give us Triple S a great comeback that even he's on pain he managed to dance and sing for US!

*Full BOW for you LEADER! ^_____________^

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namjachingu_khj♫ said...

i read in some article before that this was due to a motorcycle accident. I just cant remember when and what specific article was that. but i gotta admit, this scar only proves how manly and adventurous leader kim hyun joong is ^^ love ya ♥