Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh Sejung Have Feelings to SS501's Center Kyu

Oh Sejung Returns SS501’s Kyujong’s Feelings?

 Posted on 02. Aug, 2010 by glorilla in TV, @ KpopLive.com
Actress Oh Sejung appeared on the latest episode of SBS Strong Heart’ and confessed to a fatal attraction for one idol in particular in boy band SS501.
I must warn Triple S’s out there that it gets more jealousy-invoking from here, so cover your eyes if you don’t want ladies touching your boys (just don’t grab a pitchfork just yet, please.) Anyways, what Oh Sejung revealed on this show was that after discovering that Kyujong nominated her as his ideal type in a few television shows, the topic became one of the most widely searched subjects on many Korean portal sites. This attracted attention from Oh Sejung herself, and so she started paying even more attention to him than she had been before.
I found out that he thinks of me as his ideal type,” said Oh Sejung excitedly. She added on to her statement, saying, “I am also always watching Kim Kyujong!” Curious, the show’s MCs asked her if she had ever met Kyujong in private before.  Oh Sejung could not bear to deny it, and so she confessed, “We coincidentally met before,” which attracted even more attention than the topic already had been gathering.
More details on the Kyujong and Oh Sejung’s first meeting will be revealed when this episode of ‘Strong Heart’ airs on August 3rd. Grab a seat, and maybe some comfort food, too, if you’re into Kyujong – this episode could turn out to be a real tearjerker!
Source: nobodyin@mk.co.kr + ss501.com
Translation: xiaochu@quainte501.com

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harharhar! I'm not even surprised by this.. I mean, our boys are getting hotter and hotter..No wonder a lot of artists drools for them haha lol!!!

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