Wednesday, August 25, 2010

US Trip of Kyu and Saengie (possible new song for SS501?)

We didn't know about this eh? Haha seems like our TS sisters in Korea is in hiatus as well. To those who doesn't about this yet, our Center and Prince went to US and the estimated date made was last Aug.18. We believed that our boys were with Steven Lee that time. Steven Lee is the man behind Love Like This, Love Ya and many hit songs. 

Steven tweeted this last Aug. 18 ( this was believed that the persons he was talking about is our boys =)) )
And today, he revealed it. He's really with our boys. ^^, and he even joked about it lol. 

To sum it up, Kyu and Saengie stayed there for 6 days? correct my math guys! haha..
So, what do you think is the reason why our boys went in the states and even met with Steven Lee?? Hmmmm.. my guess??....... NEW SONG for SS501!!! 

So watttcchhhaaaa think guys?????? smells fishy?? HEHEHEHE!!! ^^

and here's Steven Lee's latest tweet. It's about our Leader's new drama and this just made me laugh. kekeke Don't ya guys think that our boys and Steven are so close with each other?? or probably just staying close for one reason? New Song? ^___^

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