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Update: Strategy 101

TSPH! an update has been made regarding our Strategy for Love Ya to reach no.1 on MYX.
Please, Please take this seriously and it would be really appreciated if you will leave a comment regarding this matter. We need your voices Triple S Philippines! And please, do you part on spreading this to our Fellow Triple S but do not post it somewhere. Araso?? 

Here's the update:

So, told ya that Love Ya would debut at number 7 on MIT. I hope the rest of the Triple S would be inspired by this. However, this is not the time to be confident. Love Ya is number 7 because the 3 pinoy entries are not included in the MIT. So overall, Love Ya is still number 10.

This is what I noticed so far:
    Suju and JB fans are fighting it out for the number one spot. That means that they are frantically voting. That means that they have no plans of slowing down. That's why Triple S cannot relax if we want Love Ya to climb some more.

    Shinee is very popular [I don't understand why]. Remember last December when Lalala charted? Shinee also charted with Ring Ding and Ring Ding was always a notch higher than Lalala. Luckily, again, the Shinee fans have no staying power because Ring Ding fell off the MIT as quickly as it entered. So did Lalala [Hehe!]. The thing is that Shinee recently came back with a bang with Lucifer in Korea. Let us hope that the Lucifer video won't be released right away here in the RP. Otherwise, aside from the ELFs and the JB fans, we will have to contend with Shinee fans.

What has to be done
    If we want Love Ya to be number one, we have to continue with our efforts. We must not waiver. And we must be organized. Someone proposed a contest in one of the shouts but I feel that Triple S should not compete with fellow Triple S. Triple S should unite. We should treat this endeavor like a war against the others, not against our own. In a war there are basic rules such as:
1.    Know your enemy - ELFs and JB fans are our opponents and we must study and analyze them and know what they are capable of. We can not enter the fray blindfolded.
2.    Arm yourselves - We should know what our weapons are. Meaning, Triple S should know who the members are, their capabilities, capacities, connections, expertise, etc. This is the only time we can arm ourselves with our respective weapons if we know what they are. Therefore, we must:
3.   Be organized - I know it is tedious but I suggest that there be a tabulator. All Triple S who are willing to vote for Love Ya should register with the tabulator and give the following daily information:
    a.    How many votes he/she made for the day
    b.    How many votes he/she is capable of adding to her output
    c.    Suggestions on how to increase voting power
    d.    Personal experiences that would help the others

By doing those 3 things above, we will know our strengths and weaknesses. We will know when we need to adjust and work harder and we will know when we can relax. And most importantly..... WE WILL KNOW WHEN TO GIVE UP!!! Remember, not all battles are won. We may have enough soldiers, but if they do not want to fight, we cannot win. Just the same, if all soldiers want to fight but we are so few in number, it will be very difficult.

Let me share to you what I do. Aside from the 20 lines [yes I have upped my output to 200 votes per day] I also make around 20 to 50 additional votes which I lost count of. How do I do this? I always have P20 bills and P5  coins in my wallet. Whenever I meet up with someone, the first thing I ask is: Do you have any load in your cell phone? If the answer is yes, I offer to give the person P25 for globe or smart and P20 for sun in exchange for using his/her phone. Then I text the votes myself. Most of the time the person agrees. Later when I go to church, I'll do the same thing. I'm targeting at least 50 votes later.

So that is only one way of being creative. There are a gazillion other ways. Again it entails spending money but I always remind myself that this is not just some shallow fangirl thing.

Why are we doing this?
    We all want SS501 to continue making music. As a matter of fact, they said so themselves that they will perform again. Meaning, they have the intention to make an album and go on tour as a group, right? But intention is one thing, motivation is another. Before they decide to do this, they and whoever management company they will be in will first study the market. If they can see that their fans are lukewarm, despite their intention, they may not be motivated to come out with a new album. Remember that they are used to being big stars. They were given the last performance spots in Music Bank and Music Core for Love Ya. If they come back, they want to come back with a BANG!!! And they need assurance of that.
    As Triple S, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that they will get this motivation and inspiration to come back. Despite their absence, they should know that the fans are still here supporting them. Let the Triple S all over the world do their own work. But here in the RP, we should so our part. And the best way to do that is to give them as much exposure as we can and the best avenue is MYX.

My role
    For quite some time, I have been quietly observing the goings on in the Triple S community. I read all the blogs and news about the boys. I participated and contributed whenever my assistance was required. I was there for Lalala, Love Like This, Soribada and of course for Love Ya. I gave my all when it came to voting, streaming, purchasing, you name it. But I did everything quietly.
    But quiet I could no longer be because the situation now is crucial.That is why i decided to put in my two cents worth.
    The existence of SS501 is at stake and it partly falls on our shoulders. Of course we should put our trust in the members that they will come back but we also have to motivate them to come back. And when they do, we want them to include the Philippines in their tour. Don't we? Why do you think they canceled their Persona concert in Malaysia? Perhaps the marketing people did not think that it was lucrative enough. How can we make it lucrative for them and their managers to come here? By working hard to not only maintain but also to increase their popularity. Hopefully when Mischievous Kiss is shown here, Leader's popularity will sky rocket.

Cheezeemelt's Role
    I would like to commend you Dulce for your persistence and devotion to this cause. I definitely noticed that you were the one who really pushed for this. Thank you for all your efforts. I just want you to know that I am here. I'll be behind you to help in any way I can. I hope the rest of the Triple S will be open to my suggestions.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this rather long message.

By the way,I suggest that we focus on Love Ya. I truly love U R Man and I want nothing more than to have 2 SS501 songs at the top of the charts but the reality of the situation is we don't have the numbers to support both songs. So please vote for Love Ya nalang. 

I know that this is not as easy as ABC, and we are not demanding you to also vote as many as we can. But please, atleast do half of it. Kahit yung kalahati lang gawin nyo, alam ko mahirap ang pera ngayon that's why nga we are sharing you ideas for you to expand your votes.

Our boys gave so much sacrifices. Wala pa sa kalahati tong ginagawa naten kumpara sa ginawa nila for us fans. SO PLEASE DO YOUR PART. 

Actually madami taung TSPH eh, and if only magtutulong tulong tayo about this matter matagal ng no.1 ang SS501 dito.

Isipin nyo na lang yung mga tao na buong puso bumoboto. Kung magsasama sama tayong lahat, wala ng ts na magloload pa ng 100 and up para lang makarami ng boto ang Love Ya. Gets nyo ba? do your math guys... Mas makakatipid tayo kung lahat tayo eh bumoboto!

Tska, db pasukan ngayon? dati sa LLT, nagrereklamo ung iba kc bakasyon, wla daw allowance... so ngayon may pasok na, may mga allowance na kayo! tama na muna pabubulakbol... hehe..^^, 

Isipin nyo lang ang SS501 na sikat dito sa pinas. un lang motivation na eh. Ako seriously, mabubwiset ako kc un at un ang nakikita ko sa paligid. SILA lang ba KPOP sa PILIPINAS!!!???

Saan ba nagsimula ang S***?? db sa MYX din?? kaya nga eto na pagkakataon naten eh..

GUYS! pag walang narating ang LOVE YA sa myx, MAY SUSUNOD PA BA?????????

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