Sunday, August 29, 2010

[20100828] TSPH's BDAY Bash FOR Maknae Kim Hyung Joon

 Yesterday, We from TSPH celebrated our Maknae's birthday together with the children from Abiertas. Remember Abiertas? ^^
We invited them together with the pregnant women to join us to celebrate the Birthday of the youngest member of SS501. I had fun. TSPH provided games for the children and for us Triple S pretties as well. 
Beside of the venue is a mini TSPH booth where our admins are selling SS501 stuffs. ^^
 I am one of the few who arrived early and so I helped fixing the decorations for the party.
I enjoyed inflating the balloons, though it was really tiring kkekekekeke... 

 The party was a blast! though only few of us came.... It was really fun indeed! kekeke..
At the latter part of the party, we watched PERSONA concert and we were all screaming like we are watching it Live! hahahahaha! But it made me miss our boys more. Aigoo..

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